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Packing Up!

Life has been such a whirlwind, and yes, we’re about to dash off on a short weekend trip. It’s been nine months since Uriah’s been conference bound. This trip will be to Loveland–which is north of Denver. The Lord has clearly given the new sessions for the Energize! conference this year.

Our family has been very involved with helping Nathan and Melanie and Company, and since Drew is home from the hospital, less help is needed. God’s timing is amazing!

I look forward to sharing what the Lord will do this weekend. We hope to see some of you there! Back to preparations!

Serving Jesus,

The little girls helped Aunt Anna load out some things yesterday.
The little girls helped Aunt Anna load out some things yesterday.


Making a bed in the bus.
Making a bed in the bus.

“But if from thence thou shalt seek the LORD thy God, thou shalt find him,
if thou seek him with all thy heart and with all thy soul. “

Deuteronomy 4:29

Life was going smoothly until this week…

Often the last thirty days before a trip are very difficult but when challenge after challenge hit, the reality has settled in that the usual pre-trip barrage has begun, as Satan tries to hinder and thwart our family. We would covet your prayers over the next week: that we would keep our eyes on Jesus, gladly welcome the challenges, and experience God’s peace. Anna remarked to me today that this must mean it’ll be a great trip (because of all that is happening). Even Titus2 went down solid tonight, and Joseph and Dad had to make a trip into Kansas City to swap out a power supply in the server :-).

We are excited about the trip, and we will continue to press on amidst the down-pour :-).

“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not” (Galatians 6:9).

Only for Jesus,
Sarah for the rest

Preparing for the Trip

Life is in high gear here as we prepare to leave on a three week trip from church on Sunday. Everyone has something to do, and for this trip, we have called in the reserves – Grandad and Grandma. Grandma ironed thirty items for us earlier this week, and she came over to help Sarah yesterday. Both Grandad and Grandma helped today.

We are making curtains for the bus and doing some work inside to make it so that the boys can sleep on it for this trip. The bus just came back from the shop last night so there is much we couldn’t do until it was here. We are excited to take our first long trip on Uriah, and we are praising the Lord continually for His provision.

Trusting In Jesus,