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How One Young Man Purchased His Home Debt-Free

[Excerpts from Buying a House Debt-Free: Equipping Your Son, Steve and Teri Maxwell, Chapter 8, “What Skills Will He Have?” Product description and pre-ordering available sometime on Tuesday, the 4th.]

Have you met Eric? You’d remember him if you had. He’s a likable, enthusiastic, hardworking young man. His heart’s desire is to seek first the kingdom of God. Eric’s family is very musical, and he started playing the cello when he was six. By the time Eric was 10 years old, the four oldest children formed a string quartet and began performing professionally for weddings and also had prestigious, high end background music jobs.

When Eric was 14, he saw an article in a gardening magazine about raising bees. First, Eric read everything he could on the subject of beekeeping. Then he found a local man who was retiring from beekeeping who sold him four hives and equipment at a very reasonable cost. Eric was now a beekeeper. The first year the bees did well, and Eric harvested over 200 pounds of honey. Through the years, he was able to expand his honey operation to more than 30 beehives.

The bee business was a way for Eric to bring in a small income and be productive with his time while he was still busy in school. He estimates that over the years, he earned $8,000 to $10,000 from his beekeeping. His share of the quartet appearances yielded another $5,000.

cowAt 16 most young men want a car, but Eric wanted a cow. That’s right, a cow! Their family lived on the edge of the suburbs, but their yard was one acre. Again, after careful research and saving his money, Eric received his parents’ permission to buy a young heifer. All was well for a while. Then the cow grew, and the reality of a cow living in the backyard where little children played proved too much. Eric’s dad said the cow needed a new home.

Eric started knocking on doors in their neighborhood and soon found a neighbor who was willing to let the cow live on her open three-acre pasture. She also gave Eric permission to keep a companion cow, which he promptly purchased from a local dairy. Overnight, Eric was in the dairy business, milking five to six gallons of fresh whole milk a day. With a market of clients seeking healthy local products, a new business was born. Within a few years, the operation grew to three Jersey milk cows and a small herd of dairy goats with more than 100 hand-milked gallons of milk a week, supplying over 40 customers. Milking at five a.m. and five p.m. every day, in addition to his school and other work, kept Eric pretty busy. Over the course of five years, by the age of 21, his milk operation and the raising and selling of cattle allowed him to save close to an additional $10,000.

When Eric was 19 he studied, tested, and obtained his real estate license and began work under a local broker. It was a difficult time in real estate with a very soft market. He learned, however, to work hard in the midst of a bad economy, and when the market stiffened in later years his same work ethic yielded great dividends.

house1Eric sold about 18 homes in his first three years during very lean times in the housing market. At the age of 24 and with a desire to honor God in his business, he began his own real estate brokerage.

Years earlier as a young child, Eric had watched his parents work hard to get out of debt, and that made quite an impression on him. He decided he wanted to buy his house and live debt-free.

As a realtor, Eric kept his eyes open for a house he might be able to buy with the cash he had been saving.

Because of a slow market during the fall months, a significantly undervalued town home was listed at $79,900. It was presented as a “short sale,” and Eric wrote an offer on it in October. It was mid-April before the two lien-holding banks approved his offer. The house is a two-bedroom, one-bath, 900-square-foot town home in the Denver area. Now that the housing market is beginning to recover, a similar town home in his neighborhood has been listed for $150,000. God gets the glory.

Eric is a powerful example of a young man who is always learning and dock1developing marketable skills. Eric made a statement that is dead on: “Things are for a season, and then you must be ready to move on.” This mindset yields a vocationally well rounded and marketable individual.

We’re excited to share with you so much more through Buying a Home Debt-Free! Watch for details soon.

“Prepare thy work without,
and make it fit for thyself in the field;
and afterwards build thine house.”
Proverbs 14:27

A Dramatic Heart-Change Testimony About Children

I hope you’ve had a blessed week! Recently, our friends, Dave and Liz, came to visit. But, this time, it wasn’t just Dave and Liz. We were delighted to meet Anna, their new little girl, for whom we’ve prayed. Liz’s testimony is one of God’s faithfulness, mercy, and overwhelming goodness. Read below. — Sarah

The new Anna with Anna Maxwell
The new Anna with Anna Maxwell

From Liz:

My husband and I were married in 2000 at the age of twenty-two and twenty-three. We loved the Lord, and we were excited to begin the journey of our lives together with Him.

I’m not sure how it happened, but one year turned to three, three years turned to five, and before long I really believed that I didn’t want to have children. One day I actually said out loud to the Lord, “Lord, I’m sorry, but I don’t think I want to have children.”

It’s heartbreaking to think that those words came from my lips and that I could be so selfish, all the while thinking we were doing so much good for God. My heart was in bondage to fear and distrust, and I didn’t even realize it!

Then, one morning in 2007, we were praying with a group of friends. We were asking God to bring back the value of life in our nation and praying for the ending of abortion. Suddenly, I felt the strong, yet kind, conviction of the Lord on my heart. How could I pray this prayer and yet keep my heart closed to the Lord about having our own family? Once again I spoke out loud. “Lord, I’m so sorry for saying that I didn’t want to have children. Please forgive me!”

Now, although I fully believed that God forgave me, I didn’t feel any different. I mean, I didn’t all of the sudden have strong feelings when I was around babies or get emotional when I thought about being pregnant. It was more dry road obedience. If God wanted me to have children, I’d do it out of obedience, but I didn’t feel excited about it.

Then, in 2009, I was introduced to the Duggar family who have a large number of children. It was the joy of the Lord that I saw in their family that drew me in. There was so much love and joy! Then, like an arrow of truth to my heart, I got it. Children are a BLESSING from God. A BLESSING! A GIFT! A JOY!

It was like in one moment, clarity came. All those years, I had not believed the truth of God’s Word that children are a blessing. I believed that children were hard work, a testing and trying part of life. I believed that God gave children to teach parents about sacrifice and self-denial. There may be some truth in those thoughts, but God is a good God, and He gives good gifts. Children are good gifts from God! It’s a way that He desires to bless us, and there I was saying, “No, thanks God, I don’t want your blessings.” Oh how thankful I am for forgiveness and restoration!

In 2011 we found out we were expecting our first baby! However, our excitement turned to sorrow only seven weeks later as we lost the baby in a miscarriage. I really didn’t know if that would be the end of the story. I didn’t know if God would give us that blessing that I had held at arm’s length for so long. Thankfully, He did.

On October 29, 2013 we welcomed our sweet Anna Victoria into the world, and every time I look at her, I’m thankful that God changed my heart and gave me this precious gift! May the Lord’s name be praised, and may He continue to turn the hearts of the fathers and mothers back to the children.

Mary and Baby Anna
The Maxwell Ladies with Liz and Anna
The Maxwell Ladies with Liz and Anna
Dave, Liz, and Anna
Dave, Liz, and Anna

“But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”
Matthew 19:14 

Even Little Things Can Encourage – Answered Prayer

Recently, I had been wanting a new case for my phone.  One day I thought about ordering one, but being the frugal, homeschooling mom that I am, I felt this prompting. “The case you have works great. You just don’t like the way the white has turned dirty looking. A new case isn’t a need. Why don’t you try praying for the Lord to provide you with a new case if He wants you to have one while being content with this one.” So I prayed and went about my day.

At lunch time, Sarah brought a pile of things from her closet that she had been dejunking. She handed me a brand new, turquoise, cell phone case and said, “I think this would fit your phone, Mom. Do you want it? It was in my closet, and I am not going to use it.” I was delighted. This was such a small thing, but I so enjoyed seeing the Lord answer my prayer.

Every time one of my children or grandchildren noticed my new cell phone case, I was able to give God the praise for His answer to prayer and His provision.

Not every thing I pray for or about is answered so quickly or even in the direction I was praying like this one was. However, the more we pray, the more the Lord answers. He can’t answer if we aren’t praying. When He answers, we have the opportunity to give Him praise and glory as we share those answers with other.

Trusting in Jesus,


“Pray without ceasing.”
1 Thessalonians 5:17

“Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness,
and for his wonderful works to the children of men!”

Psalms 107:15