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Driving Through Winter Weather

We stopped for diesel outside of Denver, and the weather was beautiful: it felt like spring and in the 70’s. After we left Denver and started up into the mountains, the temperature dropped, and soon we hit light snow. We drove through light snow for awhile until suddenly the combination of snow/altitude created a whole different situation as the roads changed to snow/slush. Please pray as we go the last 60 miles to Steamboat Springs. We do have chains we can put on the bus if necessary. 🙂 Only for Jesus, Sarah for the rest winterweather.jpg

Still driving…

We are now in Oklahoma, and the sun is definitely up :-). Dad was able to sleep for 5 hours while Christopher drove. During that time, a lot of the family was able to sleep, but we always kept one person awake to talk to the driver! We have managed to stay ahead of the storm, and the areas we are now passing through will have even stronger winds than we’re experiencing right now this afternoon.

Thank you for your prayers. we are very grateful. We hope to be home by dinnertime–an amazing whirlwind drive home.

Only for Jesus,
Sarah for the rest of the family

Through a blizzard and rain…

It is now 1:00 a.m. and we just filled up with diesel in Albuquerque, New Mexico. About 30 miles west of Flagstaff the rain instantly turned to snow, and Dad drove through some very tough driving conditions with the snow and wind swirling around Uriah. Dad sought the Lord if we should continue or stop in Flagstaff, but the snow eventually lessened, and Dad knew if we stopped, we might have to stay in Flagstaff for awhile as they were expecting snow throughout the night and into the morning. We finally drove out of the snow, and into rain, and finally out of even the rain!

Uriah has been perfect for people to be able to sleep during the night. The plan is to continue driving on, with Dad and Christopher trading off driving.

Thank you for your prayers.

Only for Jesus,
Sarah for the rest of the family

Afternoon Update

The current plan is to go to Albuquerque, New Mexico, tonight, but we might even continue driving on. Depending on the weather and slow downs, we’ll likely arrive early in the morning. Thank you for your prayers. We are very grateful. We have been driving through strong winds, but Dad and Uriah are doing a good job :-).

Only for Jesus,
Sarah for the Maxwells



Jesse practicing :-).

Prayer Request for Today

After an amazing weekend conference (we’ll be reporting on that later), we are now heading 1900 miles home. We wanted to post a quick prayer request. Flagstaff, Arizona is expecting quite a bit of snow, and Dad is praying what route the Lord would have us take. Our hope is to continue with our planned route (through Flagstaff), and not stop in Kingman, Arizona tonight so that we can make it through Flagstaff and the snow before it get’s too heavy. It also appears we’ll be facing very strong and gusty winds.

Thank you for your prayers! We’ll update later today.

Serving Jesus,
Sarah for the rest of the family

Driving out of Livermore

Driving out of Livermore this morning; we started out about 6:45 a.m.

Mountains :-).