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Stainless Steel Versus Black – Eight Years Later

Eight years and nine grandchildren later, we are very pleased with our choice of using stainless steel appliances. On the blog, we asked readers before we purchased our new appliances to give us input on black versus stainless steel for appliances. What were the advantages and disadvantages of each. We were told that the main negative for stainless steel was how it smudged and showed fingerprints. (If you would like, read the first post and the comments, and then read the follow up post.)

We decided to go with the stainless steel, and I have been delighted with the way my kitchen looks. I love the crisp, modern look of the stainless steel while fitting in with our light oak cabinetry.

We haven’t found the stainless steel to be any more difficult to keep clean than our other colored appliances were. We give them a weekly cleaning using Better Life Stainless Steel Cleaner from iherb (that’s our reward link which will bless our family with 10% rewards when you purchase). Then we will do touch ups with a damp dish rag if needed, but that really isn’t very often.

I am glad that we decided to get stainless steel appliances.

Side note: The negative side might be the Make. We have had to keep a maintenance policy on the refrigerator due to its “reliability,” and the microwave has died.

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“That our sons may be as plants grown up in
their youth; that our daughters may be as
corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace.”
(Psalm 144:12)