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Where We’ve Been

Special thanks to Mary for writing this post!

We have really enjoyed our stay here at John James Audubon State Park. Being a large, active family makes us a bit of a curiosity at an RV park since each day we exercise, some of us do our school or work outside, and we also do our music practice outside weather permitting. We love the talking time we get with our neighbors. It provides great opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus in some way or other!

Everybody likes dad. He is one of those who makes friends with everyone! He always has the right word of encouragement, compliment, or humor to whomever is around. While we girls started on our walk this morning, Darryl, a very industrious park employee, was driving by on his golf cart, and stopped us. He told us he had just spoken to our dad and said how much he enjoyed his conversation with Dad. Darryl continued that Dad’s encouragement was just what he needed. It’s been exciting to hear all the conversations different family members have had with our neighbors here.

We look forward to Louisville this weekend and what the Lord Jesus will do.

Jesus’ Girl,

An iPhone photo!
An iPhone photo!


We all enjoyed exercising in the mornings!
Another iPhone photo.
Another iPhone photo.
Work time!



Such a nice little trailer, but wait ’til you see what it unfolds to be!
Sarah got pictures of the “unloading” process.


A great, mobile pop-up tent!
Smoothie time.
Smoothie time.
One of the guys treated us to a meal at Cracker Barrel.
Dad and his new friend.


“O LORD, how manifold are thy works!
in wisdom hast thou made them all:
the earth is full of thy riches”
Psalms 104:20