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Random Life from Color to Cold

It’s the dawning of an exciting week for me, of a dream come true. Since I completed the Moody Series, I still carried a passion for writing kids’ books, and in just two days, I get to unveil my newest story.

This past month has been a beautiful whirlwind. Autumn was especially pretty this year, but an early snow finished it and brought winter. The other morning, it was in the teens, which is cold for this time in Kansas!

Besides “normal” work and life, we enjoyed time outdoors, babysitting littles, Operation Christmas Child shoebox prep, projects, and for Mary, Anna, and me, finishing out my book.

This is a sweet season as we near the holidays. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. May we be grateful for the Lord’s abundant blessings.

Today being Veteran’s Day observed, I’m grateful for those who have served and protected our freedom!


Saturday work projects

Chelsy’s mom and younger siblings visited,
and Chelsy invited all the ladies and littles
over for fresh donuts and fellowship.Some enjoyed outside time including races!Shopping for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxesStocking up on candy (not for shoeboxes)
but for the girls’ Bible club

GiGi reading to lots of the greatsSome great games of Spike Ball (notice how quickly our Kansas weather changes, barefoot here!)Nathan, Melanie, and crew diligently
campaignedMore Saturday projects

You never know what you might see in front of the house.
Here Anna (and Mary) were out running with the kids.
Autumn colorsWorking on the book
Before the weather got too cold,
Dad worked on some painting projects.Mary sharing with the kids about the floodWe watched Christopher and Anna Marie’s kids for their anniversarySome of the Maxwells participated in a pushup challenge in October

We also watched Nathan and Melanie’s children one night.
Here Tina gave her presentation and used Betsy
as an example.

Playing in the leavesRolling up washcloths, putting hair ties
on them, and stuffing in a water bottle for OCC.
Nathan’s office buddy one dayMary made delicious pumpkin donuts for Anna’s birthday breakfast.
The recipe was one Mary found online.Calia and Joseph brought over birthday balloons for AnnaAt family birthdays, there are lots of eager helpers.Abby made Anna the pillowEllie doesn’t lack for attentionYou know the picture of me recently in the navy dress announcing the book launch date?
Y’all, this is a real behind-the-scenes photo of who was BEHIND me!These twoLeaves aboundChelsy helping the girls with OCC stuff

Yes, snow!The lady Anna and Mary minister with for Bible club
hung cold weather gear on the fence
for those who needed them to take.

Love this picture of Melanie and Benji!

They made sledding work! 🙂

Time with Chelsy

Packing OCC boxes.

“But if we hope for that we see not, then
do we with patience wait for it.”
Romans 8:25

Random Life from Green to Changing Colors

What an exciting last 5 weeks it’s been since I shared Random Life! The Lord’s gracious touch was very evident in my life as I hit my copyeditor deadline. Now, the book is back from our copyeditor, and we’re in the final two weeks of getting it ready for the printer. We can’t wait to introduce it next month!

Autumn is really here. Leaves twirling off trees, hillsides changing into hues of yellow, orange, and brown, rainy, cozy days, crisp temperatures–it’s beautiful.

We love seeing God’s faithfulness in every minute of our lives. He wants us to seek Him, in the hard times and in the good times. One thing we’re praising Him for is on the release of Pastor Andrew Brunson this past weekend! We’ve prayed for his freedom for the past two years, and we’re all thrilled with the news.

I’d love to hear one thing you’re blessed by today!


Anna helped Anna Marie and girls make burritos for the freezer.

Cooking up tortillas (Costco frozen ones)

One hot Saturday (yes, we’ve literally gone back and forth from
warm front to cool front to warm to cool!),
Anna and Dad did a lot of yard work.
They verti-cut the lawn and then seeded.

The girls did balloons and face painting at a local church event, and I took pictures for the church.

Nathan and Melanie enjoyed a camping trip to Colorado!

Mom cat-sat the cats.

Jesse’s birthday–and so many happy helpers

Look at this group!

A pizza-picnic

Mom and Dad do a monthly shopping run.


Mom reading to Calia.

Tina and Arnold

Anna took this crew on a walk.

We watched Nathan and Melanie’s crew one night.

GiGi leaving on a trip.

Anna accompanied Melanie and kids to Science City in downtown KC (Mary’s been busy with illustrations for my book).

A special aunties’ play time walk to a great field.

Jesse unloading after one of Dad and Mom’s shopping trip

Nathan had a business trip, and we had guests,
so this was the crew one night!

So blessed to be able to spend time with my friend!

We took our friends to the Deanna Rose Farmstead
along with Lidsy and Ruthie.

Bottle feeding the goats.

They liked Mary.

Family picture sneak peek! Yes! We actually got it done the end of September. So perfect. Can’t wait to share more.

Betsy and Anna eating ice cream on errands one day.
(Note: Betsy only got in the front seat while they were parked to eat the ice cream.)

Babysitting, and Mom came with Calia to take over

Little Benji loves Ellie

Calia turned three!

Nathan and kiddos campaigning.

Guests for lunch!

Caught in the rain, lol!

Life Chain day, and we made signs at the last-minute.

Anna Marie and Melanie

This had to be my closing photo. I captured this yesterday after family lunch. LOVE IT!

They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.
The LORD is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him.”
Lamentations 3:23-24

Random Life From Heat to Mountains

I’m so excited to share this Random Life post with you. Life has been full and very blessed.

Jesse’s big project this summer has been the two bathroom remodels, and with help (a big thank you to all the family who did!), they were completed just before the renters needed the house mid-August. I’ll share a separate post about the work project!

It seemed we had a lot of traveling too. The last Random Life I posted from my West Coast trip, and then the day after I got home, Anna went to Canada for a friend’s wedding. The next week, we left for Colorado!

You’ve seen less of me because I’m editing my new book with the copyeditor date approaching! I’m really excited to share more details.

Grab yourself a coffee and enjoy Random Life!


We celebrated Dad’s birthday with just our immediate family. Then, we did a triple birthday party (Dad, Mom, and Mary’s) with all the relatives a bit later. I’ll probably share a post on that if I remember! 🙂 (Trivia here: spot Arnold in the above picture: a place he likes!)

Jesse gave us a house tour that night. I’d been gone
for 10 days and hadn’t seen it for a while even before that. 

Nathan and Melanie’s crew participated in the summer Bible Bee study and
enjoyed attending monthly events, often with GiGi.

Many hours put into Jesse’s house

Anna flew to Canada for a friend’s wedding and was so blessed.

Beautiful sunset over the prairie

Wouldn’t you love to take one of these bunnies home?!

Anna with the bride and her sister

Brothers and Buddies

We girls went on a birthday run with Bethany! This little 8-year-old is a great runner.

Then, she enjoyed a birthday breakfast with her daddy.

These two.

Babies are enjoyed here at the Maxwells

Mary making a favorite treat of Mom’s: pie crust, with butter, sugar, and cinnamon.

Deliciousness right there

Mom’s birthday happened right before we left for Colorado.

Anna Marie & Co brought over shortbread for Mom

Drive to Colorado

Coffee in Colby

This was actually done as a Live Photo, and if you look carefully, you’ll see the best part of it.

Hiking Princeton. The beauty of seeing the sun rise.

Loved our hikes!

Mount of the Holy Cross hike–an adventure for sure! That post will be coming!

Ice cream after their big hike (and French fries)

Anna discovered this in her coffee one morning during Bible time

Back in Kansas, Ellie was well taken care of by Christopher’s family. Here Ruthie’s holding onto her collar while one of the kids hides–then Ellie goes and finds the person. It’s our Find Me game and loved by all.

Lydia’s hiding spot

Enjoying some cuddles before Ellie came back home

I spent a lot of time editing in Colorado. I loved the gorgeous setting!

Speaking of cuddles, these two “kittens” at
Nathan and Melanie’s are so cute.

Catching up on Titus2 orders when we got home!

Grilled pizza Anna made

This doesn’t look good. I think he was considering jumping on the table.

Anna took Calia on a rain walk. Talk about adorable.

Anna, Mary, and me out with Melanie
for ice cream to celebrate her birthday

My editing buddy.

Saturday projects

Smiles all around from these sweet girls.

“Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace
in believing, that ye may abound in hope,
through the power of the Holy Ghost.”

Romans 15:13

Random Life, From Heat to Home

Yay, it’s time for another random life!

This last month flew by. So much happening. We welcomed Anna and Mary home on the 17th, and we had just a week before County Fair time! Life has been stuffed to its fullest. We enjoyed a lot of family time before I left last Saturday for a ministry trip to the West Coast.

God has abundantly blessed, and we’re grateful for His mercies which are new every morning.


We were a small group on the 4th! This is all it worked out to be. But fewer means more quality time.

What a sweet threesome!

Missing our girls! 🙂 (Notice Calia sneaking in the picture).

This guy had a birthday, and he and Daddy went for breakfast.
They picked up flowers for Mommy. How thoughtful!

Mom and GiGi went to Science City with Melanie and crew and had a delightful time.
Good job on the selfie, Abby.

Arnold sure likes to pick crazy spots to sit.

We got a new roof recently due to hail damage, and Anna Marie and crew baked cookies for the guys.

Speaking of the new roof, I opted to write at GiGi’s house to keep my concentration.
Anna Marie brought me cookie dough! 🙂 Yep. Cookie dough is wonderful.

Anna Marie and cookie bearers!

A “non” aunties’ playtime Grandpa and Grandma did.

A car race going on here.

The “outdoor” kitties are sure enjoying the inside.

Calia loving her produce she helps mommy with.

Sunday morning Bible time with coffee and my buddy.

Look at this incredible card a blog reader made for us!
Totally beautiful. Thank you!

A day road trip to see old-time friends of Anna Marie.

Arnold loves plants. I caught him
batting at Mom’s basil plant which was supposed to be getting sun.

Helping Grandma with Sunday lunch prep.

Abby made this hat for a blog reader’s baby niece
who we’ve been praying for and was in serious condition.

I guess sometimes life seems better
if you can curl up and put the cares out.

Tina taking the aunts’ place (before they got home)
and reading to the “little kids.”

The nieces enjoyed putting things on the aunts’ beds in anticipation
for their arrival home. They were SO excited!

The welcome home parade.

Family times together with a special dinner out.

Followed by frozen custard

Enjoying a Sunday lunch with the girls back!

House work!

Jesse has a mid-August deadline of finishing up the bathrooms, so
he’s been hard at work with a great group of helpers!

The girls have participated in summer Bible bee study.

These two.

Calia met the kittens.

Girls’ lunch out and grocery shopping with GiGi.

This happy group enjoyed a walk, playing in the stream, and SNACKS!

Jesse seriously ate all that corn in FIVE bites.

Here Anna is restocking the balloons before another fair night.

Mary painted so many faces (and special requests too!) :)! More on the fair later.

Hello from the West Coast!

“If thou hast run with the footmen, and they have wearied thee, then
how canst thou contend with horses? and if in the land of peace,
wherein thou trustedst, they wearied thee, then how wilt thou do in
the swelling of Jordan?”
Jeremiah 12:5

Random Life, Summer in Full Swing

Happy July! Wow. I am shocked at how fast June went. I spent a lot of time writing, and it’s been exciting to see the Lord’s blessing upon this first draft!

My sisters are doing well. Thank you so much for praying! As those of you know who are involved in ministry work, there is often great spiritual warfare. Satan does not want to lose! This last week was super intense for them, but God brought them faithfully through! They have return tickets to come home in two weeks, and we’re excited to see how the Lord will continue to use them, and yes, I confess, anxious for their arrival home.

Soooo, without my sweet sisters and their presence, I thought this Random Life might be harder to pull off. But, again, the Lord brought together all kinds of pictures to give you a peek into Maxwell life.

It was an exciting month, with Jesse buying his house debt-free! Seeing my brother become a home-owner and now his mind turning into all-things-house has been great to see. He’s jumping into a quick remodel, and Dad and brothers have lent some help. You know how Anna and Mary are with these projects, so they’ll be happy to assist when they get home!

Dad and Mom have enjoyed early-morning-long walks before it gets too hot. Summer came very quickly here in Kansas, but we’re grateful for ALL seasons!

Okay, enjoy a peek into the last month.


Christopher and Anna Marie and all five kiddos flew to Washington to visit Anna Marie’s family. What an adorable family!

Whew, what a small crew we are without Anna and Mary. We took a Sunday evening walk in Weston, a state park nearby.

Abigail trapped a raccoon who had been taking her chickens!

This munchkin can ride a real bike now! Super cute.

Jesse signing a paper for his house.

Ha, ha. What it takes for me to write! Even Ellie! 🙂

These two.

Miss Calia loves to “wash” dishes.

When Christopher and Anna Marie were in Washington, they visited a place which holds a lot of memories for them exactly 8 years prior–when they started their courtship!

Jesse working on his house

After one of their long walks.

Loving my writing!

Stopping in with a Father’s Day gift.

This Benji is total cuteness!

Dad keeps our grass mowed! Those yellow leaves have to do with the fact we’ve had an extremely hot June with little rain.

Look where Mr. Arnold decided to go as I was doing laundry. He’s a curious guy.

Nathan took a mini-trip with his girls.

Ellie met the kittens! Pickles (the gray + white one) didn’t like Ellie at all and hissed at her. Tiger, on the other hand, thought she was okay.

Ellie’s kinda used to the bat-at-her-thing from Arnold! 🙂

Cleaning out Jesse’s car on a Saturday.

Joshua’s favorite place in Washington is at the Pike Place Market.

More house stuff.

Taking photos one Friday evening for a local church event.

Miss Elizabeth is really growing up!

Melanie with her two little guys

Dad and Mom stopping in to see Jesse’s progress.

Ellie still takes to being a lap dog.

Making tortillas with my nieces.

Mom with Kyle.

Trying to fill in while Anna and Mary are gone.

Mom was a creative grandma for Aunties’ playtime. She had each of the children write down their favorite game and put it in a basket. Then, they drew a paper and would play whatever game it was.

“The eyes of all wait upon thee;
and thou givest them their meat in due season.
Thou openest thine hand,
and satisfiest the desire of every living thing.”
Psalm 146:15-16

Random Life Kicked Up

Another month is history, and wow, so much happened! Here is your peek at random life. The joys and the funnies and the real deal.


Mary working on a sewing project before her trip.

Christopher and Anna Marie invited us over for a “thank-you-for-helping-after-Elizabeth-was-born” special dinner. Here Anna, Jesse, and Mary are enjoying watching the kids ride their trikes around the deck, and of course, the kids enjoyed an audience.

Anna took the girls out shopping. Love this selfie!

Dad working

Dinner with John and Chelsy

The children like to pile up and come down the slide together, and then kicking the ball off the slide makes it even more exciting.

Volleyball on a warm spring evening with siblings and friends

This is the kind of delicious dinner Anna sometimes makes for us.

Update: Several have asked about the recipe for the above dish. I have good news! I found the information. It’s called Chicken Potpie Galette from the Taste of Home April / May 2018 issue. You could likely find it on their website.

Mom is faithful to do a special yearly picnic with the kiddos having to do with a book she began reading to them when Abby was little.

The girls picked up sticks in Grandpa’s yard!

Shopping day for my sisters in preparation for their trip, and of course, what’s a shopping trip without coffee? I wasn’t able to make it due to my book project.

New pink polos.

Decorating the birthday cake.

Abby turned 10 and had a special breakfast with her daddy.

Making yogurt.

Since I don’t have a way to post Live photos (taken with an iPhone), I took a clip of this. We were smiling for the photo, and Arnold decided to jump for the streamer Mom held in the middle of our picture.

Planting flowers.

Repairing GiGi’s fence.

Special Aunt + Niece time out.

We four spent great times together before the girls left (above pictured before a game of Spikeball). Jesse and I miss them!

Calia and Anna are quite the buddies, and here they are peeking on baby birds.

Arnold and Ellie.

Celebrating GiGi’s birthday. Those cupcakes Mary made were amazing!

Miss Calia was really into helping GiGi with her gifts and cards.

Bible time on the porch.

Some of the kids watching a driveway get put in. What is it about big machinery and little kiddos?

This is seriously Arnold’s favorite spot right now.

Kyle is growing up!


Working outside, and this particular Saturday was TOASTY!

A great game of Dutch Blitz with Chelsy, who loves it. I love it too, but somehow I’m not very good on my own team.

A playtime with Aunt Mary the day before she left.

At Memorial Day, we expanded to a second table, as we can no longer seat everyone around our big one. It worked!

Making her brother a birthday card!

This was an EARLY morning smoothie.

Helping Dad change out the washer.

Jesse setting up his hammock to sleep outside one night.

Ellie and I one beautiful evening recently.

There you have it. Random life at the Maxwells.

“I will bless the LORD at all times:
his praise shall continually be in my mouth.”

Psalm 34:1