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Random Life Kicked Up

Another month is history, and wow, so much happened! Here is your peek at random life. The joys and the funnies and the real deal.


Mary working on a sewing project before her trip.

Christopher and Anna Marie invited us over for a “thank-you-for-helping-after-Elizabeth-was-born” special dinner. Here Anna, Jesse, and Mary are enjoying watching the kids ride their trikes around the deck, and of course, the kids enjoyed an audience.

Anna took the girls out shopping. Love this selfie!

Dad working

Dinner with John and Chelsy

The children like to pile up and come down the slide together, and then kicking the ball off the slide makes it even more exciting.

Volleyball on a warm spring evening with siblings and friends

This is the kind of delicious dinner Anna sometimes makes for us.

Update: Several have asked about the recipe for the above dish. I have good news! I found the information. It’s called Chicken Potpie Galette from the Taste of Home April / May 2018 issue. You could likely find it on their website.

Mom is faithful to do a special yearly picnic with the kiddos having to do with a book she began reading to them when Abby was little.

The girls picked up sticks in Grandpa’s yard!

Shopping day for my sisters in preparation for their trip, and of course, what’s a shopping trip without coffee? I wasn’t able to make it due to my book project.

New pink polos.

Decorating the birthday cake.

Abby turned 10 and had a special breakfast with her daddy.

Making yogurt.

Since I don’t have a way to post Live photos (taken with an iPhone), I took a clip of this. We were smiling for the photo, and Arnold decided to jump for the streamer Mom held in the middle of our picture.

Planting flowers.

Repairing GiGi’s fence.

Special Aunt + Niece time out.

We four spent great times together before the girls left (above pictured before a game of Spikeball). Jesse and I miss them!

Calia and Anna are quite the buddies, and here they are peeking on baby birds.

Arnold and Ellie.

Celebrating GiGi’s birthday. Those cupcakes Mary made were amazing!

Miss Calia was really into helping GiGi with her gifts and cards.

Bible time on the porch.

Some of the kids watching a driveway get put in. What is it about big machinery and little kiddos?

This is seriously Arnold’s favorite spot right now.

Kyle is growing up!


Working outside, and this particular Saturday was TOASTY!

A great game of Dutch Blitz with Chelsy, who loves it. I love it too, but somehow I’m not very good on my own team.

A playtime with Aunt Mary the day before she left.

At Memorial Day, we expanded to a second table, as we can no longer seat everyone around our big one. It worked!

Making her brother a birthday card!

This was an EARLY morning smoothie.

Helping Dad change out the washer.

Jesse setting up his hammock to sleep outside one night.

Ellie and I one beautiful evening recently.

There you have it. Random life at the Maxwells.

“I will bless the LORD at all times:
his praise shall continually be in my mouth.”

Psalm 34:1

Random Life: Spring and Sunshine!

We’re very blessed here in Kansas! I’m thankful for the Lord’s abundant mercies and His provision.

I’m going to let the pictures mostly tell the story with a little explanation below each.

Happy Monday!


Our Resurrection Sunday group!

Benji loves Ellie, and Ellie loves the children too. She likes to keep tabs on leftover food raining down from the highchairs! Here she’s enjoying some scraps.

Anna and Mary were blessed with an opportunity to do face painting and balloons for a church event. Here Mary did a volunteer’s face before everything began!

Yes, we had temperatures in the teens! Dad and Mom love working together on projects, so on free dump day, they took scrap wood to the dump.

Shopping the after Easter sales for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes.

Sorry I forgot to put an Arnold + Ellie picture in last random post.

This cat seriously gets himself into the most unique places. Don’t worry. I made sure he could climb out, and he did.

Beautiful sunny, cool days!

And of course, the little nieces adore Ellie.

Yep! I mentioned we had snow three Sundays in a row, and this is proof.

Nathan and Melanie took a weekend away to go to our local homeschool conference. My sisters delight in watching the kiddos, so it was a perfect combo.

Daddy time so Mommy could concentrate on the conference.

Guess who they saw?!!! Christopher and Anna Marie (who went for a morning) and Melanie’s sister.

Back at home, the aunts’ creativity reigns here. Flashlight find n’ seek for the kids’ snack.

Some Ellie training.

A marching band through our basement. Yep! Ear protection was almost needed. Quite the enthusiastic bunch!

Enjoying baby goats!

Fellowship with an out-of-state friend.

Special aunt + niece time at my fave coffee shop.

Christopher’s family celebrating Anna Marie’s birthday.

Nathan and his kiddos out for a treat.

Jesse doing yard work.

Dinner at Joseph and Elissa’s.

Jesse and Kyle

This cute dog of mine! 🙂

A kids’ song about the walls of Jericho going on right here.

Tina is a little pro at dog training. She even has Arnold watching!

Nathan’s awesome to include his kids on work projects.

Sewing project with some company!

One of my top favorite snacks at the moment: vanilla yogurt topped with granola and fun chocolate pieces.

Nathan and Anna took a run the other day (Mary and I were unfortunately busy), and look what greeted them at the end. So perfect.


You can tell how our temperatures really jumped from cool to warm (notice Ellie’s tongue). We’re soaking in the amazing sunshine!

And now, these delightful evenings to enjoy family parties outside.

Calia showing Anna her plants which she helped Mommy (Elissa) to start.

Benji is like a cuddly teddy bear. Very, very cute.

Sooooooo, I’d love to hear what your favorite thing about spring is?!

“And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith
virtue; and to virtue knowledge”
(2 Peter 1:5)


Random Life, Spring back to Winter

As I look out the window at the white-covered landscape, I have to remind myself it’s actually Resurrection Sunday. Wow, from spring back to winter. The snow is a beautiful symbol of what Jesus did for us. His blood swept away our sins. Think about that. Our sins, which are red, are washed white as snow.

So here’s random life this past month. I love to see God working in our lives on a daily basis. It’s easy to see the big things, but do we look for the small items? For example, I sat down to review tax returns for several businesses I do bookkeeping for. It seemed overwhelming at first, but I prayed, and the Lord gave such grace and helped me. How often do we miss opportunities to thank the Lord for His goodness because we don’t ask for His help?


A friend came over to talk one afternoon and enjoy mochas.

You never know who might be here for a meal.


Lately, when we’ve had guests, we’ve expanded into the basement for seating.

Anna and Mary had quite the little group.

Dog training time.

Nathan and two of his girls for a day out.

Mary and Calia baking pizza.

A family field trip

An evening at John and Chelsy’s. Chelsy has done an amazing job at making their home so welcoming!

Cousins with matching glasses.

A whole bunch of cuteness packed into this little guy.

Holding babies during Sunday lunch.

Girls’ day out! Shopping for fabric here.

Taking a walk at the gorgeous Shawnee Mission Park near the end of our time.

These amazing sisters of mine took the little kids out to do puddle splashing.

I think he has some freckles, um, dirt freckles that is.

A picnic with friends.

Followed by a walk.

Mary with Elizabeth.

Game time with two nieces.

These adorable little guys are just waiting for a home. Yes, these are Anna’s creations lately.

Finishing with our snow walk on Resurrection Sunday!

Jesse clearing off the driveway before our family dinner

“Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord:
though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow;
though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.”
Isaiah 1:18

Random Life, from Winter to Spring

It’s time to share another Random Life with the Maxwells. We praise the Lord for His gift of two little ones, Elizabeth and Kyle, born 6 days apart. I think a lot of February we spent in anticipation wondering when they’d be here.

For most in the immediate family, life is filled with work and ministry. God is so gracious, and we delight in following Him!


An Aunties’ playtime puppet show going on here.

Cleaning at Anna Marie’s pre-baby!

Celebrating Chelsy’s birthday a little after the fact.

I made cake pops.

A new shipment of chicks!

Date night for John and Chelsy at Cheesecake Factory

After Valentine’s Day sale shopping for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

Reading time.

My sweet “puppy” who is now 2!

This amazing Mom of ours helps the young mommies out with ironing!

Mary designed a creative set up for the book tables at the conference.

Benjamin turned 1!!!

A whole lot of sweetness here!

Dad and Joshua tossing a fake fish. Long story, but Joshua loves Pike Place Market in Seattle.

Late night talks

Sunday morning, when all the family was gone, my newest sister-in-law (Chelsy!!!) brought muffins and mochas over for us to enjoy.

Anna helping a sweet family.

Baby holding time!

Anna and Mary have helped a lot with little children care.

Mom and Kyle

Anna and Kyle

Mary and Kyle

A birthday party for Baby Elizabeth, and the little girls received new dolls!

Mom and I stopped at our local coffee shop one Saturday, and who should drop in but relatives who were on their way for an outing!

Anna and Elizabeth

Burrito making weekend!

But y’all, this is my favorite picture of the entire post. Anna took Calia on a walk the other day, and one house has this little bench with reading books. Talk about CUTE!

“And ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied,
and praise the name of the Lord your God,
that hath dealt wondrously with you:
and my people shall never be ashamed.”
Joel 2:26

Random Life at the Maxwells

Happy Monday! I hope you’re having a great start to your week. I’m grateful for the Lord’s mercies and His abundant love. Psalm 107:15: “Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!”

Enjoy a peek into our lives.

An Aunties’ playtime going on here, and even Ellie had to get in on the action.

Joshua memorized the entire book of Jonah. Yes, you read that right! Christopher and Anna Marie hosted some of us that evening, and Joshua planned an entire program, complete with music and ice cream. Maybe we’ll do a separate blog post on how Joshua accomplished memorizing that quantity of verses.

Anna and Ruthie playing on Jonah night.

Nathan and Melanie (along with Benjamin) celebrated their anniversary by going away, and Anna and Mary watched the other children.

The aunts make amazing babysitters!

Gunny sack races.


Reading with Grandpa!

Pancakes and yogurt.

We’ve enjoyed fellowship with friends too!

We ended up postponing our caroling party from December, so we just had it recently, and it changed into a sweet family night and a hymn sing, along with lots of great food.

Anna Marie is getting very close to Baby arriving. 🙂 

Coffee with Nathan one morning after dropping off one of his vehicles for maintenance.

Another Aunties’ playtime.

Benji’s shirt is true!


GiGi reading to the greats!

Mom out with the little kids watching a demolition project.

Anna and Mary have tackled a lot of organizing projects lately.

Gotta love this Ellie + Arnold thing.

Christopher and Anna Marie took a night away before the Baby comes, so Mary and Anna watched the children.

We received an unpredicted snow!

Nathan, Mom, and some of the kids went on a day trip to visit friends while Melanie and the baby enjoyed a homeschool mom day out!

Since y’all love these Ellie + Arnold captures!

“Whoso is wise, and will observe these things,
even they shall understand the lovingkindness of the LORD.”
Psalm 107:43

Random Life for all the Maxwells

I want to share random life pictures over the past few weeks. We’ve settled into a slower pace after the busyness of the holidays and wedding, but also, quite a few of the family (including the extended family) have battled the flu! It just makes one more grateful for feeling well when you’ve been pretty sick.

We’ve enjoyed beautiful snow mixed with frigid temperatures. God is good all the time, and we rejoice in His blessings. Enjoy a peek into life!


Before we left for the wedding, Cathy Jo and Anna made treats for a honeymoon gift.
John opened Cathy Jo and her family’s gifts before he left. They were so creative!
The morning we left, Cathy Jo, bless her heart, vacuumed John’s car.
A quick picture with a friend before leaving Iowa.
Fellowship with sweet friends: a girls’ lunch!
Learning a new game
With John’s leaving, Jesse rearranged the area and moved his desk into the corner where John’s bed had been. Jesse showing us his new area.
Kansas City is famous for barbecue, so we took Cathy Jo to JackStack when we had a girls’ afternoon out.
Had to take Cathy Jo by IKEA! We girls toured the kitchens and enjoyed talking about aspects we liked/disliked on certain setups.
Saying good-bye to CJ at the airport
One needs a bit of explanation on this one. Mary was actually trying to spot Cathy Jo past security, when this lady walked by to pet Ellie. Thus the disparity on height. Pretty great capture, Anna!
Soup for one sick with the flu
Baking with Aunt Mary
Sweet Melanie reading to her sick kiddos. Some days call for pajama days!
Mary drew this for Liddy as a thank you, and I had to capture a picture. WAY CUTE!
I drew Joshua for the little kid Christmas draw, and I wanted something to encourage his thinking skills. This robotic mouse has been perfect!
Family outing for the Christopher Maxwell’s!
Ellie trying to share with Arnold
We met our friends for lunch last week (we each drove a distance)–sweet times of fellowship. We missed Anna who was still really sick with the flu.
The moms
Jesse and me after shoveling

“I wait for the LORD, my soul doth wait,
and in his word do I hope.”
Psalm 130:5