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Activities to Keep Little Ones Occupied for a Short Amount of Time

Hello, and welcome to a practical idea post. As part of the Titus2 ministry, I often interact with homeschool moms. During a recent conversation, one mom asked for ideas for what little ones could do to be occupied during a short span of time when Mom is helping another child. For example, maybe you need to go over an older child’s school assignments for the day, and you need something to occupy a little for 15-30 minutes.

Here are some ideas from my sisters-in-law, Anna Marie and Melanie.

Andrew, 3, has several favorite sets of toys he plays with. His top favorite is actually an awesome fire engine my parents gave him for Christmas. When I was over taking pictures for this post, I agree. It’s pretty neat.

Andrew also loves Legos/Duplos. Legos encourage creativity in building and play. Playmobil 1.2.3 sets are another favorite of his.

Then, for some educational and learning activities, Anna Marie’s little girls love these items (the links below are Titus2’s Amazon Affiliate links. See our Privacy Policy.):

I hope these ideas bless you as you look to creatively occupy young children!


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