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Prayer Rounds

Recently, Nathan and Abby went on a quick, unexpected trip together to a funeral which left the rest of the crew at home. I knew that Bethany and Christina would be missing their roommate, Abby, so I offered to sleep in their room in Abby’s bed. Of course, they both were very excited.

Four-year-old Bethany quickly filled me in on all the scoop of how the bedroom runs. She showed me how to climb up into Abby’s upper bunk, told me what time they went to bed, and what time they could wake up. She demonstrated how Abby’s bed light worked. Then she informed me that she and Abby wake up earlier than Tina and use their bunk lights so they can have their quiet time reading the Bible. She also told me about prayer rounds. It was so sweet, because one of them came up with the idea of having a prayer time before they go to bed.

Sure enough, we had just crawled into our beds and settled when it was time for prayer rounds. Bethany told me that they pray for a specific person’s family each night, and they each take turns praying. Tonight the prayers would be for Uncle Christopher and Aunt Anna Marie’s family, who were recovering from a stomach bug.

Betsy and Tina’s prayers were so sweet. I wish you could hear the recording of their little voices.

Betsy started, “Lord God, I pray for Joshie, that the flu would be all gone from him, and that he would just get all better.”

Two-year-old Tina was next. “Dear God, I pray that the baby would be healthy and strong, Amen!”

Then B continued, “Lord God, I pray in the family that is Uncle Christopher’s, that they would be just healthy and strong, and the baby would be healthy and strong, and that Joshua would get better in the night, and that he would never get sick… and please just help their family go to Uncle John’s birthday party *(side cute note: we had celebrated John’s birthday late and the party already happened)* and all the birthday parties and that he would never get sick again.”

Tina prayed even more, “Help their baby to be healthy and strong, and help nobody to get sick, Amen.”

I prayed between them, and we kept going until it was time to go to sleep. I am looking forward to sometime joining them when Abby is there. I love their hearts for praying. They have such tender spirits and are often quick to ask to stop and pray for someone when they hear of a need!

Serving Jesus,

Christina and I
Abby is an amazing big sister.

“Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation;
continuing instant in prayer.” Romans 12:12

The Blessing of a Prayer Journal

sweetjourneyI had a prayer journal that I used off and on throughout the years but more off than on. Three years ago, that all changed. Before my mom’s book Sweet Journey was published, she taught the study to us girls plus a few others. When studying the section on prayer journals, Mom challenged us to use one. I purchased a journal and happily began it.

My very first entry in that journal is dated 3-17 [2011]: Babies for (and then a list of couples desiring to have babies). Every couple except one has had a child since that prayer request was written in my prayer journal! Imagine the joy I felt when I received a card from one of those friends, and I stared with wonder at the ultrasound picture of their baby. Praise Jesus!

I love paging through my journal and seeing the many requests the Lord has answered. They are tangible and vivid!

God delights in giving us good gifts. Sometimes the answer is exactly what we want, but sometimes it isn’t. God is still good. He sees the entire picture that our finite minds can’t see.

In addition to a specific section of prayer requests, I have a daily section. For example, on Mondays, part of my list includes: Anna [I try to pray for a family member each day], direction for upcoming week, Titus2, and then a mom who would like to be expecting, another one who is, and a couple’s salvation, among other items. I have been richly blessed by using my prayer journal.

For you ladies out there, I suggest you pick up a copy of Sweet Journey. It’s a perfect individual study or a mother/daughter study. I learned so much from Sweet Journey (and I grew up in an incredible home) that I’m still applying to my life daily three years later.

Joyfully His,


“Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”
Phillipians 4:6-7

Even Little Things Can Encourage – Answered Prayer

Recently, I had been wanting a new case for my phone.  One day I thought about ordering one, but being the frugal, homeschooling mom that I am, I felt this prompting. “The case you have works great. You just don’t like the way the white has turned dirty looking. A new case isn’t a need. Why don’t you try praying for the Lord to provide you with a new case if He wants you to have one while being content with this one.” So I prayed and went about my day.

At lunch time, Sarah brought a pile of things from her closet that she had been dejunking. She handed me a brand new, turquoise, cell phone case and said, “I think this would fit your phone, Mom. Do you want it? It was in my closet, and I am not going to use it.” I was delighted. This was such a small thing, but I so enjoyed seeing the Lord answer my prayer.

Every time one of my children or grandchildren noticed my new cell phone case, I was able to give God the praise for His answer to prayer and His provision.

Not every thing I pray for or about is answered so quickly or even in the direction I was praying like this one was. However, the more we pray, the more the Lord answers. He can’t answer if we aren’t praying. When He answers, we have the opportunity to give Him praise and glory as we share those answers with other.

Trusting in Jesus,


“Pray without ceasing.”
1 Thessalonians 5:17

“Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness,
and for his wonderful works to the children of men!”

Psalms 107:15