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Jesse’s Remodel, From Start to Finish

It’s about time I shared with you pictures from Jesse’s remodel. I hit my first book deadline, so life is manageable now! 🙂

Jesse originally intended to remodel only the main bathroom, but as he got started, it became apparent the master bath needed it too. My brothers have an incredible work ethic, and they learned it through my dad’s example. He’s encouraged them over the years to work hard and learn new skills. I hope to do a separate post on that aspect.

Jesse saw God’s faithfulness every step of the way. He hit obstacles and times where things weren’t working well, but the Lord’s grace was sufficient.

The remodel is finished, and renters moved in mid-August.

Enjoy the photos below. I tried to get them in a fairly accurate timeline.


The remodel happened over a 2 month period, with 1 month being while the girls were gone. They love to help, and that help was definitely missed!

Getting John’s advice.

This was before Jesse invested in AirPods.

Putting the shower in.

John was a great help with mudding.

Teaching Jesse how to mud.

There’s always clean up to do during a project.

Dad painting. He’s awesome at that. He did a ton on this house.

Jesse cutting tile.

Joseph helped Jesse a lot too.

Putting in an outdoor light.

The fence was a real work of art (in a bad way, lol), with boards having been put up in a patchwork type array. Anna finished removing them here.

The final few days before renters moved in were crazy. Lots of the family pitched in to help clean and do all the last-minute stuff.

Before (above!)

The final product! It’s hard to believe it’s the same room, but it is!

This is the master bath. I don’t have a good before.

“Seest thou a man diligent in his business?
he shall stand before kings;
he shall not stand before mean men.”
Proverbs 22:29

A Jesse House Tour

During the six+ weeks the girls were gone, Jesse bought his house. He was excited to show it to them, and of course, they were excited to see it! I’m going to share a mixture of pictures of the girls’ tour and Christopher and Anna Marie’s tour.

The living room is awesome, with vaulted ceilings, incredible light coming in from tall windows, and pretty flooring.

The kitchen.

In the little area before ascending stairs.

Standing in the hall looking into the bathroom.

Explaining what he’s done.

Looking at one of the bedrooms.

A grateful family for the Lord’s working in Jesse’s life!

“Prepare thy work without,
and make it fit for thyself in the field;
and afterwards build thine house.”
Proverbs 24:27

Jesse’s House Progress

I thought y’all might enjoy seeing progress on Jesse’s house. In between renters, he’s renovating the main bath and master bath!

Talking through things.


Some brotherly advice going on here.

I do not have a wide angle, and this is a small space, so it’s hard to show it all! This is the main bath above.

Nathan is there in the master bath.

I love this picture. Drew stopped in with his mommy and was looking around at things.

Abby did a great clean up job!

“I will meditate also of all thy work, and talk of thy doings.”
Psalm 77:12

Jesse Maxwell Purchased His Home Debt-Free!

We’re very excited to share with you that Jesse purchased his house debt-free this month!

Jesse (23) worked hard to save over the past years and be wise with his expenditures. Also, living at home and no rent charged enabled him to save even faster. Dad and Mom are so gracious to provide for us in that way!

So, how did this come about? Jesse’s been watching the housing market for a while. Last year, he considered a house, but after some time, he saw it wasn’t a good fit. Then, in May, we had some friends over, and as part of the conversation, they casually mentioned the house next door to them, and that it was a rental house.

Jesse had the idea to contact the owner to see if he was at all interested in selling, and would you believe, the man was just about to list his house?! Every part of the process went smoothly. We praise the Lord for this exciting answer to prayer–and a fulfillment of a vision my dad had for his sons!

Jesse plans to use the house as a rental until he needs it, and he’s not in a relationship.

Dropping off his check at the title company!

At the house closing!

I strongly recommend two resources (Preparing Sons and Buying a House Debt-Free). My parents share practically how they prepared my brothers not only to provide for their future family but also how they encouraged them to buy a house debt-free.

Buying a House Debt-Free

“… and the borrower is servant to the lender.”
Proverbs 22:7