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A Neighborly Invitation

Spur-of-the-moment things can be special; and that was the case for Thursday’s invitation to Christopher and Anna Marie’s for dinner.

Who could you bless? Perhaps there’s a new family in your neighborhood, and you could whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies (our favorite recipe is the Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe from Crisco). Or, you could take a few minutes to catch up with a neighbor on what’s been going on in his or her life.

Acts of kindness show others the love of Jesus.

For those who wonder, these two bibs are a perfect, no, rather, a necessary combination to keep a little one clean. The long-sleeve is from IKEA, and the other is a Baby Bjorn Soft Bib.


Watching Grandpa cutting down the tree! A little boy’s delight.


“And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power.”
Acts 1:7