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Happy Thanksgiving: With Grateful Hearts

It’s a joy to celebrate God’s gracious gifts! May each of you have a special day remembering what the Lord has done for you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

(We did not send each other’s lists to compare them. They all came to Sarah, who wrote hers before she looked at any ;-). Enjoy!)

DSC_6901Steve & Teri


    • Thankful to be able to spend eternity praising the Lord Jesus and God the Father through the Holy Spirit.
    • My wife of 39 years who has been my team mate endeavoring to serve the Lord Jesus together.
    • For the delight my children are and their hearts.
    • We have freedom to worship and and serve Christ.
    • A local church to worship with fellow believers and fellowship together with.
    • Mothers who choose to carry their babies to full term.
    • Thankful for the families God has allowed Titus2 to come alongside of.



    • Salvation through the shed blood of my Savior, Jesus Christ
    • My wonderful husband and children, daughters in laws, grandchildren, and parents
    • God’s Word
    • Those who pray for us
    • Titus2 ministry
    • Health to be able to participate in life
    • Food and shelter

DSC_8714Nathan (and family)


      • God and our salvation through Jesus Christ
      • Melanie
      • Abigail, Bethany, and Christina
      • Employment
      • Health



      • Lord and His Salvation
      • Hubby and girls
      • Home
      • Family and Friend relationships
      • Food
      • Freedoms



      • My bed
      • My warm house
      • Toys
      • Daddy and Mommy
      • My chickens and eggs



      • Thanksgiving
      • Daddy’s birthday
      • Snickerdoodles
      • My blankie


Christopher (and family)


      • A God who loves me so much that He would send His Only Son to take my punishment and offer me the gift of salvation.
      • Anna Marie (she’s amazing) and Joshua (he’s a blast).
      • New life: we’re looking forward to Little Maxwell’s arrival in (Lord willing) February.
      • Health
      • Work
      • Time. The blessing of another year filled with memories, time together, special projects, and more.
      • Grandparents who live next door and being able to help Grandad as he deals with Parkinson’s.


Anna Marie’s:

      • Salvation in Jesus Christ and the grace He gives to serve Him and follow in His footsteps.
      • My beloved husband! It is a joy to stand beside him as he leads our little family in the Word!
      • God’s Word and the freedom we have to possess and study it in our country.
      • Motherhood. What a huge blessing to be allowed the privilege of raising our children for God’s glory!
      • Joshua, our little man who fills our lives with new adventures and laughter.
      • Our new baby who is growing and becoming more and more active! 🙂 So eager to meet him/her in a few short months!
      • All of our family and friends near and far who love us and encourage us in our walks with the Lord Jesus. Thank you to you all, and Happy Thanksgiving!



      • Jesus Christ, my Savior
      • Family (they are the best editing team!)
      • God’s Word
      • Christmas Comes to Sunflower Scripture Project Families
      • You! Our Titus2 blog readers
      • Health
      • God’s mercy



      • My Savior, Jesus Christ. He saved me and bought me from the dreadful destiny of hell. To the day I die, I desire to serve Him with everything that I am.
      • My family, and especially my parents. They have been so loving and encouraging in Jesus. I am forever grateful for them.
      • You all. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement of this ministry. You all are incredible cheerleaders, encouraging this ministry on to even better things!
      • Things that are easy to take for granted. A few examples are every breath I take, the sun rising each morning, and food on the table.
      • A free nation, where we are able, at this point, to worship and serve our Creator, and can raise children (if/when the Lord gives me some), in accordance with God’s Word.
      • Music. I love working with the others in my family on music to honor and glorify Jesus.
      • My job. I am very grateful for the work that God has provided me.



      • I am thankful for what Jesus did on the cross for me, in saving me from my sins.
      • I am grateful for my family. The older I get, the more I realize and see how rare it is to have a close-knit family.
      • I am blessed with a fantastic church, a great pastor, and a wonderful group of believers to worship with.
      • I am thankful to be healthy. One usually doesn’t realize how blessed they are, until they lose it.
      • I am thankful for a free country. At the same time, I am deeply saddened by the suffering of Pastor Saeed. This is his second Thanksgiving away from his family. I pray that he is released to his family soon.
      • I am thankful for work. At a time when so many are without a job right now, work is such a blessing.
      • I am grateful for brothers and sisters in Christ.



  • Jesus – I am so thankful that Jesus paid my sin debt for me! I know I deserve Hell, but I am very thankful that because of Him I can look forward to that day. “In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.” 1 Corinthians 15:52
  • My Dad and Mom – I cannot thank the Lord enough for blessing me with such amazing parents! They have invested so much in my life, and I am forever grateful for their patience and love in raising me.
  • My Family – I love each of them sooo much!
  • Titus2 – it is a joy to be able to travel together and share the amazing life that we have in Christ! I never tire of hearing of families that turn their face from the world and start striving on the narrow way.
  • My nieces and nephew – I can’t get enough of them. It’s such a blast to be able to play and enjoy each of their special personalities!
  • The Bible – I am so grateful to have God’s Word at my fingertips! There are so many people who still do not have a Bible in their own language!
  • Prayer – I am humbled that we can talk to the King of kings at any moment! What a privilege to be able to carry our burdens to Him.



      • The Lord Jesus, His death on the cross for me, and care for me
      • Each one in my family
      • Working with my brother from home
      • A wonderful, warm house
      • Playing music as a group, and the outreach opportunities that brings
      • Our church and pastor (Dad)
      • The opportunity to travel and encourage families



      • My Savior Jesus Christ. He is the One Who saved me from an eternity in hell.
      • My family! They are totally such a love support.
      • The Bible! It’s my bread and butter for the day but also my encouragement.
      • For creativity and art. It’s lovely to see how God created this world in such a beautiful manner, and He has enabled us to create beautiful things today.
      • I’m so grateful for life. If Dad and Mom hadn’t had a reversal, I wouldn’t be here.
      • I am so grateful the Lord has given me health, so I can stay active.
      • My amazing nieces and nephew. They add that wonderful spice to life always making us love and laugh.

“I will give thee thanks in the great congregation:
I will praise thee among much people.”
Psalms 35:18