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One Day at a Time

Show me the staircase, that I have to climb, Lord,
for my sake, teach me to take, one day at a time.

Last Thursday evening, our family plus Nathan and Melanie, attended the funeral of another dear sister, Maggie. It was a Christ-honoring time of reflection on her sweet life. The next morning, we prepared to head for Salina, but not without some challenges.

We had the incredible privilege of being asked to provide the funeral service for our dear sister in Christ, Mrs. Laferre who had lived 95 years on this earth, and is now with her Lord Jesus. I had decided to rent a vehicle so we can be all together, since Uriah is getting some work done. I was told that no vans were available, but the car rental reserved a large SUV that would hold all 9 of us. Friday morning arrived, and as we got ready, they called me to say they didn’t have the vehicle. The agent drove to the airport in an attempt to retrieve one that would work. The end result was a very nice seven seat vehicle with no luggage room for the children’s instruments. We almost drove two cars but I wanted us to be together for the six hours we would be driving roundtrip and so we were a little more “together” than we had planned on.


(Teri took this from the front of the vehicle.)

Throughout the funeral, Jesus Christ was shared, as that would have been Mrs. Laferre’s greatest desire and with the family’s consent, the plan of salvation was clearly presented. The children sang two of her favorite songs, One Day at a Time, and Just a Closer Walk with Thee, and one of her great-granddaughters also sang. It was a true bittersweet time.

In Christ Jesus,

Thank You sweet Jesus, for all that You’ve done
I placed my faith, in Your shed blood on Calvary’s tree
Your mercy was there, my sins You did bare
Sweet Jesus You taught, me to take
One day at a time.

(A verse written by someone in our family for the song, One Day At a Time.)