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More of Ellie

Our family has a soft spot for Golden Retrievers, and it’s no surprise everyone has been enjoying the new puppy. Ellie has settled in beautifully. She’s Miss Curiosity and positively full of energy and spunk. No matter how much you “puppy proof” things, Ellie’s bound to find something more interesting than her toys. She literally goes from one thing to the next. We all get a kick out of it!


Calia meets Ellie
Ellie discovered the apron strings right away!
Liddy LOVES Ellie!
Ruthanne does too, although she looks a little hesitant here.
Joseph and Ellie
GiGi and Ellie

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She is definitely a lap dog (at the moment anyway: she's going to get big!), and she melts me when she climbs into my lap!
She is definitely a lap dog (at the moment anyway: she’s going to get big!), and she melts me when she climbs into my lap!
Snuggle bug.
The girls held treats and told her to “come.” We’re starting to work on some basic things.

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“Because thou hast been my help,
therefore in the shadow of thy wings will I rejoice.
My soul followeth hard after thee:
thy right hand upholdeth me.”
Psalm 63:7-8

Meet Ellie, the English Cream Golden Retriever

Meet Ellie, my new little English Cream Golden Retriever.

Ellie and I
Ellie and I

So you might wonder the background as in: “Why did Sarah decide to get a dog?” At the end of the year, I began to seriously consider a dog. I researched options, prayed, and thought things through. We’ve loved golden retrievers, but I was specifically interested in the English Cream Golden Retriever. About three years ago, when we were in Indiana, we saw a beautiful English Cream Golden Retriever near our conference location. It was incredible!

So, I began the trek to find my dog, occasionally waffling between a regular Golden and an English Cream. You can do a Google Search on the difference, but the English Creams have European roots and are very light among several things. Selecting the name was difficult. I searched through so many options and finally settled on Ellie. The funny part is that’s one of the top 150 names on AKC’s site.

After many closed and then open doors, I found this little darling. Wow. She’s so sweet: cuddly, lively, and Miss Personality.


"Anybody want to play?"
“Anybody want to play?”

“A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast…”
Proverbs 12:10