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The First Palm Sunday – A Day of Praise

Palm Sunday. Step back in time with me. Imagine being in the crowd (“much people”, John 12:12) watching the triumphal entry. How awesome to have mingled in that group, shouting, “Hosanna!” to our King! Yes, imagine with me.

A dusty, crowded street, thronging with people. Precious cloaks thrown down on the dirt-packed road. But wait. Feel the excitement, the enthusiasm, the awe, the wonder. Palm branches waved back and forth, as people shouted, “Hosanna to the Son of David: Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord; Hosanna in the highest.” Little children jumped up and down, filled with the excitement that everyone else shared, “Hosanna!” they cried. The donkey plodded along, not appearing to be bothered by all the commotion, as he carefully carried the King. People strained to catch a glimpse of King Jesus.

As Jesus entered Jerusalem, “all the city was moved.” Imagine that. Imagine the excitement. This was King Jesus! Yet, the tide turned right after that, bringing about the most incredible Sacrifice, which brought us redemption. Let that wonder fill your heart this week.

Serving Jesus,


“On the next day much people that were come to the feast, when they heard that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem, Took branches of palm trees, and went forth to meet him, and cried, Hosanna: Blessed is the King of Israel that cometh in the name of the Lord.”
John 12:12-13