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Men of Vision – Creation Museum

On September 18th, we went to the Creation Museum in Cincinnati. A family invited us to go, graciously offering to provide tickets and lunch for all nine of us. In summary, it was a tremendous blessing and far beyond my wildest expectations.

I fully believe the account of creation as told in the Bible and anticipated that this would be more of an encouragement for the children. However, I was not prepared for what a blessing and encouragement it was for me and my faith. It began with being awed in the planetarium, and I was mightily blessed from there on.

The Lord Jesus Christ and God’s plan was woven throughout the presentation with what pieces of our past have been unearthed. Zoos and museums are filled with the lies of evolution. For the first time ever in an environment like this, I saw the truth of God’s Word presented in a quality way. We didn’t pay to go, but I can say that it would have been well worth saving up for. You can spend four or more hours there, and it will enhance your family’s faith.

The museum was a great blessing to me in another way. I believe our world is starved for men of God who are willing to follow the Lord even when something seems impossible. Obviously, many have come alongside of Mr. Ham in this endeavor, but I suspect it has been his vision. I pray God’s richest blessing on a man unafraid to proclaim the truth of Scripture and build something that will counter the lie of evolution. May we all be so bold and pursue the Lord’s direction for each of our lives.

For those families who are as conservative as we are, I have a few additional comments. The Planetarium was fantastic. We did not go to the Men in White or the Dragon video. We did go to the Second Adam video at the end. In this video, Jesus is clearly presented as the Perfect Sacrifice, but it was too graphic for us, and so we just closed our eyes for a little while.

In Christ Jesus,


Creation Science Museum Lobby

Maxwell Family in Museum Lobby

T-Rex Demonstrating After the Fall

Teri and I in front of the animatronics T-Rex

Noah, giving