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Joy and More Joy

Thursday, December 11th, arrived, a day that promised to be very joyful. After untold hours of music practice over the course of many weeks and six actual “pre-performance” concerts, the community concert day dawned. We were grateful for many answers to prayer. The weather was mild (no snow!), the lead singers were cold-free, set up went smoothly, and there was just enough room for everyone who came to the concert. Praise Jesus.

We set up and practiced in the afternoon. We’ve used this same location for all three years that we have had a community Christmas concert, and although they had construction blocking the main entrance doors, it still worked out great. A little after 6 pm, the first attendees arrived. What a joy it was to see so many we knew and some we didn’t know filter into the room. By the time it was 7, the room was crowded with many people, so Nathan and some others began to set up more chairs in the back. I love seeing my family work together.

You could feel the enthusiasm from the audience as my brothers and sisters opened with their upbeat rendition of Joy to the World. Interspersed between songs, we shared testimonies, and the little ones recited Scripture.

It was such a beautiful evening! We love to share Christmas joy, and talk about Jesus, His birth, and love for mankind.

It was hard to pick out just the right pictures for this post, so I erred a bit on more than less.





Dad, Mom, and I arrived a little early, and I grabbed their picture while we waited for friends to start arriving.DSC_6380DSC_6390DSC_6396DSC_6398

Christopher and Joshua played a little harmonica duet in the middle of a song.DSC_6403DSC_6413DSC_6425DSC_6417DSC_6421DSC_6443

DSC_6453DSC_6465DSC_6468Don’t you love Tina’s stuffed animal? Tina has such a cute personality.


Wide angle from the front row.




I was going to do a quick family picture for C&A, and Tina jumped in the shot. She was too cute to ask to not be in. I told you she has quite the personality: why miss out on a fun picture with your aunt and uncle? Then, the next collage happened. I wanted to get a picture of the almost-twin cousins, but getting two 2 year olds to stand next to each other after a long evening proved to be a little challenging, especially for Joshua. DSC_6646


He was all done at this point.

DSC_6657DSC_6661Drew was tuckered out too. So sweet.

A very special thanks to each in the group who put so much time and effort into the concert.


Jesse: Mr. Creativity, group leader, song arranger (we’re talking no sheet music), plays keyboard, sings


Joseph and Elissa: Joseph plays guitar, play mandolin on one song, sings lead/Elissa plays guitar, rhythm shaker, sings harmony


John: Banjo guy, all-around-lively-guy, offers moral support (as in keeps everyone laughing), sings


Anna: Plays fiddle, sings lead and harmony


Mary: Plays bass, sings lead and harmony


Me (Sarah): Photographer 😉

“But Mary kept all these things,
and pondered them in her heart.”
Luke 2:19

Round Two: Walk Through Bethlehem

Saturday night went very well. We had the blessing of the little girls joining the rest on stage for a song. They definitely were cute, but the best part, to me, was hearing them share a number of verses they’d memorized from Isaiah. I think young children have a gift of a great memory, and I loved watching them say it.

Tomorrow, they’ll be playing at a retirement home and a nursing home. Then, the big day (the Christmas concert) will be here. We’re excited to see what the Lord has in store!

We caroled Sunday night, so watch for an update with pictures later.


“Let us come before his presence
with thanksgiving, and make a joyful
noise unto him with psalms.”
Psalms 95:2

Walk Through Bethlehem, Friday Night

Our Christmas season has officially commenced with the first live performance last night at Walk Through Bethlehem. We began the evening by taking a tour. It was a perfect way to start out! God truly gave us a miracle with His Son Jesus!

I love stepping back in time and pondering the miraculous event. As I watched the Roman guards keep a close eye on us, it made me wonder what it would have been like to live under that regime. Our guide, Mordecai, was great too.

When we were done with the tour, we went back to the sanctuary. Since we had gone to the church mid-afternoon to set up, that was taken care of.

I loved hearing my brothers and sisters (and new sister-in-law!) play and sing. The creativity in the arrangements is really incredible; God has gifted them. I don’t say that just because I’m their sister either.

Here are some pictures from yesterday. We’re looking forward to another delightful evening.



“Oh that men would praise the LORD
for his goodness, 
and for his wonderful
works to the children of men.”

Psalms 107:8

Another Christmas Concert

Last Monday evening after the concert, a gentleman asked if we could do music at his dad’s nursing home. We talked about it, and we thought it a perfect idea! Dad made some phone calls and scheduled the concert for three thirty last Wednesday afternoon.

The facility is a combination nursing and rehab home, and when we arrived, it was buzzing with activity. I enjoyed seeing the elderly gather as they anticipated the music. The younger five did an awesome job sharing through music and testimonies. It was clear my brothers and sisters brought Christmas cheer to these folks’ holiday season.

I hope you had a very blessed Christmas. We did!

Serving Jesus,




“He hath filled the hungry with good things;
and the rich he hath sent empty away.”
Luke 1:53

Singing Joy: Our Christmas Concert

Monday, December 16th, brought a highly anticipated event: our community Christmas concert. The younger five in our family poured countless hours into practice over the last few weeks. Walk Through Bethlehem proved to be a great warm up for the real thing.

At two, we loaded all our equipment and other things we would need and headed for our local community center. The community center is Leavenworth’s former train depot, so as you walk in, there’s a men’s waiting room on one side and a ladies’ waiting room on the other. Both are beautiful rooms with wood floors and tall ceilings. We rented one of the rooms for our concert.

Time flew by with practice and setting up. Anna Marie, Melanie, and Anna had baked cookies so we could bless those attending with Christmas treats. Mary, with her creative flair, set up the refreshment tables.

By seven, the room was filled with friends and neighbors. Song after song gave Christmas joy and reflected Christ’s love. Interspersed between songs, we each gave a short testimony of something the Lord had laid on our hearts. Before Silent Night, Nathan, Melanie, Abigail, and Bethany recited Luke 2:1-16, each saying a verse until they had completed the first sixteen verses. Even Christina could say a few words on one verse.

Listening to my brothers and sisters sing filled my heart with joy. God is good, and may we each be faithful to follow Him in whatever way He leads us.

After the concert, people mingled to fellowship and enjoy Christmas cookies. We had a wonderful time talking with our friends.

Merry Christmas!

Serving Jesus,




“For he that is mighty hath done to me great things;
and holy is his name.
And his mercy is on them that fear him
from generation to generation.”
Luke 1:49-50

A Preview of the Christmas Concert

Merry Christmas!

Here’s a little peek into Monday’s set up and concert. I’ll share a full report along with pictures soon.

We hope all of you are enjoying this special season of celebrating Christ’s birth. God is so gracious!

More later.


It was 60 on Monday! Talk about amazing weather.





“Glory to God in the highest,
and on earth peace,
good will toward men.”
Luke 2:14