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Another Two Jewels in Jesus’ Crown

This past week, four of our dear friends from the nursing home, where we have our church, slipped into eternity. Three of them slipped away when we were gone this weekend. We are grateful that before the trip, Christopher, Sarah and Teri were able to sit with three of them, read Scripture, and pray for them. We know two were trusting in Jesus as their Savior, one we’re not sure of, and the other had rejected our Lord, although the gospel had been shared many times. Our prayer is that sometime on that person’s death bed, that as they heard yet again how to be saved, they repented and asked the Lord to be their Savior before it was too late.

Our family has been highly blessed by being asked to provide the funeral service for one. We will be driving three hours away for that service on Friday. We covet your prayers as we have been given permission to share the plan of salvation during the service. With death and eternity so fresh and on everyone’s minds there is no better time to share Jesus. May the Lord be glorified in all that is said and done.

In Christ Jesus,