Melanie and I are a good way through a nice Sunday. We don’t normally “do business” on Sundays however with this being Mother’s Day and my desire to make Sundays in general, and this one specifically, special, she had Mexican (her choice) carryout for lunch. I ordered from a new semi-fast, authentic place that “had the best fajitas in Kansas City” the order taker said (not quite). But, Melanie liked her tacos and thanked me for having them go light on the cilantro!

We’re reading a George Muller biography together. We’ve just gotten to the part where he’s saved and committed himself as a missionary. We’re desiring to learn about prayer through this and looking forward to being challenged by his life.

Its funny, the cleaning crew very carefully cleans the tv each day. We’ve laughed about how that’s one thing we’d never know if it were grimy or not. We’ve wondered how many other rooms here don’t have the constant noise and filth spewing forth – probably not very many. For us, that’s a result of our commitment to “come out and be ye separate.” Sadly, weekend nights are movie nights for most in the US- including Christians. I wonder if people driving by your house (or walking past your room as in our case :)) will see the flash and glow of a TV or the lack of all that that comes from a family spending quality time together in the Bible. What light/Light is shining in your home?



Another night has passed. The more time goes by the more we realize we don’t fit the “norm.” Water breaks, we get to the hospital and the hard contractions stop. So, we’re waiting, and waiting. Time is now measured in days as opposed to weeks. We’re grateful the dr’s are willing to monitor and let Melanie’s body, along with BabyMax, signal when its time for real labor.

It’s funny, we had just started to let ourselves make plans for more than a day or two out. We have each of our siblings over for a birthday dinner after their birthdays (sometimes months after due to schedules). My sister Sarah’s dinner was to be last night. That didn’t happen. The funny thing is that Melanie’s sister Anna’s dinner was to be the evening of our first hospitalization. Maybe we should quit planning these birthday dinners…

We read Psalm 27 and 34 last night. We love the word picture of the Angel of God encamping around those who fear Him. This is what we’re praying for BabyMax. Psalm 27 has the challenge to seek the face of our Lord, not on our own initiative but as a directive from Him. It concludes with “Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.”


BabyMax.12 Update

Melanie’s water broke early this morning but hard labor hasn’t followed. We are back at the hospital. Once again we have no idea when anything will happen, but for now things are relatively quiet. Dr’s are content to watch/wait. At this point Baby will probably come sooner rather than later but that’s all we know.

Thank you for your prayer support of BabyMax and Melanie. I remember picking up a book from a popular Christian author (I’ll leave the name out) at a book store 10+ years ago and flipping through it to see what it was about. One line stood out and stuck in my memory, something like “No, we can’t do that yet, the saints are not praying yet!” Driving in to the hospital this morning, that line was running through my head. It is a blessing to have prayer support!


BabyMax.11 – On the Way to The Hospital

We received a call from Melanie about 4:30 a.m. saying that her water had broken, and they were in the car headed to the hospital. She said her contractions had definately picked up. She is at 33 weeks so they are back at the hospital where Susannah Joy was born. She would have had to be 34 weeks to go to the hospital they were planning to deliver at. The good news is that they are familiar with the hospital and staff. The difficult part, in addition to it being so early for this baby to be born, is that this is the exact week in pregnancy that Susannah Joy was born. Thank you for your continued prayers. We will update as we have news.

In Christ Jesus, Steve and Teri

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