Gospel Tracts…

The Lord appears to be leading Nathan to have a booth at the County Fair again this year. Part of the preparations involves gospel tracts – lots of them. Nathan has asked if I would do some of the tract research and preparations. We would like to have a different tract each night as a primary tract, and feel variety will be even more important this year since we expect a number of visitors to the booth that would have also stopped by last year.

We have used some of the Living Waters tracts in the past and will use some of them again this year. We have appreciated the Living Waters tracts’ emphasis on the law and repentance, followed by the salvation message In addition, I was wondering if others have tracts that they have found to be effective that you could recommend to us? We are looking for two types. Some that would be for older youth and adults that contain a clear and strong gospel message (we try to avoid the “1-2-3, pray with me” types), along with some that would be appropriate to be given to young children with the balloons we’ll likely be making.

In Christ,

What’s Been Happening

Another week of house work has ended. Most of the plumbing is done. This week John worked a lot on the gas line. I was called over yesterday to get some pictures of his work (I’m including one below).


(Jesse caulking.)

This morning, Dad and John put up the shutters; what a finishing touch it added to the outside. You might think the house looks ready to move in, but looks can be deceiving. The guys will be starting on wiring.



Chester continues to stick around. She’s always happy to see the family, and regardless of whether she has clean feet (John experienced the aftermath of Chester having fallen into a puddle), she’s ready to climb up you to see where those sunflower seeds are. I took a few pictures of her this afternoon. She’s definitely growing!



As a side encouragement to hand out tracts, I was at Home Depot today with John, Anna, and Mary. We girls were looking around while John found what he needed. I saw a lady sitting on some lawn furniture, obviously waiting. So, I found two tracts and brought them to her. She took them, and then a minute or two later, I walked by and saw she was reading one!

Only for Jesus,

Upcoming Trips

We are looking forward to our next East Coast trip, which is about two months away. We still have two open evenings available, September 10th and October 2nd. For the October 2nd evening, we plan to be in Danville, Virginia the night before (October 1st), although we’re awaiting the facility confirmation right now. The weekend we had available, September 14-15th, is scheduled for Ottawa, Ontario (Canada).

For our January ’08 West Coast trip, Dad is working on scheduling in the conferences. We will be driving out to California via a southern route: Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. We’d love to do several conferences in California as well. We’re not yet sure which way we’ll return.

If you are interested in coordinating a conference, or your homeschool group might be, please contact us as soon as possible so that Dad can work on the schedule.

Joyfully His,

The Work Continues

Dad and several of the children worked on copper for the new house today. Anna was Dad’s helper – getting him anything that he needed along with cleaning pipes, etc. Joseph and John worked with the plumbing too. Jesse was an “odds and end” man. When I came over to take some pictures late this afternoon, Jesse graciously helped me up to the house with using two boards; we stood on one, and he put the next one out for us to get on. It has rained quite a bit the last few days, which makes a mud mess in the yard and “driveway”. While I was in the house, Jesse contrived another way, scrap pieces of wood going down the “driveway”.

Dad has such an incredible spirit as he preserves and works through challenges on the house. It’s amazing how each step takes longer than you really think it would. 🙂

Joyfully His,


Anna and Dad working together.


Anna cleaning a pipe.


Joseph working


The creative (and resourceful!) way Jesse designed to get down the “mud driveway.”

On to the Refrigerator

The girls and I figured out that it took us 8 woman hours to polish the cabinets. We completed them with our project time on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday – only working a half hour on Wednesday.

This morning we decided to tackle the refrigerator. It gets cleaned during our Christmas school break and during the summer except for taking care of occasional spills that happen in between. Mary started on the outside and then moved to the refrigerator door. Anna cleaned the freezer portion and finished up with the bottom of the refrigerator. I worked in the main part of the refrigerator. When one of us was washing a shelf or drawer in the sink, the other two would be working at the refrigerator. The whole task was accomplished in 45 minutes by the three of us – 2 woman hours and 15 minutes.

I used to feel a bit guilty if I asked the girls to help me with these kinds of projects. The Lord has shown me how beneficial this work is for the girls, and therefore caused me to see it as a blessing in their lives rather than a negative. They are learning to enjoy working. They are being prepared for a future role as a wife, mother, and homemaker. In addition, we have time together and a clean refrigerator that the family notices and comments on.

Trusting in Jesus,




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