Today in Steamboat Springs

Joseph, John and I spent about twelve hours with the installer today, while the rest of the family spent most of their day in the hotel room. They did take one trip out to see if they could find Jesse a cowboy hat. He’s been wanting one a long time, but the didn’t find one that fit.

The installer was a craftsman and takes great pride in his work. The negative, is things always take longer than desired. We will pack out of the room tomorrow morning and the family will wait on Uriah while we try and complete the work.

After they finish we drive six hundred miles to Twin Falls, Idaho, unless it gets too late and we are too tired after the bus work. Sunday we go on into Ontario, Idaho where we have a conference Tuesday night.

Our hearts are very much back with Nathan and Melanie. We know so many are praying and we are very grateful.

We received a very amusing email today from a family we will be seeing soon. They knew we were in Steamboat Springs today and decided to check the local webcam to see what the weather conditions are. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, below is the webcam photo that they saw this morning.


God bless.

In Christ Jesus,

Driving Through Winter Weather

We stopped for diesel outside of Denver, and the weather was beautiful: it felt like spring and in the 70’s. After we left Denver and started up into the mountains, the temperature dropped, and soon we hit light snow. We drove through light snow for awhile until suddenly the combination of snow/altitude created a whole different situation as the roads changed to snow/slush. Please pray as we go the last 60 miles to Steamboat Springs. We do have chains we can put on the bus if necessary. 🙂 Only for Jesus, Sarah for the rest winterweather.jpg

On the Road

We are now on the road, several days earlier than was the original plan. Dad decided last week that it would be good if we could leave today, instead of Sunday. We are going to stop in Steamboat Springs, CO for a little over a day to have some electrical things installed as an initial step as we work toward converting Uriah. It was a perfect stop on our way out to Idaho, so we’re grateful that the Lord opened up a way.

(We missed Nathan and Melanie today during our prayer time. They waved at us from their window.)

Thank you for your prayers for Nathan, Melanie, and Baby Max. Your prayers and notes are extremely encouraging to all of us. For those who are wondering, yes, Melanie is on bed rest. She has such a sweet spirit. Melanie had originally planned to ship our Titus2 web orders while we were gone, like she has done in the past, but obviously the bed rest made that not possible. With very short notice, Grandma willingly agreed to ship orders for us this next month. Thank you, Grandma, for your help. Grandad and Grandma will be spending many hours taking care of the ministry and house while we are away. We are blessed.

We’ve had a few changes on Uriah for this trip. First, Dad decided to bring a refrigerator, so we no longer have to refill a cooler and repack it every few days. We’re careful not to have the door open very long, since it can’t be plugged in all the time until we get the batteries and invertor installed in Steamboat Springs tomorrow. Anna and Jesse spent many hours pulling wires for temporary lights for the bus. It’ll be a blessing to have light in the evening.

Dad installed a speedometer with an odometer, but he didn’t have enough time to be able to get it calibrated correctly. No problem, though. We used the small GPS unit to figure out the speed, and here’s a picture of how the speedometer currently looks.


Dad is hoping he’ll be able to work on it at some point during the trip. Steamboat Springs is several hours past Denver in the mountains, so we would appreciate prayer for safety as we drive in tonight, and then that the work would go smoothly on Uriah tomorrow.

Serving Jesus,
Sarah for the rest


Uriah was mostly loaded last night, which was a blessing.

Baby Max.02

Thank you for every one’s prayers. Melanie was released from the hospital this afternoon. There has been no progression in labor and no internal changes. All this is an answer to prayer.

We’re amazed at how quickly life brings changes. Yesterday at 9:00 am we were enjoying the final moments of seeing our baby on what was to be the last ultra-sound of this pregnancy. At 9:05 the ultra-sound tech was telling us she was very concerned, a dr was coming in echoing those same sentiments, and a few moments later Melanie was being helped into a wheel-chair to be admitted to the hospital. This is of course a very simplified overview as there was alot of questions of the medical staff mixed with tears as we sought the Lord’s will with the new information/events. Our world so changed in 10 minutes. But, God is in control and wasn’t surprised by any of it. I kept thinking that I was crying out to Him who calmed the winds and waves, and that the winds and waves that were buffeting us still understood His voice and knew Who was in charge.

Specific prayer requests:

  • Baby Max (just the nickname, we have no idea on the gender) needs to stay put. Goal is 34 weeks, we’re at 26.
  • Dilation needs to not increase (we’re praying that it will decrease)
  • Contractions need to be minimal and not show up very often
  • We need to know when things do pick up when to go to the hospital. We have no desire to have a preemie delivered by paramedics. 🙂


  • That Melanie got to come home.
  • That we were able to seek counsel of a number of key health-care providers that affirmed that Melanie going home was not taking unnecessary risks.
  • That baby is very active and looked good on the ultra-sound

Nathan, Melanie, and Baby Max

Baby Maxwell Prayer Request

Quick prayer request…. A routine ultrasound found that Melanie is dialated. She has been admitted to the hospital for observation and possible pre-term labor treatment. We covet your prayers. She is 26 weeks along.

Friday marks the one year anniversary of Susannah’s birth, here at the same hospital. That makes things a little more emotionally challenging.

Nathan, Melanie and Baby

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