Talking with Nathan on the phone.




Monitoring baby!


Working on Scripture memory.


Mom keeping track of the number of flawless times of reviewing verses!


Sarah curled Melanie’s hair during a visit today.


Mom and Melanie.


Sarah and Melanie

Still waiting!

Rejoicing in Jesus,
All the Maxwells


Sometimes when God answers prayer He does it in a way that doesn’t look like an answer. In fact, it can be disconcerting and scary. But, that’s where trust comes in. In our case, an answer to prayer doesn’t make the future any more certain, doesn’t remove all concerns, but it does re-assure us that God is leading. I recently wrote in a friend’s graduation card, “May God make your way clear and your footing sure.” As I wrote it I realized it was also the prayer of my heart for us.

Melanie had an ultra-sound yesterday. They found that fluid levels were low but acceptable. They also discovered that Baby Max had changed positions. On Friday, he/she was head down. Now, Baby was shoulder presenting, head off to the side. To the medical profession (in the US), this means C-section. To me, this was great cause for concern, and I was ready to call for and participate in panic in the streets. When the sonographer (fancy word for lady doing the ultra-sound) left the room, Melanie helped me see that God had answered our prayer. There would be no pressure from Dr’s to induce. This is what happened, the Dr. came in, gravely said that things looked good except for Baby’s position – there would be no way to induce now and if something would happen, we were looking at a C-section. We were all surprised that Baby had shifted; I guess Baby Max didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to do that. 🙂

While this doesn’t make the future any more clear, in many respects creates more questions. But, it is God’s leading, we are confident of that. God completely removed the possibility of inducing from the agenda. It was something we didn’t want, but weren’t sure how long the Dr’s would be willing to let the pregnancy continue. What the future holds, I don’t know. But, it was comforting to us to see God’s leading. Yes, there are still major issues. Infections are a real, significant threat. Fluid loss also, baby’s new position would contribute to easier fluid loss than before. In addition, we now have the possibility of a C-section hanging over our heads. So, we really are still in uncertain times. But, we see God’s leading and are seeking to trust Him and be grateful for when His hand is evident.



Melanie enjoying a hand-made card from one of the Maxwell girls.melanie2.jpg

Mother’s Day Dessert, complete with patient bar-code from chart to identify it as personal so no-one else grabbed it from the freezer.


It’s a little strange to continue putting up posts that say “Still waiting…” and yet that’s what we’re doing. We continue to be blessed by those leaving comments. Thank you for taking the time to encourage us. We also are so grateful for the prayer support. As far as anyone call tell, Baby Max (as a reminder, just a generic nickname) is healthy and happy. We appreciate the willingness of the Dr’s to allow the pregnancy to continue. Melanie and I are firm believers in letting things work naturally, unless there is a compelling reason to intervene. At this point, that reason hasn’t presented itself.

Here are a few specific requests:

There is a greater risk of Baby getting an infection as the pregnancy continues with the membranes not intact. There would most likely be signs of an infection if one set in, which would then necessitate delivery. We’re praying for protection for Melanie and Baby from infection.

Fluid levels are being closely watched around Baby Max. If these drop to low, delivery would be needed.
And the regular ones:

Protection/strength for Baby, as well as avoidance of NICU (Neo-Natal ICU) after birth.

Protection and endurance for Melanie during labor and delivery. She’s weakened by 7+ weeks of bedrest.

So far, neither of the top two have been issues. However, things can change. We’re desiring God’s will above everything, even above figuring out what a “smart decision” would look like. A Christian fully trusting in their Lord is a Christian at rest. God is providing many opportunities for Melanie and I to learn to rest and trust.

I’ll close with one cute story… the hospital beds have tons of buttons to do all kinds of things. I was in the process of seeing if the bed would get any lower (very legit reason, I like to sit in the chair next to the bed and put my feet up on the foot of the bed and then read out loud :), and got a bit carried away with the buttons. I had the upper section of the bed at about a 45 degree angle, and the lower portion pointing down, at a little bit less of an angle. Melanie was feeling like she might slide out of the bed, right onto the floor and was starting to suggest I fix the bed. Right then, a nurse walked in. It was about all Melanie could do to lay in the bed and try to look natural while the nurse took her vitals and did whatever else she came in for, all the while Melanie was trying not to a) fall out, b) laugh. As soon as the nurse walked out we both burst out laughing as I quickly pressed the buttons to correct the position. Why not do it with the nurse in the room? Who wants to look like they were playing with the bed?


Who Has the Memory Loss Plus a Blessing

Each week when we arrive for church and when we leave, I wave at a gentleman in our nursing-home church from outside the building through the window of his room. He is always there waiting for me to wave at him. Sunday, his wife told me that after we had left church last week for home, this elderly man with Alzheimers, told his wife I had forgotten to wave goodbye to him. Hmmm. Now who has the problem with memory?


God is so good. After we arrived home, I wanted to get Uriah in for some more maintenance because I’m trying to get him up to the level he needs to be. He was having major cooling system work done and required a new radiator, water pump, and miscellaneous things. After the work was completed I was told how much it cost, which I felt was very reasonable. Still I asked if there had been any adjustment on the price and he laughed. He said, “Well, I’ll tell you. He cut the price by over half.” That was a considerable amount of money, and they did that on their own. Well actually, there is no doubt in my mind the Lord Jesus was the One Who was working in their hearts. The girls quickly baked some fresh cookies, wrapped each one in plastic wrap, and we put them in a basket with million dollar bill tracts so that we had a nice thank you for the workers when we picked up Uriah. Isn’t God good?


In Christ Jesus, Steve


Melanie and I are a good way through a nice Sunday. We don’t normally “do business” on Sundays however with this being Mother’s Day and my desire to make Sundays in general, and this one specifically, special, she had Mexican (her choice) carryout for lunch. I ordered from a new semi-fast, authentic place that “had the best fajitas in Kansas City” the order taker said (not quite). But, Melanie liked her tacos and thanked me for having them go light on the cilantro!

We’re reading a George Muller biography together. We’ve just gotten to the part where he’s saved and committed himself as a missionary. We’re desiring to learn about prayer through this and looking forward to being challenged by his life.

Its funny, the cleaning crew very carefully cleans the tv each day. We’ve laughed about how that’s one thing we’d never know if it were grimy or not. We’ve wondered how many other rooms here don’t have the constant noise and filth spewing forth – probably not very many. For us, that’s a result of our commitment to “come out and be ye separate.” Sadly, weekend nights are movie nights for most in the US- including Christians. I wonder if people driving by your house (or walking past your room as in our case :)) will see the flash and glow of a TV or the lack of all that that comes from a family spending quality time together in the Bible. What light/Light is shining in your home?


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