Conferences Report and On To Canada

Our evening conference in Bend, Oregon, was a good one. The attendance was higher than we expected, and the hearts were receptive. In Sarah’s girls’ and young ladies session, she said she had one of the most attentive groups yet. Some were even taking notes.

We were delighted to have a clear day to enjoy the beautiful drive from Redmond, Oregon, to McMinnville through the mountains. There was over a hundred and twenty inches of snow on the ground at the pass.



The conference in McMinnville was another one that exceeded our expectations concerning the number who came and open hearts to our message. The church provided us with dinner before the conference. We were happily surprised when the brother of friends of ours – retired school teachers – from Leavenworth, drove forty-five minutes to say hello.


With great joy, Steve was able to say in the Keeping Our Children’s Hearts session that the conservative church that was sponsoring the conference and in which it was being held, had no youth group. Seldom do we speak in a church with no youth group, and many families are looking for a church like that.

Today we move into Canada for weekend conferences the next two weekends. We are praying for a smooth border crossing both ways. Because of the books and materials we bring with us, there is a great amount of detailed paperwork that needs to be accurately completed.

Trusting in Jesus,

Still in Oregon

(We weren’t able to post this yesterday, the 31st. We’ll be updating on our Bend conference later.)  

We moved to The Dalles, Oregon, on Friday for the weekend conference. We seem to be taking winter weather with us as we travel. The beautiful views were obscured by low-hanging clouds, but as we neared The Dalles, we could catch glimpses of the Columbia River and the hills surrounding it.

Despite light snow on Friday evening, there was a good-sized group in attendance. We felt the reception to the conference was positive. Many shared with us the challenge the Lord was giving to them and their renewed vision of seeking His direction for their family – as a family.

After the conference, we loaded up, ate dinner, and drove to Redmond, Oregon, where we will stay until Tuesday morning after the Bend, Oregon, conference. It was a challenging drive because of how tired Steve was, many hairpin turns, and most of the trip being up and down hill. In the van that wouldn’t have been so difficult, but with the bus Steve has to be cautious not to overheat the brakes so the downhill miles are slow and tedious.

Our Bend, Oregon, host family graciously invited us to stay in their grandparents’ mobile home, which is next to their house, because the grandparents chose to visit other family members – just so we can stay there. We are very grateful for the housing, food, and fellowship provided our family while we are in Redmond.

We are praying for our evening conference tonight and the one tomorrow. We always look forward to meeting any of you who are able to join us for a conference. Please be sure to introduce yourself to us.

Trusting in Jesus,





Little girl getting a drink of water.


Tight turns going from The Dalles to Bend.

Another Trip Update

The conference in Ontario, Oregon went well Tuesday night. Whereas, it is often a bit difficult getting back into the conference setup routine, this one was very smooth. The Lord orchestrated circumstances so that we are able to remain with the family who has been hosting our family earlier this week until Friday. This will allow Steve to accomplish some bus work. It is also easier on our family when get a break from the frequent moving that is characteristic of our road trips. We are enjoying the fellowship, activities, views, and hospitality of our country stay. Grandma is doing a great job of shipping, and Melanie is staying down while her family comes in during the day to stay with her when Nathan is at work.

Trusting in Jesus,


Joseph doing a repair project.


The boys helped a fence project.


Mary — feeding an animal cracker to an animal :-).


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Baby Max.03

Just a quick BabyMax update. Melanie is being a great sport with her bedrest. Her family is over daily to keep her company and assist with household tasks. We miss my family but are grateful hers is close. The Lord is also faithfully providing help for our nursing home services, this is a huge blessing.

Melanie still has contractions off and on. We’ve had some moments of concern where we’ve wondered if a trip to the hospital was in our immediate future. Ultimately, only God knows when this child will come. We are grateful for each day that passes and praying that baby stays put for … a week, five weeks, 13 weeks.

Thank you all for your prayer support. It is very comforting to know that this child’s well-being is constantly before our Father’s throne.

Nathan, Melanie and Baby Max
Psalm 77

Now in Idaho

Saturday, we didn’t make it out of Steamboat Springs until around 3:30 p.m. Thankfully the work got finished, and we now have power on the bus, which means a refrigerator that works and lights.

We are staying with a family in the country until Wednesday morning, and we’re looking forward to the conference in Ontario, Oregon (about an hour outside of Boise, ID) tomorrow evening.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for Nathan, Melanie, and Baby Max. We are extremely grateful for your prayers and encouragement. We know people are also remembering Nathan and Melanie in prayer, because it was this time last year, that little Susannah went to be with Jesus. Nathan and Melanie are blessed by your prayers for them. We’ll keep you updated about Baby Max, but right now, he/she’s staying put, for which we’re grateful.

Joyfully His,
Sarah for the rest of the family


Dad working on some wiring Saturday.

Christopher working

Christopher doing some clean up.


Dad with the two workers that installed the system.


Joseph working on building a shelf around the batteries.


A windmill up close! We haven’t seen the windmills this close to the road, so these windmills must be new since we last went through.


Mountains are a beautiful reminder of God’s Creation!

Today in Steamboat Springs

Joseph, John and I spent about twelve hours with the installer today, while the rest of the family spent most of their day in the hotel room. They did take one trip out to see if they could find Jesse a cowboy hat. He’s been wanting one a long time, but the didn’t find one that fit.

The installer was a craftsman and takes great pride in his work. The negative, is things always take longer than desired. We will pack out of the room tomorrow morning and the family will wait on Uriah while we try and complete the work.

After they finish we drive six hundred miles to Twin Falls, Idaho, unless it gets too late and we are too tired after the bus work. Sunday we go on into Ontario, Idaho where we have a conference Tuesday night.

Our hearts are very much back with Nathan and Melanie. We know so many are praying and we are very grateful.

We received a very amusing email today from a family we will be seeing soon. They knew we were in Steamboat Springs today and decided to check the local webcam to see what the weather conditions are. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, below is the webcam photo that they saw this morning.


God bless.

In Christ Jesus,

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