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Safely Home — Conference Report

We are home safely after our quick weekend trip to Jefferson City, Missouri. The drive went smoothly, and before going to the church, we dropped off our bags at a cabin someone graciously let us stay in. After getting to the driveway for the cabin, it was determined that Uriah wouldn’t make it over the cattle guards, and since the family had offered to “ferry” (aka – drive their vehicles down to the cabin) us and our luggage down to the cabin, we went for that option.

Set up went quite smoothly, especially since it’s been several months since our last conference. It dawned on me Friday night that we have 7 weekend conferences right in a row—I knew our trip was 5 weeks and 16 stops (including Jefferson City), but I didn’t realize that translated into 7 weekends 🙂 .

We had a delicious Mexican dinner provided for us before we started the conference Friday evening. Our music time went well—and we enjoyed sharing with those attending. Saturday went by quickly, and in between the sessions, we were each blessed by our conversations with other families. We found out that one family came all the way from Nebraska for the conference—they drove farther than we did!

Dad and Mom
Dad and Mom

Little ones always brighten the day. One young boy asked me how many miles we were going on this next trip, and I told him that it would be eight thousand (!!). A few minutes later, he was talking to John, and this four-year-old informed him that we would be going a quarter of the way across the world 🙂 .

The little girl had showed Dad some pictures she had drawn. Dad was encouraging her to keep practicing, and he showed her the drawings from the Schools book.
The little girl had showed Dad some pictures she had drawn. Dad was encouraging her to keep practicing, and he showed her the drawings from the Schools book.

Mom talking with a lady after a session.
Mom talking with a lady after a session.

We were grateful for the “loading out” help two families gave us, and we were on the road around 5 p.m., with a break outside of Columbia for dinner. It’s hard to believe Friday starts the beginning of the five week trip—we’re all excited and looking forward to what the Lord will do in these next weeks.

This is the newly added text on the back of Uriah!
This is the newly added text on the back of Uriah!

We would appreciate prayer as we prepare for the big trip! More pictures coming on that this week!

The instruments were carried in Saturday evening, and here is a portion of them!
The instruments were carried in Saturday evening, and here is a portion of them!

Only for Jesus,
Sarah for the rest

House Work in Pictures

We wanted to post an update on the house work. Mom’s last post was about the tiling. After the tile was laid and then grouted, we had to scrape the extra grout up.

It was a hot Saturday 🙂 (and the air conditioners hadn’t been installed yet).

We rented a floor buffer, and the boys took turns running it.

Dad has started the final coat of paint.

The same afternoon I was taking this picture, I wondered where John was. Dad told me to go to the window and look out, and I’d find him, and when I did, there he was, working on building a small retaining wall.

John working on a project

A big project this week was tiling the backsplash along the kitchen cabinets.

Hmmm... (Anyone notice where his pencil is?)
Hmmm... (Anyone notice where his pencil is?)
Working on that backsplash!
Working on that backsplash!

This morning, Mom and I worked on cleaning the windows in preparation for Dad painting them (and, by the way, Mom, Happy Birthday, only a few hours early (her birthday is Sunday)).

Mom cleaning a window
Mom cleaning a window
Sarah working on a window
Working on cleaning windows!

The girls organized two sets of rolling shelves in the basement.

My Sisters - Anna and Mary
My Sisters - Anna and Mary

And for a few miscellaneous photos…

Honey sometimes gets thirsty at the new house.

Jesse cleaning off paint brushes
Jesse cleaning off paint brushes
Joseph working with the backsplash in the bathroom
Joseph working with the backsplash in the bathroom

Thanks to Anna for picking out all the pictures 🙂 .

Joyfully His,

Baby Max, Deck, and Storms

We praise the Lord for another week that Baby Max has not come. We are extremely grateful for the prayers: truly, our Heavenly Father is so gracious.

Joseph and John have been working hard to build the deck for the new house while the weather is cool. There definitely were some challenges they faced, but they persevered, and after a week and a half, the deck is in the final stages. The building inspector came out, and he was quite complimentary of their work.

As some may have heard, severe storms affected the Midwest Thursday evening. Around 1:45 a.m. Friday morning, we were awakened by and watched the violent downpour, ferocious wind, and constant lightning. We were surprised that the tornado sirens didn’t go off, since there were several tornados in north Kansas City.

May each of us look to our Lord Jesus this coming week and be filled with His joy. “Now the Lord of peace himself give you peace always by all means. The Lord be with you all” (2 Thessalonians 3:16).

Only for Jesus,
Sarah for the rest




A Grateful Heart

“Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name” (Psalms 100:4).

Am I grateful for each precious minute the Lord gives me to be with my family member? I don’t know how long the Lord will give me with my family. Our little Susannah Joy was only with us for three short days in March. I think back to Melanie’s pregnancy, and how if we had known what was going to happen, it would have been very difficult to bear. Yet, we didn’t know ahead of time, and the Lord’s grace was sufficient and was given when we needed it. Our hearts are overflowing over the Lord’s gift of baby #2. We all have been extremely touched to read the many comments after Nathan’s blog post. We are ecstatic over the incredible blessing of this new little one.

We’re thankful for the nursing home church we have. Those precious people love us (not to mention how much we love them!) and pray for us when we’re gone on the road. Their delight when we arrive safely back is very evident. Sunday morning church is the highlight of some of the residents’ week. What a joy it is to be able to fellowship with these dear saints.

Part of Thanksgiving Day we spent joyfully working on the house together. The guys were finishing up some of the final small areas to sheetrock, while Dad and Jesse working on mudding, and Mom and I worked on clean up. We are thankful the Lord provided for the house and the ability for the Titus2 ministry to have more room.

As we enter into this Christmas season, my desire is that my focus would be on my Savior, the Redeemer of the World.

Only for Jesus,


Mary, a wonderful helper :-)!


Mom has diligently helped carry sheetrock scraps out from the different rooms to the garage. We’ll be taking the scraps to the dump!




The great mudding pair!


I’ve helped also with cleanup and carrying sheetrock scraps.

Life Right Now

I’m sorry it’s been a little while since we’ve posted; if you wonder what we’re up to, days can be summarized pretty quickly: new house work, school work, and normal work :-).

We weren’t going to do anymore concrete driveway pictures, as we had already posted quite a few, but yesterday’s was too good to pass up.

Kansas Version of Surfing – John is balancing on a “bull float” as he is being pushed out over quickly hardening cement. The weight of the float alone was not sufficient to smooth the cement out so some extra weight was needed. John never shys away from challenge.



Dad with one of the cement truck drivers, Brian.

Partial Driveway Pour

The guys have been working to prepare the driveway for the cement pours. Autumn is quickly falling upon our town, and it’s important the concrete is done before it gets too cold. Plus, we can’t move into the house unless we have a driveway!




Anna captured this one: we’re not sure exactly what the boys were doing, except Anna saw Joseph hand John first a tape measure, and then a pencil.


Washin’ off those cement boots!


Hmmm. What are they doing in the picture above? Here’s the dilemma – a screeding rebar “pin” was sticking up, and it needed to be pounded down. The first idea for getting it pounded in: stretch a ladder across the entire driveway and send Jesse out with a hammer. Alas, the ladder wasn’t long enough to stretch all the way across.

The next idea was to use the same ladder and have it free-hanging over the middle, anchored and heavily weighted on one side. Unfortunately, it was 14 feet out to the middle. It took quite a bit of work to get the ladder in position and weighted down. Pulling off his boots, Jesse made ready for the job. He carefully crept out toward the end of the ladder. Dad told him to first touch the area where the pin was (to feel exactly where it was), and then he could pound it down with a hammer.






Congratulations, Jesse! You did it!


Two of the guys that were sitting on the end of the ladder.


Joseph and John made a great “finishing” cement team. They worked on grooving the cement, and even did a “broom” finish.


Jesse had all the come alongs lined up so that he could clean them off.


John, yesterday afternoon, as he took a small break from moving gravel.


Joyfully His,