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ITonRamp to Close Scheduled Courses

When I write a blog post, it tends to be on baby news or updates. I wish I had some of that news to share, but at the moment we don’t! Hopefully soon. Congratulations to Joseph and Elissa on their Calia.

Instead, I’m sharing some other news, on the subject of We launched ITonRamp in May of 2011, with the goal of equipping others with technical skills. That has been successful. Young people and parents alike have taken many courses and learned a lot. However, ITonRamp has not met our growth goals, so we’ve felt led to close the scheduled courses side. As we evaluate our business model, we may offer videos of the courses, but we’re not sure.

I am grateful for my family’s support, both in leading classes and behind the scenes help. Sarah, in particular, has been amazing at holding the organization together, keeping us on schedule, and ensuring that all the pieces needed for each course were in place.

We’ve found if a business doesn’t meet your goals, it’s time to move on. Thus, I’m renewing my focus on my IT work.

We have put one more Computer Essentials on the schedule in case anyone was waiting to take it. It will be November 10th-December 8th. Also, I know there are some out there who have considered going through A+. We are praying about making the videos from the last A+ course available in an on-demand format for the next few months. If you are interested, please leave a comment, and we’ll be in touch.

Thank you to each person who has participated in classes. May God bless and grow your technical skills for His glory.

In Christ,


“Seek the LORD, and his strength:
seek his face evermore.”
Psalm 105:4

New ITonRamp Courses

We have some exciting new courses added to our lineup on

Power Browsing
July 21-28th

nathanpowerbrowsingThe Internet, just like an iPhone, is a powerful, yet potentially dangerous tool. Your web browser is what you use to access Internet resources. Do you know how to safely browse the net? Do you know how to leverage it to make browsing easier? Have you accidentally mis-typed an address and ended up where you wish you hadn’t?

In this 2-week course, which begins Tuesday, July 21st, Nathan teaches you through live webinars how to use the Internet safely and effectively. I firmly believe it is a “must” for every Christian family. You can sign up here.

Business Jump Start
September 30th-October 28th

businessjumpstartMany desire to have a home business, but in a dog-eat-dog-world, it can be difficult.  My dad, Steve, small business owner since 1997, has a wealth of practical experience. Although you know my dad through our Titus2 ministry, you probably didn’t know he worked in corporate America for many years before he began his own business. It’s been an incredible journey!

Business Jump Start is not just an online course. The weekly mentor contacts will be by Skype (video calls), and the homework projects will be tailored specifically to your business and needs. Due to how customized this course will be for your business, course sign ups will close at least one week before the start date. In addition, we may need to limit registrations, so don’t delay in signing up!

“With the advice and instruction I received from Steve, I have been able to better understand the business world. My business has become more organized, efficient, and I make almost twice as much as I did before, as a result of his business experience.” Brandon

Mac OS X Support Essentials
Part 1, September 15-October 20th
Part 2, October 27th-December 8th

mac-os-supportNathan’s advanced A+ course has helped many young people and parents learn Windows computers and how to repair them, and some have gone on to begin a career in the IT industry because of it. Now, Nathan’s excited to offer a Mac equivalent, split into two courses.

It seems Apple’s computers are gaining market share by leaps and bounds, and supporting them is much different than a Windows computer. Whether you’re a casual user who wants to learn your Mac computer, or you’d like to become skilled to support Mac computers in your business, these new courses are sure to help. To view the comprehensive scope, or to sign up, visit these links: Part 1 and Part 2.’s Background

We’re continually gaining new readers on our blog. As a result, you may be scratching your head and asking, “What is, and how does it have to do with the Maxwells?”

nathanmelaniefamilyIn 2011, Nathan, my oldest brother (now approaching 40!), launched ITonRamp, with the blessing and help of the entire family. IT stands for Information Technology and onRamp means we want to be your on ramp–your launching pad–to learning these crucial skills. Nathan started officially in the computer industry when he was 17, teaching computer courses at a local store. He quickly went on to working for corporations as an IT support person and then eventually became self-employed. With our Titus2 ministry, Nathan was aware of young people who were floundering, not having purpose and not knowing how to gain income-producing skills. As a result, Nathan began ITonRamp, with the goal of teaching these skills to young people. In addition, parents have also taken courses: moms desiring to become confident computer users and dads wishing to change their career.

Our next course date for our foundational, five-week Computer Essentials begins Tuesday, July 14th, so you can still sign up. This is a perfect course for a family to do together!


“So teach us to number our days,
that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”
Psalm 90:12

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Ready or Not?

Do you desire to set your son or daughter on a path of success? Do you want them to have a set of tangible, income-producing skills? Just as you can’t flip a switch to make a person mature, skills don’t happen by themselves.

When ITonRamp began in 2011, it was Nathan’s desire to equip young people with income-producing skills. He wanted them to be prepared for entering the workplace; he wanted them to be free of debt; and he wanted them to enter marriage without financial worries. Four years later, the vision is still strong.

DSC_2836Maybe you’ve been thinking about options for your young person this summer. The A+ is an industry-recognized credential for desktop technicians. Simply put, the 12-week A+ course will teach the ins and outs of computer hardware, repair, maintenance, the Windows operating system, software, networking, and security. A+ comes to life as students watch a live weekly webinar, study course materials, answer questions, and apply what they’ve learned through practical hands-on experience. We’ve not only had young men and young ladies take the course, but dads, wishing to change vocations!

Nathan is an incredible teacher and mentor, having worked in the field for 20 years. He has real-life experience.

We currently have one A+ scheduled this year, and the course begins in two weeks, June 2nd, and finishes in August.

Read thoughts from two A+ students.

What would you say to other young people considering A+?

That it will be tough, but it will be well worth it. If you are planning your career, this is where you will need to start. Patrick

If you are considering a career in IT, it is extremely important. It is one of the basic foundational, certifications that you can get. It’s also helpful just in a home environment. Gabriel

“This is the day which the LORD hath made;
we will rejoice and be glad in it.”
Psalm 118:24

ITonRamp’s HTML-Step One in Website Design and QuickBooks

joseph-elissa-4HTML-Step One in Website Design is starting next week, March 9th. Websites are here to stay, and whether you’d like to learn HTML for a business or a personal website, this is your starting point. Perhaps you dream of creating a site, but you don’t feel you are capable. You are.

It’s simply a matter of learning, and to do that you start with basic steps such as you will find in Joseph’s class.

Don’t delay in signing up, because we may hit our class size and need to close registrations early. Joseph’s follow up CSS-Step Two in Website Design Course starts April 13th.

Victoria, a past student, shared:

I joined the HTML class hardly knowing anything about building websites. I didn’t even know what HTML was. Step by step I learned not only what HTML was but how to use it. When the course was finished, I joined the CSS course as well. After completion I was able to make a website on my own. The material was easy to understand, and the webinars were the highlight of my week!

I’ll add that I’ve seen two websites Victoria created with her skills, and she did a wonderful job!

Christopher’s QuickBooks course begins March 16th. I believe learning a financial software is a valuable skill to have for any young person or parent. My first taste of QuickBooks was over 15 years ago when a local dentist needed us to input his checkbook ledger into QuickBooks. It was great experience for me, and then when Titus2 launched, I continued learning QuickBooks.

It's possible learning QuickBooks could help you work from home.
It’s possible learning QuickBooks could help you work from home.

Whether you have a business or desire to do freelance consulting, QuickBooks’ knowledge is important.

If you are looking at an ITonRamp course and aren’t sure if it would be beneficial for your situation, or you just have a question in general, we welcome your call. If we’re taking another call, please leave a message, and we’ll be sure to call you right back.

Recently, I spoke with a homeschool mom who wanted to discuss the QuickBooks course. Their family has two businesses, and they don’t use QuickBooks, but rather some form of a ledger. She was amazed to find out how simple yearly taxes can be with QuickBooks. That’s one small advantage of using QuickBooks. There are many more. If you have QuickBooks, go to this course link. If you need the software, use this course link.

Hannah, a past student, shared:

The QuickBooks course was super helpful! You learn so much when you have an instructor who can help you understand concepts and find errors, as opposed to leafing through a manual on your own. Having a scheduled class structure helps you get through the basics much quicker than if you were to teach yourself at your own pace and when you get the time. The practice company was wonderful for putting to use what you’re learning right away, before you forget it all. And I appreciated the atmosphere as well — notably lacking the worldly influences. All in all, it was a very enjoyable and practical class.

We at the Maxwell house believe in learning, and a broad skill set is important. I want to be prepared for however the Lord wants to use me, both now and in the future.


“He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful
also in much: and he that is unjust in the least
is unjust also in much.”
Luke 16:10

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iPhone Issentials

We’re excited to share with you about our newest ITonRamp course: iPhone Issentials! It begins this coming Tuesday, the 21st. For just $20, this two-week course will equip you to become a confident iPhone user. We’re doing things a bit differently with this course, no mentor calls or projects. You’ll watch a live webinar led by Nathan each week. Our goal is to offer a short course families can benefit from.

It seems you can’t go anywhere without seeing someone using an iPhone. They are powerful, yet potentially dangerous, tools. How do you attempt to protect your information while use a phone? iPhone Issentials covers key security features, parental controls, and helpful information.

If you’re anything like the typical iPhone user (insert: me), you know the basics, but not much beyond that. Coming from a security standpoint, you’ll be surprised to discover some key components that most people aren’t aware of. In addition, knowing how to harness parental controls is very important.

So, jump on board and learn with Nathan!


DSC_3275-2Drew thinks you should join his daddy’s course too. 😉

“Keep thy heart with all diligence;
for out of it are the issues of life.”
Proverbs 4:23


New Life for Old Chips

Summer offers opportunities to learn new skills. Perhaps your PC runs slow or is sluggish. It’s never a nice feeling to sit and wait on one’s computer. Nathan’s ITonRamp PC Reloading Course begins Tuesday, July 29th (changed the date due to Drew’s birth). Nathan is an expert, having reloaded many computers for clients in his career. This is an essential skill to have whether it be to service your own computer or if you’re looking for a side business.

Why not use your time wisely this summer and jump on board with the PC Reloading Course? Remember, you can enroll one person in your family, but the whole family can watch the webinars together and do the hands-on projects. 

Michael said: “The material is so practical and easy to understand…”

Doug shared: “The ebook was very easy to follow, and I thank God for your knowledge.”


“Apply thine heart unto instruction,
and thine ears to the words of knowledge.”
Proverbs 23:12