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Behind-the-scenes look at a photo session for Spring….

Today, a neighbor’s cat is acquired (with permission :-)), so our Golden Retriever, Honey, can tree it so we can photograph the scene for our artist to sketch an illustration for Spring with the Moodys….


Cat is encouraged to run up the tree. (As a side note, we put the cat near the tree and THEN let Honey out. Of course, the cat ran up the tree, as Honey excitedly ran toward the tree!)


Honey is encouraged to jump up and look at the cat. Hmmm… Cat climbed higher than we wanted! If you notice, the cat is way up in the fork of the tree.


John has to go get his ladder so that we can bring the cat out of the tree.


Heroic John to the rescue! He manages to coax the cat close enough so that he can reach her. Meanwhile, his sister is a little nervous as she watches.


Success! Cat is now in hand as he climbs down the ladder.


Okay, another try. We opted for a shorter tree this time. Honey had been put away and then brought back again as John put the cat on the tree and channeled it the direction he wanted :-).


This time the cat is much closer and Joseph can get a better picture.


Honey is put in the house, and the cat is again brought down. The hand-off from John (in the tree) to me occurs.


The cat is safely down!!

So, just a little adventure in capturing a picture for the next Moody book!!

Only for Jesus,

Baby Update

We wanted to provide you with an update on Baby Maxwell’s recent doctor’s visit – specifically his/her ultrasound and our consultation with the specialist.

First, and most importantly, we praise God that the possible cyst on the child’s brain stem is gone. The ultra-sound found nothing to indicate problems around the brain stem, skull, or brain area. This was both a huge blessing to us and an answer to prayer. Baby seemed happy with this news as (s)he was doing flips and a lot of moving during the ultrasound. 🙂

The challenging part of the visit is that they found another area of concern. It is related to the child’s stomach, duodenal atresia specifically. This condition causes material to not be able to flow through the digestive tract due to a blockage, whether partial or complete is unknown, in one of the GI tubes. Surgery will be needed very shortly after birth to resolve this. There are other possible complications and challenges. We are now officially a “high risk pregnancy.”

Obviously this was rather traumatic news for Melanie and I. Our elation at the child’s brain stem checking out quickly evaporated. However, we are continuing to seek peace in Jesus Christ and looking to Him for direction, guidance and most importantly healing.

We continue to covet your prayers for our child in particular, but Melanie and I as well.



Sunday night our family, including Nathan, Melanie, Grandad, and Grandma caroled at  thirty-three of our neighbors’ homes. Grandma started our Christmas-caroling tradition about seventeen years ago by planning a caroling evening to her Meals-on-Wheels, elderly friends. When she no longer was delivering Meals-on-Wheels, we moved the caroling to our neighborhood.

Along with caroling, we deliver a plate of cookies and candy to each home. This year, we worked on baking goodies to go on the caroling plates for two Saturdays. Then, Sunday afternoon, we compiled the plates. Dad buys brightly wrapped candy at SAMS to add a finishing touch to the plates. We also include a card that we design with a Scripture verse on it with the plate.

After we carol, we go next door to my grandparents, have our evening Bible time together, eat cookies, and drink hot chocolate. Caroling to our neighbors is one of the highlights of the Christmas season for our family!

Only for Jesus,

I didn’t take pictures of this year’s plates, but here are some pictures from last year’s plates.





Baby Update

Dear Friends,
You may remember that Melanie and I were going to have a ultrasound first part of December. We have elected to delay it until January. This will reduce the number of ultrasounds we have, which we feel is in the child’s best interest. We continue to covet your prayers.

Christmas Decorations

This was a recent blog comment. “In this same vein (Scripture against TV) would you post scriptures that helped you decide how to celebrate Christmas? I’ve read elsewhere that you have Christ centered decorations only and I’d love to see pictures of your choices. I’ve been trying to incorporate your ideas, but would love further guidance. Have you got your Christmas decorations up yet?”

I reread Teri’s Corner and would add a reference that she did not include that has had an impact on how we decorate. “Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them. For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not,” (Jeremiah 10:2-4).

So, here is the Corner link and a few pictures! Mom’s Corner on Christmas Decorating




The ceramic plaques with the names of Jesus were originally bought at a Christian book store. We no longer are able to find them.


I designed this cross one year.

The Joy of Working Together

Steve and I have a goal of helping our children learn to enjoy working. Therefore, we often use Saturdays for projects that can be done together. From the time the children are very young, and no help at all, Steve finds ways to include them in the project at hand. As a result, we now have a powerful work team such that Steve and my time for a project is multiplied many times over. The family goes to bed exhausted that night, but we sleep the sleep of a “team” that has expended themselves for what needs to be accomplished. We want the children to take this working mindset into their daily service for the Lord Jesus.

This Saturday’s project was beginning of the removal of diseased elm trees in our yard. Steve hired out the job of topping off some of the trees because of their proximity to the power lines. Then the team went to work cutting up and then cleaning up the felled trees.




Joseph and Christopher



John on the tractor


Mary was thrilled to drive the tractor!


John was next to Mary as she drove, helping her if she needed it.