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Pre-First Day of School

Tuesday night I greatly enjoyed putting out the children’s school surprises at their places at the table for them to discover when they awoke on our pre-first day of school the next day.

School Surprises
More School Surprises

During my one-on-one meeting with each of the school-age children on that pre-first day of school, we go over all they need to know and get set up for their new school year. In our new book, Managers of Their Schools, we go into much more detail about our pre-first day of school.

Anna and Mom's School Meeting
Jesse and Mom's School Meeting

As we begin our twenty fourth year of homeschooling, we are grateful that the Lord has allowed us to continue to homeschool our children. Four have graduated, and we have four more to go.

“And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up” (Deuteronomy 6:6-7).

Trusting in Jesus,

Behind the Scenes (ChorePacks)

Trip preparations are well under way (we’ll have to post more on that later!), and one thing we needed to do was snap ChorePacks. The ChorePacks are included with the Managers of Their Chores book, and we snap each strap onto the individual ChorePack. We like to snap the ChorePacks as a family, and we have a wonderful time talking. Friday night we had guests, and we realized this would be a perfect opportunity to snap ChorePacks while we talked with our guests.

Jesse, enjoying the conversation, as he lays another ChorePack down.


Our guests wanted to snap too. 🙂 John and Mr. L. had a grand time,
and together they accomplished many ChorePacks!


Dad and Mom are a great team!

Mrs. L and Anna – another great team!



Christopher is a “fast snapper”!

 Joseph is another great snapper!

 My job is to place the ChorePacks in copy paper boxes and layer them neatly.
When we compile the ChorePack Kits, the ChorePacks
will be easy to access. I also keep everyone supplied with materials. 🙂

A Moody Letter

Sarah received this precious letter from a little five-year-old girl saying that she wanted more books in the Moody Family series. We regularly receive these kinds of requests.

Sarah was planning to write the next Moody book over the summer, but we felt the Lord’s urgency for the Managers of Their Schools book. Therefore, Sarah’s time this summer was invested in extra household tasks to allow Teri more writing time. Although we use a professional proofreader for our books, Sarah also spent many hours proofreading and formatting the book.

The next Moody’s book has been in the planning stages for quite some time with the outline completed. Now with the Schools book completed and after our trip preparations are complete, Sarah will be prepared to move into the writing phase.

Thank you, Kimia, for your note and your encouragement.

House Work in Pictures

We wanted to post an update on the house work. Mom’s last post was about the tiling. After the tile was laid and then grouted, we had to scrape the extra grout up.

It was a hot Saturday 🙂 (and the air conditioners hadn’t been installed yet).

We rented a floor buffer, and the boys took turns running it.

Dad has started the final coat of paint.

The same afternoon I was taking this picture, I wondered where John was. Dad told me to go to the window and look out, and I’d find him, and when I did, there he was, working on building a small retaining wall.

John working on a project

A big project this week was tiling the backsplash along the kitchen cabinets.

Hmmm... (Anyone notice where his pencil is?)
Hmmm... (Anyone notice where his pencil is?)
Working on that backsplash!
Working on that backsplash!

This morning, Mom and I worked on cleaning the windows in preparation for Dad painting them (and, by the way, Mom, Happy Birthday, only a few hours early (her birthday is Sunday)).

Mom cleaning a window
Mom cleaning a window
Sarah working on a window
Working on cleaning windows!

The girls organized two sets of rolling shelves in the basement.

My Sisters - Anna and Mary
My Sisters - Anna and Mary

And for a few miscellaneous photos…

Honey sometimes gets thirsty at the new house.

Jesse cleaning off paint brushes
Jesse cleaning off paint brushes
Joseph working with the backsplash in the bathroom
Joseph working with the backsplash in the bathroom

Thanks to Anna for picking out all the pictures 🙂 .

Joyfully His,

It’s Off!

August 1st was a day of special significance for several in our family, namely Dad, Mom, and me. It represented the deadline of a new resource project.

I remember well the evening back in May, when I was driving back from Home Depot with Dad. We were having a wonderful time of fellowship, and our conversation drifted to a topic that Dad and Mom felt that it was time to write about. Dad mentioned that he would like to have the book done this summer to take on our fall trip, and Mom’s school time would be freed up with summer arriving.

It didn’t seem possible to accomplish, but the next day, Dad called a family meeting without telling us what it was about. He had our curiosity aroused, but he did tell us it didn’t have to do with matrimony :-). That evening, he shared about the project the Lord had laid on his and Mom’s hearts, and asked if we children were in support and if we would be willing to pitch in and take care of Mom’s responsibilities so she could write. We all joyfully agreed, and so the project began, back in May.

The last few months have been quite busy because Dad and Mom have spent many, many hours working on the project. I became involved with it this month because I format the book and do a lot of proofreading. The last two weeks have been very intense as Mom and I have worked to wrap it up.

(Mom and I Thursday afternoon, with book copies in hand.)

Yesterday afternoon, with a happy and relieved heart, the book was sent to the printer—praise the Lord! I’ll give you a peek of a bit of text from the back cover :-).

Joyfully His,

Have you ever wanted to sit down with an experienced homeschooling couple and ask them every question you could think of about homeschooling? Managers of Their Schools: A Practical Guide to Homeschooling is the next best thing. With eight children and twenty-three years as a homeschooling family, the Maxwells share their answers to the questions they are frequently asked.

And the Tiling Goes On and On and On

We are still working on the tiling. The family has discovered that tiling is tiresome, uncomfortable, and difficult work that seems to never end, especially when the whole main floor is tile. We are almost finished laying tile, and it looks great, but it still has to be grouted and sealed. Everyone will be glad when this step of the house is completed.

Trusting in Jesus,


Countless buckets of “mud” have been mixed up.



Extra “mud” has to be cleaned off the tiles and in between each tile. Anna, Jesse, and Mary have done a wonderful job!