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Baby Max.02

Thank you for every one’s prayers. Melanie was released from the hospital this afternoon. There has been no progression in labor and no internal changes. All this is an answer to prayer.

We’re amazed at how quickly life brings changes. Yesterday at 9:00 am we were enjoying the final moments of seeing our baby on what was to be the last ultra-sound of this pregnancy. At 9:05 the ultra-sound tech was telling us she was very concerned, a dr was coming in echoing those same sentiments, and a few moments later Melanie was being helped into a wheel-chair to be admitted to the hospital. This is of course a very simplified overview as there was alot of questions of the medical staff mixed with tears as we sought the Lord’s will with the new information/events. Our world so changed in 10 minutes. But, God is in control and wasn’t surprised by any of it. I kept thinking that I was crying out to Him who calmed the winds and waves, and that the winds and waves that were buffeting us still understood His voice and knew Who was in charge.

Specific prayer requests:

  • Baby Max (just the nickname, we have no idea on the gender) needs to stay put. Goal is 34 weeks, we’re at 26.
  • Dilation needs to not increase (we’re praying that it will decrease)
  • Contractions need to be minimal and not show up very often
  • We need to know when things do pick up when to go to the hospital. We have no desire to have a preemie delivered by paramedics. 🙂


  • That Melanie got to come home.
  • That we were able to seek counsel of a number of key health-care providers that affirmed that Melanie going home was not taking unnecessary risks.
  • That baby is very active and looked good on the ultra-sound

Nathan, Melanie, and Baby Max

Baby Maxwell Prayer Request

Quick prayer request…. A routine ultrasound found that Melanie is dialated. She has been admitted to the hospital for observation and possible pre-term labor treatment. We covet your prayers. She is 26 weeks along.

Friday marks the one year anniversary of Susannah’s birth, here at the same hospital. That makes things a little more emotionally challenging.

Nathan, Melanie and Baby

One Day at a Time

Show me the staircase, that I have to climb, Lord,
for my sake, teach me to take, one day at a time.

Last Thursday evening, our family plus Nathan and Melanie, attended the funeral of another dear sister, Maggie. It was a Christ-honoring time of reflection on her sweet life. The next morning, we prepared to head for Salina, but not without some challenges.

We had the incredible privilege of being asked to provide the funeral service for our dear sister in Christ, Mrs. Laferre who had lived 95 years on this earth, and is now with her Lord Jesus. I had decided to rent a vehicle so we can be all together, since Uriah is getting some work done. I was told that no vans were available, but the car rental reserved a large SUV that would hold all 9 of us. Friday morning arrived, and as we got ready, they called me to say they didn’t have the vehicle. The agent drove to the airport in an attempt to retrieve one that would work. The end result was a very nice seven seat vehicle with no luggage room for the children’s instruments. We almost drove two cars but I wanted us to be together for the six hours we would be driving roundtrip and so we were a little more “together” than we had planned on.


(Teri took this from the front of the vehicle.)

Throughout the funeral, Jesus Christ was shared, as that would have been Mrs. Laferre’s greatest desire and with the family’s consent, the plan of salvation was clearly presented. The children sang two of her favorite songs, One Day at a Time, and Just a Closer Walk with Thee, and one of her great-granddaughters also sang. It was a true bittersweet time.

In Christ Jesus,

Thank You sweet Jesus, for all that You’ve done
I placed my faith, in Your shed blood on Calvary’s tree
Your mercy was there, my sins You did bare
Sweet Jesus You taught, me to take
One day at a time.

(A verse written by someone in our family for the song, One Day At a Time.)

Another Two Jewels in Jesus’ Crown

This past week, four of our dear friends from the nursing home, where we have our church, slipped into eternity. Three of them slipped away when we were gone this weekend. We are grateful that before the trip, Christopher, Sarah and Teri were able to sit with three of them, read Scripture, and pray for them. We know two were trusting in Jesus as their Savior, one we’re not sure of, and the other had rejected our Lord, although the gospel had been shared many times. Our prayer is that sometime on that person’s death bed, that as they heard yet again how to be saved, they repented and asked the Lord to be their Savior before it was too late.

Our family has been highly blessed by being asked to provide the funeral service for one. We will be driving three hours away for that service on Friday. We covet your prayers as we have been given permission to share the plan of salvation during the service. With death and eternity so fresh and on everyone’s minds there is no better time to share Jesus. May the Lord be glorified in all that is said and done.

In Christ Jesus,


This Past Week

We’ve continued to see the Lord’s faithfulness in our lives this past week. We are praying and preparing for the conference in Perryton, Texas next weekend. Nathan and Melanie are planning on going with us as well.

This week, we kept busy with normal life, school, and house projects. A big corner was turned: interior painting has begun! Joseph and John have been finishing up mudding. We still have much house work ahead of us, but it’s refreshing to see color on the walls.

May you have a blessed week.

Joyfully His,


Mary and Honey :-).


Anna painting.


Dad preparing to paint another room.


John mudding

Feb Baby Maxwell Update

I would be remiss if I didn’t begin by thanking so many of you for your faithful prayers on our behalf. Melanie and I have been encouraged and challenged by your faithfulness. Encouraged that we are so graciously remembered before our Father’s throne; challenged as we seek to be faithful in lifting up others we know of with needs.

The biggest news we have on Baby Maxwell’s progress is related to a recent Dr’s appointment. Due to the challenges with Susannah, we were encouraged to have a Level 2 ultra-sound at 18-20 weeks. This happened about a week ago. Let me digress briefly into some information on a Level 2 in case readers aren’t familiar with this. We had a number of Level 2 ultra-sounds (L2 US) with Susannah. An L2 US uses regular US equipment, but the technician spends more time measuring different aspects of the baby, looking at organs, and checking things on the child you didn’t know needed to be checked. A L2 US is also differentiated from a standard one in that a specialist, in our case, a peri-natalogist, reviews the scan pictures and will even operate the US machine himself/herself to check things. A L2 US, last pregnancy, is what found the stomach issue in Susannah. What is grieving to us, is that though they are looking at all things related to the baby, it would be safe to rename the L2 US a “Down Syndrome Screen” as many of the measurements and things they look for are then correlated to Downs markers. These markers are of uncertain accuracy – many children with them don’t have Downs and vice versa. I can only image how many children are matched up against Down’s markers, possibly followed with more testing, and then their lives taken ( We are committed to loving, raising, and caring for any child God gives us, being special to us regardless of whether others apply the same label.

We would have liked to avoid the entire scan. But not knowing whether this child would need special care later on, we felt it was in his/her best interest to have it done. That would allow us to arrange the care he/she needed ahead of time instead of being in reactionary mode. We were prepared to have all kinds of bad news given to us.

Back to the appointment, we praise the Lord that neither the US technician nor the doctor were able to find anything that concerned them regarding what they saw. Everything looked great they said. This was a huge relief to Melanie and I. We couldn’t believe that they found nothing of concern. This obviously doesn’t mean there will not be challenges later on, but it does allow us to stay out of the “high-risk” category and select our doctor/hospital – something we’re now praying about.

The other big news is that Melanie is feeling baby move.

Thank you for your continued prayers for us as we journey through this pregnancy. We’re excited to be approaching the half-way point.