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The Conference

We’re traveling through the plains of Nebraska right now. We’ll be home by early this evening!

We are grateful for the opportunity to be at the CHOIS Idaho Conference this past weekend. After we arrived Friday morning at the church, the boys helped Dad and Mom set up in the sanctuary for their first session, while we girls worked on the set up of our book tables.

Throughout the day, Joseph, John, and Christopher made sure to take care of Dad and Mom by helping with their computer set ups, sound needs, and also sitting in on their sessions in case something was needed. When they weren’t helping, they were back at the book tables with us.

Although we didn’t do our Gospel Music Evening in Idaho, Dad decided we’d sing two hymns before the Keeping Our Children’s Hearts session Saturday morning. Since we brought our small trailer on this trip (which we became very grateful for due to the high winds on the first part), we didn’t have room to bring all of our instruments, just a few of the main ones (the rest of us were missing ours! :-)).

Saturday afternoon, Anna and Mary loved holding two little ones during a quiet time at our booth. We all love babies, and it was a treat to be able to be with these delightful little ones.

We packed out of the hotel Sunday morning and were on the road at a good time. Near lunchtime, as we drove through Utah, Joseph made a comment to Dad to the effect of, “Is Salt Lake City on the other side of those mountains?” as he pointed to the southwest. Dad replied were he thought Salt Lake actually was. It didn’t take more than a minute or two to realize we actually were rapidly approaching Salt Lake City, and we’d missed our shortcut that bypasses SLC! How could nine people miss our exit? Well, we did! So, we ended up going around downtown SLC, and going through a pretty valley up in the mountains that Mom loves, but we wouldn’t have normally seen going our normal route! Our “missed exit” mistake only cost us about 30 miles, and we did enjoy the scenery :-). The stretch between Cheyenne and SLC we love looking for antelope. A special delight this time of year was seeing little baby antelope!

Thank you to all who have been praying for us. We truly felt the Lord’s blessing on this trip.

Serving Jesus,






Dad and Mom giving Keeping Our Children’s Hearts Saturday morning.



Dad said that puppies are great, but babies are the best :-)! (After the conference, a girl was carrying around her puppy, and Dad was just going to look at the puppy, but she offered for Dad to hold her.)

Summer Blizzard, But We’re Here!

Hurrying out of the hotel this morning, we found the temperature was quite cold, and it was definitely windy. As we drove, the wind was quite stiff, with gusts over 60 mph. Probably about two hours down the road, we hit a blizzard. Yes, a blizzard in Wyoming in June! With the wind and snow, it made for very interesting road conditions. Dad did a wonderful job handling the van and trailer in the difficult situation. We are so grateful for the Lord’s protection! We’re looking forward to the conference this weekend. For now, we’ll be having family devotions and then off for a good night’s rest.

Only for Jesus,



This was taken at the beginning of the snow storm!

On our way to Wichita

We are on our way to the TPA conference in Wichita, Kansas. The boys loaded most of the trailer last night, and then this morning they packed our personal luggage and other miscellaneous things. A special treat this trip is the addition of Nathan and Melanie. They normally aren’t able to come, but since we’re so close to home, they were able to join us. Grandad and Grandma graciously offered to watch Honey, our golden retriever. Oh yes, for those who may still be thinking about little Chester, Grandad’s going to keep sunflower seeds in her food bowl on the tree.


Grandad and Grandma joined us for the special prayer time as everyone stood in a circle while Grandad prayed. We’re looking forward to the conference this weekend, and our prayer is that the Lord Jesus Christ would be glorified in all that is spoken and received.


Maybe we’ll meet some of you all!





Pictures of Today

The house work is continuing to come along. Joseph has been diligently working on the plumbing, with Jesse as his helper. I took some pictures of them this afternoon.



There is definitely work for the “clean up” team.


Joseph was finished with his project in the ceiling, so he now was handing down his equipment to Jesse.


We’ve also begun preparing for the Kansas state conference next weekend in Wichita (TPA). Above, Anna’s helping out with putting covers in the albums.

For those who have followed little Chester, she’s still doing well–and very playful! This afternoon, John saw her venturing off, so I guess she’s becoming adventuresome.

Only for Jesus,


Chester’s Freedom!

This morning, several of the children brought our little anxious-to-be-released squirrel back to a tree behind our new house. Chester promptly scaled the tree and clung to it. At lunch, she was still up in the top of the tree.

Later in the afternoon, I went outside to take some pictures of our guys plumbing, and I decided to check on Chester. Dad told me where she had been, so I scanned the tree for her. Finally, I found her, and began talking to her. After about 5 or 10 minutes, she eventually came down the tree! I was delighted. I put her back in the cage, as I thought we might keep her in there a little while to help her adjust to a squirrel’s life in a tree. But, she was quite unhappy back in her cage.

She drank for a LONG time from her water bottle. Then John let her out of the cage, and she happily ate some cashews nuts. After a little while, Chester went back up the tree. She came down again—with some coaxing from Anna and me—and scrambled around on Anna. Yes, I’d say our squirrel is enjoying her freedom!

Only for Jesus,


Chester–hanging on the tree enjoying her nut!


This is my favorite picture! Isn’t she cute?!


Oh No Not Again!

Christopher and I walk together on most Wednesdays. This past Wednesday, we had walked a quarter of a mile or so, when we saw a little figure charging us from someone’s lawn. Suddenly, we realized a small “teenager-sized” squirrel was bearing down to intercept us. Never having had this happen before we quickened our pace to “out run” the little guy who was moving surprisingly fast.

What would possess a little fellow like this to try and catch two grown men? What would posses two grown men to make them feel they needed to “out run” a small harmless squirrel? Surely something so cute and sweet looking couldn’t have rabies. Could it? Why would it chase us? Not wanting to find out we quickened our pace.

Here we were walking as fast as I could up the sidewalk and this adorable little guy was now on the sidewalk running as fast as he could after us and gaining on us. It was a most amusing sight, and Christopher and I had the appropriate response. We both were laughing as we were striding along. Christopher was casting backwards glances and giving me reports every 5 seconds or so. “He’s gaining on us.” “He’s getting closer.” “He’s just behind your feet.” “Careful don’t step on him.”

Finally we had to stop so we wouldn’t step on him, and he promptly ran up Christopher’s leg and perched on his shoulder. Then like a cat seeking attention, he scrambled back and forth from one side to the other. Christopher felt at any minute one of his ears was going to be breakfast for this cute little guy who by now had worked up a pretty big appetite.

Being a little frustrated because our walk was now in question, we tried to figure out what to do with him. The squirrel let me grab him and set him over in the grass, and we made a break for it. Not to be out run and frankly not wanting to resort to running, we set out at a fast pace again. We were aware of the cars passing by on their way to work and could imagine those people telling their coworkers: “You should have seen what I saw on the way to work. There was this cute little squirrel chasing these two guys who were almost running down the street.” So there we went again, laughing as we tried to put some distance between us.

Our plan didn’t work. This time when he caught us, he climbed up me. With a fresh idea, I took him and put him in a nearby tree. Again we hurried off. Yes, he soon caught us once more and we had to stop so as not to step on him. We tried this several more times unsuccessfully until we were at the place where we normally crossed the street. Compassion ruled because we were concerned he would be hit by a car if he followed us across the street.

So we decided we would try taking him back to where we found him. Putting him on my shoulder, off we went. Would you think he would stay there? No of course not, as squirrels are not known for their intelligence. To try and bring to a close what has now become a long story, we phoned Joseph and Jesse who came and retrieved the squirrel so we could continue on our walk.

Now we have her home and in a cage. Obviously someone had found this squirrel as a baby and raised her with a great deal of human socialization. Perhaps they had put her out to become wild again, but she was still wanting people companionship and feeding. We will begin attempting to re-acclimate her to living in a tree this week after fattening her up a bit. The last squirrel we had raised and were able to successfully re-introduce to “tree-life.” I had thought one squirrel was enough, but it looks like we have one more for a short time. Having this squirrel “charge” her way into our life is especially funny considering Jesse and Joseph said earlier in the week how they missed the first squirrel and would love to have another one.