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One Hard and One Broken Heart

We are blessed by the conferences so far. We drove from Wilkes-Barre, PA, to Oneonta, NY, last night. God blessed the drive, but we were very tired when we arrived. These next two days will be the first opportunity to rest and catch up during the day because we don’t have to drive.

On the way here, we stopped for fuel, and I had a chance to speak with the 21-year-old young man who was the station attendant. I asked him if he knew where he was going to spend eternity, and he told me "hell." I asked him if that concerned him, and he said, "no."

I told him he couldn’t be serious because no one can tolerate that kind of pain. He said he could because pain is something you get used to.

I looked around for one of the lighters that they always sell at check-out counters and said, "That isn’t true. A person could not hold his finger over the lighter flame because of the pain, and that is nothing compared to the pain of hell."

In defiance, he grabbed a lighter, lit it, and put his finger over the flame for a second or maybe two. I admit I was a bit horrified inside as I watched this demonstration of such hardness. He then put the lighter back in its place and said, "See, I told you."

I pleaded with him, "Come on. Be honest. It hurt so badly that you had to quit." To my amazement, he insisted, "It didn’t hurt, but I didn’t want to make a mess on the counter." As he told me this, I noticed how he was pressing the side of his finger against the top of the counter with great pressure in an attempt to stop the pain.

I asked if he had ever read the Bible, and he said he had read it completely. It was time to go, and I asked would he be willing to pray and tell God that if God would reveal Himself to him, He would believe.

He told me he had done that, too, some time ago. He then demonstrated what he had done previously. He turned his face up toward the ceiling and in an angry, hateful voice shouted at God in a vile, cursing way. I shuddered to hear anyone "talk" that way to my God, the Savior of my soul, Who is the most Precious in all the world. To my amazement, he then confessed that within a minute or so of his response to God, the plaster on his ceiling fell in on him.

With a sad heart and pity, I concluded with, "But don’t you see the hardness of your heart and how God did reveal Himself to you? Don’t you have any fear of God?" After he said, "No way!" it was time to go and leave him to his end.

If God should prompt you, please pray for this young man that as his finger continues to hurt, he will think about hell and eternity. We would also be grateful for you prayers as we continue to speak to hearts.

One dad came up after the conference in Pittsburg and asked for suggestions on how to tell a seven-year-old son, who loved TV, that as of that night it was gone from their home. I shared when I had difficult things to share with my children I would repent before them and tell them how wrong I had been and asked them if they would forgive me. I also inquired about personal and family devotions. He then shared with a humble spirit, that from that night on, they would never have a problem having family devotions. Whewwww. That brother did so much to bless and encourage me that night.

These trips can be exhausting, but just one dad, with that kind of courage, fills and strengthens me. I praise God. Please pray for families to forsake the world and seek Jesus with their hearts and time.


Upcoming Trip Preparations

Driving back from an errand, Jesse and I saw a traffic stop. Jesse noticed the police officer was wearing a bullet-proof vest. That caused me to think that during trying times like this I’m especially thankful for my Savior, the Lord Jesus, Who is in control and is my Protector.

We are less than one week away from a month-long trip to the East Coast. Without fail prior to every speaking trip, it begins to seem like a war zone as problems come in like a flood. If something can go wrong, it will.

Instead of stewing over the difficulties, it is far better glorify the Cure. I don’t know how people go through life without the Lord Jesus. All of these challenges are nothing to the God of Creation. As long as we are busy about His business, it is His responsibility to provide the solutions. That is one good reason to be sure we are actually doing His directed work and not following our own paths. That is why Paul could say in Romans 5:3 that “…we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience.

I dont like the problems, but I see that they are wonderful opportunities to rest and trust in Jesus. They grow my patience as I look to my Lord for His direction. As I encounter them, my children get to see the real dad. Do I fret about the struggles, or do I flee to my Lord? If my responses are godly, my children get the benefit of seeing how Jesus responds to the cries of His children. There is no greater place to learn than in the family.

For a month beginning the 6th of September, we will be on the road. If the Lord brings us to mind, we would covet your prayers. First, please pray for the hearts of those we will be speaking to that God would be glorified in each family as they draw closer to Him. Next would be for our hearts that they are upright and clean before the Lord and that we obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Finally, for our health and protection along the way.

If you are near any of the cities, we would love to meet you. Also it looks like the Lord is putting together a speaking trip to the south Florida to Mississippi the first week of February 2007 and to the West Coast (in particular California) in April/May 2007. It would be a time to meet more of you then.
Don’t ever give up but do surrender to the Lord Jesus.

In Christ,

Remaining organized as we prepare for a trip is always a challenge. Our small front porch becomes smaller as it fills up with boxes. All of these have arrived in the past few days and need to be processed and prepared for the trip (most are supplies of some sort).

Boxes and boxes to be processed for the trip...

John has been working on preparing CD audio albums for the trip (and for Melanie to ship while we are away). He has already processed many but has a ways still to go… This is his work area.
Processing audio cd's.

September 2006 Dad’s Corner: Just a Family, Sir

We’ve been sending the September Corner’s over the past few hours. My Dad’s Corner is based upon some of the interactions we had at the County Fair outreach, and also brings up the issue of Youth Mission Trips.

If you would like to read the Corner, here is the September Dad’s Corner.

If you would like to receive the Corner’s each month via e-mail, click here to subscribe.

In Christ,

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