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Upcoming Trips

We are looking forward to our next East Coast trip, which is about two months away. We still have two open evenings available, September 10th and October 2nd. For the October 2nd evening, we plan to be in Danville, Virginia the night before (October 1st), although we’re awaiting the facility confirmation right now. The weekend we had available, September 14-15th, is scheduled for Ottawa, Ontario (Canada).

For our January ’08 West Coast trip, Dad is working on scheduling in the conferences. We will be driving out to California via a southern route: Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. We’d love to do several conferences in California as well. We’re not yet sure which way we’ll return.

If you are interested in coordinating a conference, or your homeschool group might be, please contact us as soon as possible so that Dad can work on the schedule.

Joyfully His,

The Work Continues

Dad and several of the children worked on copper for the new house today. Anna was Dad’s helper – getting him anything that he needed along with cleaning pipes, etc. Joseph and John worked with the plumbing too. Jesse was an “odds and end” man. When I came over to take some pictures late this afternoon, Jesse graciously helped me up to the house with using two boards; we stood on one, and he put the next one out for us to get on. It has rained quite a bit the last few days, which makes a mud mess in the yard and “driveway”. While I was in the house, Jesse contrived another way, scrap pieces of wood going down the “driveway”.

Dad has such an incredible spirit as he preserves and works through challenges on the house. It’s amazing how each step takes longer than you really think it would. 🙂

Joyfully His,


Anna and Dad working together.


Anna cleaning a pipe.


Joseph working


The creative (and resourceful!) way Jesse designed to get down the “mud driveway.”

The Conference

We’re traveling through the plains of Nebraska right now. We’ll be home by early this evening!

We are grateful for the opportunity to be at the CHOIS Idaho Conference this past weekend. After we arrived Friday morning at the church, the boys helped Dad and Mom set up in the sanctuary for their first session, while we girls worked on the set up of our book tables.

Throughout the day, Joseph, John, and Christopher made sure to take care of Dad and Mom by helping with their computer set ups, sound needs, and also sitting in on their sessions in case something was needed. When they weren’t helping, they were back at the book tables with us.

Although we didn’t do our Gospel Music Evening in Idaho, Dad decided we’d sing two hymns before the Keeping Our Children’s Hearts session Saturday morning. Since we brought our small trailer on this trip (which we became very grateful for due to the high winds on the first part), we didn’t have room to bring all of our instruments, just a few of the main ones (the rest of us were missing ours! :-)).

Saturday afternoon, Anna and Mary loved holding two little ones during a quiet time at our booth. We all love babies, and it was a treat to be able to be with these delightful little ones.

We packed out of the hotel Sunday morning and were on the road at a good time. Near lunchtime, as we drove through Utah, Joseph made a comment to Dad to the effect of, “Is Salt Lake City on the other side of those mountains?” as he pointed to the southwest. Dad replied were he thought Salt Lake actually was. It didn’t take more than a minute or two to realize we actually were rapidly approaching Salt Lake City, and we’d missed our shortcut that bypasses SLC! How could nine people miss our exit? Well, we did! So, we ended up going around downtown SLC, and going through a pretty valley up in the mountains that Mom loves, but we wouldn’t have normally seen going our normal route! Our “missed exit” mistake only cost us about 30 miles, and we did enjoy the scenery :-). The stretch between Cheyenne and SLC we love looking for antelope. A special delight this time of year was seeing little baby antelope!

Thank you to all who have been praying for us. We truly felt the Lord’s blessing on this trip.

Serving Jesus,






Dad and Mom giving Keeping Our Children’s Hearts Saturday morning.



Dad said that puppies are great, but babies are the best :-)! (After the conference, a girl was carrying around her puppy, and Dad was just going to look at the puppy, but she offered for Dad to hold her.)

Summer Blizzard, But We’re Here!

Hurrying out of the hotel this morning, we found the temperature was quite cold, and it was definitely windy. As we drove, the wind was quite stiff, with gusts over 60 mph. Probably about two hours down the road, we hit a blizzard. Yes, a blizzard in Wyoming in June! With the wind and snow, it made for very interesting road conditions. Dad did a wonderful job handling the van and trailer in the difficult situation. We are so grateful for the Lord’s protection! We’re looking forward to the conference this weekend. For now, we’ll be having family devotions and then off for a good night’s rest.

Only for Jesus,



This was taken at the beginning of the snow storm!

Across the Wind-Driven Plains

We left around 7 a.m. this morning, a little earlier than normal, as Dad decided we ought to get a start because of the weather conditions. It was expected to be very windy. As we drove across Nebraska, the 45 mph gusts were definitely buffeting the van and trailer. Early to mid-afternoon, though, the wind calmed down (to about 25 mph) –which was such a blessing. We’re spending the night in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and while Dad was pumping diesel, he was amazed at the gusts of wind! The wind is expected to be even stronger tomorrow morning (supposedly even up to 60 mph!), but after we get through Laramie, Wyoming, the wind should be calming down. Please pray for Dad as he drives and for protection. 

We are grateful for your prayers as we travel and prepare for the conference Friday and Saturday. We’ll be arriving in the Boise, Idaho, area tomorrow night, Lord willing!

Sarah for all the rest

Conference Report

This past weekend’s conference in Wichita was such a blessing! Thursday afternoon, we arrived in town. Several volunteers helped cart all of our things into the exhibit hall. After that, while the family worked on setting up the booths, Christopher and I were able to share for about an hour with the young people who were going to be doing the children’s program. That night, as our family sat around in a hotel room, someone mentioned the idea of a walk along the river and also to look at an old sailboat on display near the river. Dad decided we had time before we had our family devotions.


(Dad’s not in the picture as he took it :-).)

The conference went well Friday, and then Friday evening, we did our family music session. Our desire was that our music would allow families to see the potential of their family working together. We may post a MP3 recording of a song or two from the evening soon.


Mary playing the psaltery.


Jesse taking a turn at the bass.




Mom was sharing a testimony.





Thank you for your prayers for this conference. The Lord truly worked in the hearts of those attending. We will be leaving Wednesday morning for the Idaho convention. We are excited to be heading out West again.

Oh, a fun side note, after we had finished up lunch on Sunday afternoon, I looked out in the backyard, and noticed a squirrel in my grandparents’ tree. The squirrel seemed small, too small to be Chippy. I hurried outside and was delighted to see that this was really Chester! How did she get to Chippy’s tree (sorry Chippy)? I called for her, and she scrambled over, up the chain link fence, and onto me, happily squeaking and chattering. It was enough to melt your heart. I snapped a few pictures today as Anna fed her. I guess she’s enjoying her new spot, much closer to us. Chester’s original tree had been out near the new house, but somehow she’s decided to come closer to us. Her fur has now turned smooth and sleek, and she’s just a delightful little creature!




No doubt about it, she loves sunflower seeds!


Just to show how much Chester has changed, the above picture was taken three weeks ago.