OverDue Update

The Maxwell family is changing once again in big ways that will probably surprise you!

The Lord brought Anna and Mary to Bible college this year (at our pastor’s recommendation) to become better equipped for ministry. It’s an exciting season for them as they have this opportunity to learn an incredible amount about the Bible and important tools for ministry/missions – where they want to end up. We miss them, but we love what they’re gaining!

The Lord has led Sarah to move into her own home (just this past Saturday), wanting to experience life and ministry in that environment. She also feels it is time to let go of the blog and running the business portion of Titus2. She works full-time for her brothers’ businesses and has become very involved in the life and ministry at our church. 

That means after almost 45 years, we are empty nesters – quite a change for us! 

All five of us are looking forward to what God has in store in these new seasons of our lives.

That also means that after almost 2900 blog posts over 15 years, it looks like things are changing on the blog. If you follow our blog much, you will have noticed fewer blog posts. 

We aren’t sure what that means, but with all our kids now out of the home, with some of our marrieds preferring private life to a more public blog life, and with our lack of family-type, blog-worthy substance, it seems like the blog will change or maybe even come to an end.

We aren’t fully sure what that will look like, but right now we are thinking if we do any blog posts they will be articles without comments.

We owe much to Sarah’s huge investment in our family blog (and Titus2) for all these years—thinking of blog ideas, writing content, taking photos, and putting the posts together. Those random life posts often took her hours as she combed through her photos for just the right ones for the post. We are so grateful for all she did for the blog. 

We have loved you, our blog readers and commenters (30,000 comments), through these blog years, and have come to know many of you personally. So often you have encouraged our hearts both through the sweet times and the difficult ones. We will miss you as the blog changes from the interactive forum it has been, but we know this is God’s timing. 

We plan to continue selling our books through Titus2. com and writing monthly Mom’s Corners and weekly Seriously Dads. Those articles can be subscribed to here: https://articles.titus2.com/

We serve an awesome, unchanging God. Change is a part of life, but our God does not. 

“O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.” Psalm 34:8

Steve and Teri

75 thoughts on “OverDue Update”

  1. Those all sound like wonderful changes for your family. May the Lord bless Sarah, Mary, and Anna in their future endeavors. Please let Sarah know I have truly enjoyed her “life” photos and posts and will miss them. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. This is exciting news for Sarah, Mary and Anna. I pray the Lord’s blessings on them. I also pray for you both, Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell as you navigate life as empty nesters. Over the many years of blogging, you have opened your family’s lives to us and ministered to us. I have been a recipient of your ministry and have grown in my relationship with our Lord through you. You’ve been an example of Christ-like living in this world. I will miss your blog but I sense, and have seen lately, that God is moving and re-orienting many of us in new directions. God Bless you all and thank you so much.

  3. First, of all, thank you for your companionship, encouragement and excellent example that helped all the good advice and demonstrated what “right action” can look like. To see the good fruits of your lives, gives hope. To see children and families be love in action is priceless. I appreciate the sacrifice it has taken to share it all. Your work inhabits my efforts for which I am thankful to God above all. God bless the new paths the young women are taking. Your nest has served so many for so long. AND the next chapter…I hope to hear all about it!

  4. It is sad to see this chapter of your life coming to a close. Just wanted to say thank you for the encouragement your family blog posts have been through the years. We will definitely miss the family updates but pray God’s blessings on your family as you move forward.

  5. Wow, I will miss the family blog posts! I actually wondered if something was going on since Miss Sarah hasn’t posted much recently! This will be an exciting new chapter, I am sure, for you all. Prayers and God’s blessings to you all! I’ve enjoyed recently reading the blog archives and hope to continue doing so. Your family is such an encouragement!

  6. Oh my goodness, what a bittersweet announcement! These are certainly all very good things for Sarah, Mary & Anna, and I’m happy for them as they move into the next chapter of each of their lives. It truly is an exciting time for them as they go forward into whatever the Lord has in store for them. As a parent, my heart goes out to you as you move into this phase of becoming empty-nesters. It will be quite a change for you but the Lord is always faithful to see us through these inevitable times. You devoted yourselves to raising your children to love and serve the Lord, and it’s very evident in the way they have chosen to live their lives as adults. Although I’ve never had the privilege to meet you personally, I’ve truly enjoyed your blog since I happened to find it many years ago. It’s been a joy and a blessing to watch your family grow and change over the years. I admire each one of you so much and can honestly say that reading your blog has truly been an encouragement and inspiration in my walk with the Lord. Sarah has done such an amazing job with the blog all these years and I’m so grateful for you being willing to share your family life in the way that you have. Thank you so much for influencing so many lives in ways that you may not even be aware of. I pray for God’s continued blessing upon each one of you as His future plans for you continue to unfold.

    1. Wow! I will miss the blog! It’s one I always read. I’m glad to see how the Lord works in our lives and wish you all the best. I think it’s would be fun if you did a once a year update for those in your family who would want to share. I won’t feel like I lost touch.

  7. This is such a bittersweet announcement, I have enjoyed getting to know your family through these life updates and will miss them very much but yet how exciting for Sarah, Anna, and Mary, I will be praying for this new path they are on! Thank you Sarah for all the time spent on this blog and thank you to the entire Maxwell family for sharing your life, your family has been such a blessing through these little snippets of life. I am grateful that the moms corner and seriously dads are here to stay, those have been such a blessing to my husband and I!

  8. Such exciting news for Sarah, Anna and Mary. Thank you for sharing your blog with us over the years. I’ve been reading them 10 years or longer. We’ve attended two conferences even though we didn’t homeschool. Our children are now also grown. Many days your blogs have been used as my devotion. Thank you for sharing what the Lord has given
    you to share all these years. I will miss the blog but God’s timing is perfect.

  9. I have learned so much regarding homemaking, orderliness, and putting God’s Word first in my day from your ministry.
    There are roles in life and it differs with a young man vs a young woman, as do their paths. Thankfully, the USA has several God honoring Bible colleges. God is so good. You all are a wonderful family that the Lord Jesus has blessed many through. LOVE how you always defended the life of the unborn and depicted children as such precious gifts. You all have been so faithful.
    Love you all sincerely

  10. What wonderful news for each of the girls. I will miss the blog posts, but I understand. I wish you all many blessings.

  11. What wonderful changes in your family! I will be very, very sad not to read your blog anymore. It has been so nice to follow along with another family living like we do, but I certainly understand about privacy and life changes. Maybe once in a while you will update us?!

  12. Wow, what exciting news! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for over 10 years (and I’ve read a couple of your books). You’ve given me lots of encouragement and smiles along the way as I’ve started my own family. Thank you all, and special thanks to Sarah for all of the blog-management. I’m sending you all my very best wishes and prayers for peace as you navigate this transition!

  13. What a big announcement with all sorts of emotions. Thank you for all the time each of you and all of you have given in your ministry to encourage families, parents and children and home schoolers to make Godly choices in habits and conviction. May you enjoy your empty nest which I know will be full yet with children, spouses and grandchildren. I hope you’ll return to some sort of encouraging communication when the time is right to arrive at that decision. In the meantime heartfelt blessings and prayers for Sarah, Anna and Mary especially and to the both of you as you enjoy your time together in a different way and of course to your extended and expanded family.

  14. Wow, what a lot of exciting changes. This is definitely the moment for me to say a huge thank you for all the homeschool encouragement I got from your posts but most importantly for the Moody books, Sarah, which made such a difference to my children’s faiths. May you all be blessed on this next step of your journeys. With love.

  15. Wow! I hope you will do a few life updates a year at least! I pray all goes well for the girls! 🙂

  16. Changes can be fun, and hard, but they happen!

    I’m just wondering if Sarah will be continuing to write more books, even if at a slower rate, as she is working for her brothers?

    1. Thanks, Betsy! I may. I would like to do a third book in the Hill Top Adventures, but we’ll see. Depends on multiple factors.

  17. Big changes for your family! But it sounds like an exciting time for all of you!

    Your blog has been a blessing to me since I first began reading it! I hope you’ll continue it, even if posts are few and far between… but I understand if you don’t!

  18. I’m sad because of the blog but very excited for all of you! Way to go, ladies! I hope you keep being a blessing to everyone as you have been for all of us virtual followers of your blog. You have encouraged me in my walk with the Lord and I’m very thankful. I just hope you post eventual updates about how all of you have been doing!

    Blessings for all of you.

  19. Blesssing to all you all your blog a
    has been wonderful and encourging but total understanding life changes hope sarah cont writing children books .will cont order all books and look forward to all articles god bless you all

  20. Wow! Many changes happening at the same time. I experienced a little bit of that this past summer when two of our daughters and one son were serving on missions trips/other ministries away from home. Our two oldest daughters also are in Bible college now and they are gaining so much spiritually and in knowledge and truth. We are so excited to see the Lord using them while in college and how the Lord will use them in the days ahead. With 3 adult children and 4 still homeschooled, it is a new dynamic. Our fourth will graduate this coming spring and feels that God may be leading him to Bible college as well. I hope you will keep us posted on any big life events. We love your family dearly! God bless you all on this next chapter. – Shell

  21. I will miss the weekly blog posts. Thanks Sarah for your hard work throughout the years. It’s great the Mary and Anna are going to college to work as missionaries in the future. Maybe they should look at interning with Little Fish Ministries in South Africa or the Gem Foundation in Uganda. Maybe we could get updates on the family Quarterly or Annually. Praying for Anna Marie and Baby Maddy. All the best.

  22. Your blog has meant so much to us over the past 7+ years and we have come to know you personally. You have encouraged us in countless ways and given direction through your ministry that is not so easily found these days. I have felt your blog was like a lighthouse in a dark sea, guiding and pointing the way, shining the light of Jesus. We are in your debt. Thank you. Much love and prayers to you all!

  23. I’m so excited to learn of the changes Sarah, Anna, and Mary have made according to the Lord’s will for them! I know He will continue to use them in whatever setting they are in throughout their lives, as they are open to receiving His word and will. I will miss the blog though, and I hope that periodic updates will be given. God bless all of you!

  24. Thank you very much for all the blogs; they have been such an encouragement! It was a highlight to see your emails in the my inbox. I appreciated the updates, recipes and verses you shared; they are always uplifting. Praying the Lord richly blesses your ministry and family. Thank you!

  25. I have been following Titus 2 since at least 2004, maybe even earlier. You have guided me along the path of homeschooling our children, who are now 17, 19 & 21. We have benefited so much from all of your materials, particularly Manager of Their Homes, Managers of Their Schools, and the Moody series. I attended one of your conferences when you came here to NJ and enjoyed it very much. I thank each and every one of you for all of the many ways you have labored to encourage and guide the homeschool community.

    I stopped following blogs a long time ago, but yours is the one I still kept dear to my heart and continued to follow. I have come to love and admire your family so much, and though I am so very happy for the girls and their exciting new adventures, I am also feeling a bit sad. I will miss you all very much and wish you all the very best. May God continue to Bless you all abundantly.

  26. I’ve been following along on the blog since I first met your family in 2005 at a church conference. Watching your family grow has been a joy and encouragement over the past 16 (wow!) years. I am sad that we will miss the peeks into your life, but I am excited for the changes that are leading to this choice. I hope you will continue to share your annual family photo, if nothing else. Blessings to all.

  27. Nothing but love, peace, joy to all of you. So excited for this new chapter.

    I have followed your blog from the earliest moments and used Managers of the Home, as well as other Titus 2 resources, when I choose to homeschool my littles.

    My last child left for college this fall. As a parent, I have invested, loved, prayed for, wept over, and celebrated every moment of their childhoods with them, as I know you both have. I celebrate this new beginning for you all.

    Just think, all of our children are now developing their own Christian world views, learning to discern God’s call on their lives and practicing all they have learned from their Christian upbringing and making it their own. Thanks be to God for His mercy and faithfulness. What bright lights they will be to this world.

    I am blessed to have known you all virtually and I will miss “knowing” you and walking the journey back to the Father with you all.

    God is so good, so worthy, and all sufficient. I will pop in and read your articles and Corner posts eagerly, praying for all of you as a fellow sojourner of Jesus Christ our Lord.

    To Him be all glory, honor and praise until He returns again.
    Love, Karen

  28. You have been a blessing to me and so many others for years and years. I appreciate all you have done. Would love the occasional family updates if you are able at all.

    I have benefitted so much by all your blog posts, and all your books and CDs. They happily reside on many shelves throughout my home. May God bless all of you richly!

  29. Wow, so many exciting changes! I will miss your regular blog updates, but I hope and pray that your family will stay in touch as time and circumstances permit. May God continue to bless your whole family…

  30. Wow! I understand changes happen in all our lives, but this one is bittersweet. I’m very happy for your family and truly pray for the best for all of you. This is one blog I continue to visit. Such encouragement over the many years of my sometimes trying or discouraging parenting journey to my 11 children. I am wholeheartedly thankful to have had your encouraging words to read when the days were too long. You have Gods blessings on your family, all can see that! I know you will continue to be a blessing to others.
    It would be nice to maybe have some updates here and there…

  31. Wow, that’s a fair few changes in a relatively short span of time. I hope Anna and Mary enjoy college and that Sarah enjoys decorating her new place and discovering her new area.

    I do hope you continue your blog though. Even touching on how you feel and what you (Steve and Teri) have been up to as empty nesters. Even describing your decision-making process to help others make decisions involving attending college and what to research you all did. Your worries, your fears, how you overcame those. All helpful.

    I feel your blog is too worthwhile to wither away. Your children might not live there but surely your lives are still interesting to write about.

    Trusting you are well!

  32. Dear Sarah
    Thank you so much for all the effort you put into the blog. I was a silent reader for years (found the blog by accident) and felt so connected with you! Eventhough I live on another continent. We share age, the love for God, our nephews and nieces (my husband and me are childless not by choice) and so much more. Funny, also for me, this year brought hugh changes, as we felt to move to another country to share… most women are veiled there…
    May the Lord bless you all!
    Just dive in new things, that’s awesome!

  33. Wow!! Blessings to the girls. I am so happy they have found something they love. I am definitely going to miss Sarah’s post, and I hope you guys will still keep us informed how everyone is doing. 🙂 love and blessings to your family.

  34. I think bittersweet is a word lots of people are using to express feelings about your update. It has been so sweet to have all of the encouragement and light in a dark world that your family’s example has provided. Over the years your words have brought encouragement and a sense of community with other believers that was really absent for many of us. I’m so grateful for the time everyone has taken to invest in the blog and I hope that there will still be some updates on how your precious family is doing. I pray that the Lord blesses the girls new endeavors and that you will be encouraged by the fruit you see in your children’s lives and ministries. I don’t think empty nest is an apt term for the vibrant ministry your home will continue to provide.

  35. Thank you for all your years of sharing, Teri and family. Teri, thank you especially for your personal emails to me. I am really so happy to read this post because our family has been blessed with daughters (no sons) and I have been so interested to find out what sort of things the Lord would bring to your daughters. Inspired by your sons, we have been in the process to help equip our daughters buy homes for themselves one day. Our oldest is still only 16, so no home buying yet, but one day! And I hope you will perhaps post yearly updates on how your family is doing!

  36. So happy for the girls but a bit sad about the blog. I hope you can still update every few months or when you have baby/wedding news to share!

  37. Well I can’t say this totally surprised me, I had noticed fewer posts, and that some of the family seems to prefer to stay away from the
    camera. (Which I can quite undestand)
    Thank you for opening your life to encourage others. God bless you as you move into different stages of life!
    So excited for you to have your very own home Sarah!
    All the best at Bible College Mary and Anna!

  38. Thank you so much for all these years of ministering to others! ( My own family included) Although I rarely comment, I have always enjoyed reading your updates and posts and do hope that you will consider at least an annual update on the whole family.
    I pray that you will continue to be blessed for your faithfulness and that your daughters will be blessed as they walk these new paths that the Lord has lead them to.

  39. I DID notice, the lack of posts. So I figured you were all going through some sort of changes. Wow. I will definitely miss the blog if it comes to an end, but will still continue to pray for you guys.

    May the Lord mightily bless and direct Sarah, Anna, and Mary as they embark into these new chapters.

    Love, Rebecca

  40. I suppose with the natural progression of life, this was bound to happen, but with having just joined you on this journey only a mere year and half ago when I first bought Managers of Their Homes, I am sorry to see you go. There have been many days where the inspiration of your blog has helped me get through my day. Your family, your ministry, your books, and the personal emails with Teri have been a rock for me this past year and a half. I am so grateful I found your ministry and for what it has done in my life and the life of my family. I especially love seeing photos from your active homeschooling years. I’m sure I will enjoy going back through the early years of this blog. Will Sarah still be writing books? We are much hoping for/looking forward to a third book in the Hilltop series!

    Many blessings to all of you,

    1. Jaime,

      I appreciate your sweet words Maybe I’ll do a third book in the series, not sure yet.


  41. I agree- bittersweet. Wonderful for you all, but sad for the readers. However, I understand wanting privacy and the time involved in these posts. I first started following when I found Nathan and Melanie’s courtship story years and year ago! Thank you for uplifting and encouraging content. Blessings, Bethany

  42. Overjoyed for Sarah, Anna, and Mary! You go with God! Will miss the blog very much. It has been such a positive note in this very negative world. Thank you with all my heart for your sharing and inspiration. Will Arnold stay with you, Teri? Sad but so happy for the three sisters!!

  43. Congratulations to the girls! Thanks to the whole family for all of their work on the blog over these years – I’ve enjoyed the posts. We wish you all the best as you move into a new phase of life!

  44. Thank you for all the hours you poured into this blog to encourage like-minded Christians! I started reading as a new mom in 2011, exactly 10 years ago! Our family still holds a vision for our daughters that doesn’t involve moving away to college or living on one’s own, which makes this announcement a little hard to read. But I understand that this vision could change as our children grow up and walk their own path with the Lord. I hope the girls are happy and safe in their new environments. Blessings on your family!

  45. I will miss keeping up on your family for sure, but I will never miss thinking of y’all and praying for you 🙂 (And I know where to email you if I miss you too much 😉 ). It is amazing how quickly seasons seem to come and go. I can’t believe 20+ years of home schooling are already in the past (that’s right before I found your boards…I think it was in early 2003 I got my MOTH book) and in less than 6 short years, those days will be forever over. Know that the Lord had your ministry/blog as it was for “such a time as this”. I know that He used you as a huge help/blessing in my life as a young mom. And I know I’m only one of many. And for that, I am so thankful! I know that the Lord will continue to use you and your family. You haven’t dwindled…only multiplied as the years have gone on. Your teaching and love has been given to your children who are now able to serve the Lord in whatever way He leads them. Love you all so much! Thank you for all you have done and all you do. – Jaynee 🙂

  46. I do understand, but am sad to hear this. I have followed you all for about 10 years & read many of your books. My kids love Sarah’s books. They want to know if this is the end of her books too. Thank you for sharing you family’s life all these years & your wisdom. I still have Teri’s email that she sent me replying to a letter I sent her. I will still look forward to mom’s corner each month. God bless you all!


    1. Thanks, Tammy. Yes, it is a new season, and I’m excited. I am hopeful I will be able to pull off another book, but I don’t know at the very moment. Please keep an eye out!

  47. Wow! For so many years I have followed your family through the blog! When I first met you at a homeschool conference, I was encouraged as you resources my family with the chores book and packets as well as the scheduling I used for years while homeschooling in the Czech Republic. Thank you! Praying for your daughters in this transition.

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