OverDue Update

The Maxwell family is changing once again in big ways that will probably surprise you!

The Lord brought Anna and Mary to Bible college this year (at our pastor’s recommendation) to become better equipped for ministry. It’s an exciting season for them as they have this opportunity to learn an incredible amount about the Bible and important tools for ministry/missions – where they want to end up. We miss them, but we love what they’re gaining!

The Lord has led Sarah to move into her own home (just this past Saturday), wanting to experience life and ministry in that environment. She also feels it is time to let go of the blog and running the business portion of Titus2. She works full-time for her brothers’ businesses and has become very involved in the life and ministry at our church. 

That means after almost 45 years, we are empty nesters – quite a change for us! 

All five of us are looking forward to what God has in store in these new seasons of our lives.

That also means that after almost 2900 blog posts over 15 years, it looks like things are changing on the blog. If you follow our blog much, you will have noticed fewer blog posts. 

We aren’t sure what that means, but with all our kids now out of the home, with some of our marrieds preferring private life to a more public blog life, and with our lack of family-type, blog-worthy substance, it seems like the blog will change or maybe even come to an end.

We aren’t fully sure what that will look like, but right now we are thinking if we do any blog posts they will be articles without comments.

We owe much to Sarah’s huge investment in our family blog (and Titus2) for all these years—thinking of blog ideas, writing content, taking photos, and putting the posts together. Those random life posts often took her hours as she combed through her photos for just the right ones for the post. We are so grateful for all she did for the blog. 

We have loved you, our blog readers and commenters (30,000 comments), through these blog years, and have come to know many of you personally. So often you have encouraged our hearts both through the sweet times and the difficult ones. We will miss you as the blog changes from the interactive forum it has been, but we know this is God’s timing. 

We plan to continue selling our books through Titus2. com and writing monthly Mom’s Corners and weekly Seriously Dads. Those articles can be subscribed to here: https://articles.titus2.com/

We serve an awesome, unchanging God. Change is a part of life, but our God does not. 

“O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.” Psalm 34:8

Steve and Teri

75 thoughts on “OverDue Update”

  1. From the moment we became acquainted with your family we have lifted you up in prayer. We will continue to do so. Sarah was amazing to coordinate the two home school conferences our church hosted. The other children were examples to ours and the conversations we were able to have with Steve and Teri resonated for years. May all of these changes be blessed and may His will be followed and touch the kingdom. From our hearts: The T Family

  2. I’m heartbroken to read this, but I understand. All good things come to an end. I have followed your blog and family since 1999!! Unreal! To think that I have checked your website nearly every day for over 20 years! Yikes! I have purchased your products, prayed for your family, and shared your resources. I will never part with my original MOTH book from 1999…such good memories.
    We would all appreciate occasional updates. How exciting to have all these changes, but I can’t imagine how quiet and empty your house is! May God bless you in this new season.

  3. Thank you for sharing your life with so many families. “To God be the glory” are the words that come to my mind. I know He will bless your family as He is leading in a new direction.

  4. It’s a pity that I just found out about your blog and it has been such a source of encouragement since I didn’t grow in a Christian family and didn’t get to experience how one looks like, as I am challenged to raise my own!
    Please don’t delete what has already been posted!
    Praying for God’s guidance in this new phase… and hopefully for someone to at least post updates every now and then… ; )

  5. I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog for years but never left a comment. Best of luck to your family. I will miss the updates.

    Maybe you should consider doing a yearly update… like a Christmas letter! 🙂

  6. Bittersweet post. We’re recent empty nesters too. I’ve been following your blog since the early years. Getting encouragement for walking with the Lord, the home, homeschooling, etc along the way. Of course do what the Lord will lead you to do…but maybe moving the blog direction to empty nesters, grandparent, older folk issues while keeping the other themes of the blog woven in. There aren’t a lot, if any really, of Christian blogs for empty nesters and all that involves. Maybe as your family evolves and your personal lives do the blog could follow suit. Either way, we do hope that what is here on the blog will remain for reference and encouragement, but if it’s the Lord’s will the blog can lean in a new direction. Thank you for your ministry!!
    ~ Becky

  7. Thank you for the many years of homeschool encouragement and wisdom! I pray you all will enjoy your new adventures with Jesus. Thank you for sharing your testimonies of God’s grace and faithfulness.

  8. Add me to the list of people who would still love updates! I’ve been a blog reader for the whole time you’ve had a blog! I’ve always loved to see the kids grow and you all having fun together as a family. I’ve prayed for your family and have seen you be a godly example in hard times and great times. I’ve had my own four children in this time (10 years through 5 months) and you’ve been an inspiration. God bless you all and PLEASE continue to update (once a month? once a quarter? once a year?)! P.S. I miss the bus years. 😉

  9. This makes me sad and reminds me of when the old Mom’s Forum shut down. It’s crazy to think I have “known” your family for almost 22 years! I will miss the frequent updates as the family continues to grow.

    But, seasons change and I bless you all in this new season. The Lord’s leadership is so good and so right!

  10. So bittersweet are the changes in life. I have so enjoyed being able to keep up with your family after the Mom’s Board closure many years ago. (My son that was a baby when it closed is a senior in high school!) Time sure has a way of sneaking up on us! I will miss the updates for sure! Blessings to you all as you set out on these new adventures.

  11. I hear the word “bittersweet” in many of the replies to your post. I think that is the perfect word to describe the news. I have loved keeping up with your blog through the years and following your family. What an incredibly blessing and am encouragement you have been!! I sure am going to miss the updates, but understand how your lives are changing. I wish only the best for you all. (If you chose to post occasional updates – even if infrequent – that would be fantastic!!)

    I do want to thank you for the years and years of investing in so many of us. You have made a tremendous difference in countless lives and families and, Teri, you have been a wonderful friend and source of support to me through many a difficult time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  12. Oh my goodness! What a life change for all…maybe in one of your last articles(if they are ending as well) you can give us moms wisdom in surviving the empty nest, and redirecting the focus where it has been so long.
    I surely hope there is a way to see family updates time to time, as we have come to care for your family over 20 years! My babies have grown up too during that time.
    God bless you as you all turn a corner in your lives serving the Lord in new ways.

  13. I am so sorry (for myself), that the time for this blog to change has come, but I rejoice at the new, exciting changes awaiting your family. How can I be sure? Don’t we believe that the Bible teaches we will reap that which we have sown? For over a decade now, you have sown beautiful ideas into our family, for which I am tremendously grateful. Given the increasing tumult of today’s world, I am so glad for the books, products, and teaching to which we’ve had access. My only regret, if any, is that I haven’t had a chance to see one of your seminars in person. It seems that things never quite lined up: we were in a busy season or maybe I was having a difficult pregnancy (or post-pregnancy). Perhaps we will one day have a chance to meet face-to-face. At any rate, I just had to express my appreciation for the light you have been in the life of a little family in Central Alabama.
    Most sincerely, may God bless you richly in Jesus’ Mighty Name!

  14. I really miss seeing regular updates for you all. I keep checking everyday. I pray for your family every Wednesday. Love you all, Shell

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