A Great Grandma Invests

From the blog post about my mom (whom we call Gigi at her request to keep grandmas from being too confusing for little children) and her 89th birthday, we had this suggestion:

I was wondering if you could share the ways Gigi is investing in your family still? As a child my grandparents didn’t invest my life so I have no examples. I want to invest in my grandchildren’s lives but I lack the know-how. So if I could know some of the ways she is investing in her grand children and great grand children that would give me some ideas.

Since her grandchildren are all grown now, these are ways that Gigi invests in her great grandchildren:

For a couple of years Gigi had puzzle time with Abigail and Bethany (Nathan’s oldest girls). The past two years, that moved into doing Abeka history with them .

She listens to Joshua, Ruthanne, and Lydia (Christopher’s children) read out loud.

She does the Bible Bee study with Abigail, Bethany, and Christina in the summer. This is the third year for that.

She meets up weekday mornings with Melanie and her children for flag time when they put the flag out, say the Pledge of Allegiance, and fellowship for a few minutes.

Three were sick and not able to be a part this morning.

She has a daily weekday morning walk, weather permitting, with 9-year-old Christina.

What about you? How are you investing in your grandchildren or great grandchildren?

The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness. (Proverbs 16:31)

Here is a post we did about Gigi and her family activities a few years ago:

10 thoughts on “A Great Grandma Invests”

  1. I totally love this! My husband and I are excited about becoming grandparents around this coming Thanksgiving, and this blog post is encouraging and inspiring! What a blessing your mom is to your children and grandchildren!

  2. This is a beautiful life. So few people make time or have access to their extended family. I knew, loved and had regular contact with my great grandparents which I consider an invaluable connection. To be loved by them is to carry inside of you an inexhaustible inner cheerleader and humble example. Bravo, Maxwells!

    1. What special memories, Sherrylynne! I know our grandchildren will have memories like that of their time with Gigi. We are grateful to be close enough to have that connection and to still have my mom in our lives at 89 years old!

  3. Gigi is truly a special woman! Thank you for posting about some of the ways she invests in her sweet great-grandchildren’s lives!

  4. This is such a blessing to see! It’s a wonderful thing for grand and great grandparents to invest in their grandchildren and build those relationships.

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