Outing with Grandsons

We took John and Chelsy’s boys, Axton (2) and Elliot (1) for the morning to give John and Chelsy some time without childcare duties and to have some good time with our grandsons. John and Chelsy have a short-term apartment near the hospital, and only one parent can be with Madeline at a time. So that does leave one parent free to be back with the boys. However, with us taking the boys for a few hours, John was able to get more quality work done and the boys had something different to occupy them for a while.

We went to the Deana Rose Farmstead. It is a nice little place with farm animals in various displays and a few playground type areas. It seemed busy and popular.

At the end, we decided the boys might have been just a little too young to really appreciate what they saw, but they were happy and good. The report from home was that they talked a great deal about the animals they saw, so maybe more was going on with them than we observed.

Madeline is off of all supplemental oxygen now and doing very well. Praise the Lord!

“I have longed for thy salvation, O LORD; and thy law is my delight.” Psalms 119:174

8 thoughts on “Outing with Grandsons”

  1. Thank you for sharing!! It’s wonderful to see such supportive and helpful grandparents.

    Praise God for Madaline’s progress!

  2. Thankyou so so much, Dad & Mom! I know the boys did love the animals because they were talking about them. 🙂 But most of all I think it was the time with their beloved grandpa and grandma that was the biggest Treat!!! Thankyou so much for investing in them and helping us out in that way!!!

  3. What a fun adventure! It’s wonderful you can help out with the little guys to give John & Chelsy some relief during this trying time. Everyone remains in my prayers and I’m thankful to read the encouraging updates on Madeline.

  4. Wonderful news about Madeline! And a fun outing for the boys with grandparents! 🙂 Continued prayers.

  5. It’s very nice you can help out John & Chelsy at this difficult times and at the same time spend some time with your grandsons. Also thank you for the updates on Madeline, continue prayers for her.

  6. Those are beautiful photos that you will treasure the rest of your lives. The one is so precious, you can almost hear your little grandson saying, “ok grandpa stick your hand down there first, let’s make sure he won’t bite.” What a great shot. Save these for the boys when they get older. What I wouldn’t give for the pictures of me with my grandparents when I was 1-2 years old. I miss them so much and look forward to seeing all four in eternity. So grateful for Godly grandparents. Thinking of their love and all they taught chokes me up. Even today I can’t bring myself to chew gum in church because my grandma made us spit it out before going into the sanctuary. Now a days I see people carrying Big Gulps and Starbucks into church and know she would just shake her head and say well you aren’t doing that ! Only through Christ can we have families like this. Your grandkids are so blessed !

    1. What a godly heritage your grandparents gave you, Randy. Thank you for sharing your stories and encouraging grandparents to invest in their grandchildren’s lives.

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