Baby Madeline Improves!

Happy Monday, y’all! We wanted to share an update on Baby Maddy. She’s made incredible AMAZING progress since Thursday evening when things looked very bad. Maddy came off the ventilator Friday, they sealed the chest tubes one at a time, and the Xrays continue to look better. She’s now on the lowest level of oxygen she can be. We know things can change at any moment because she’s very fragile, but we’re beyond thankful for the vast improvements she’s made. Thank you for praying for her and John and Chelsy. They are so dedicated to spending time with their little girl and love each moment they have. All last week they couldn’t hold her due to her fragile state, but as of yesterday, they could again. What beautiful, amazing things to be grateful for!

Thank you for your encouraging comments. We know many have been through the NICU journey.


“And such trust have we through Christ to God-ward: Not that
we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves;
but our sufficiency is of God” (2 Corinthians 3:4-5).

26 thoughts on “Baby Madeline Improves!”

  1. So happy to see this wonderful news. I have been checking much more frequently than usual, and praying as well.

  2. The power of prayer never ceases to amaze and encourage me! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Sarah for keeping all of us up to date during this difficult time for the entire family.

  3. So grateful for the news of improvement in baby Maddie. Continued prayers being lifted for John, Chelsy, and the boys as well.

  4. Rest assured that prayers will continue.
    Thank you for encouraging me too with the good news.
    My NICU, underdeveloped lungs baby boy – not held for the first week, turns 21 next month. He too prays for Maddy! Love changes all things, believes and rests in God. THIS story should be the headline in papers! THIS IS the Good News!

  5. Praise the Lord for this encouraging update!!
    Thank you for sharing this, and I will continue lifting this precious baby and her family in prayer.
    Love, Mrs. Patti

  6. Mrs. Chelsy,
    I’m praying for you and the baby. Glad to hear she is better. Keep looking to Jesus.
    Be not dismayed what ere betide
    God will take care of you
    Beneath His wings of love abide
    God will take care of you
    God will take care of you
    Through every day o’er all the way
    God will take care of you

  7. Praising with you for this encouraging news and will be praying for her continued progress.

  8. Wonderful news! Thank you for taking the time to share it. Though she is fragile, she is also resillient!

    Lots of love to you all, and lots of strong to this already-strong little one. She’s lucky to have so many people who love and care for her.

  9. So happy to hear that little Maddy’s health is improving!
    I will continue to pray for her and her parents.
    Bendiciones desde México. (Blessings from Mexico)

  10. What an answer to prayer to see those little eyes open and her so alert. She is still on my prayer wall and I look forward to seeing her home with her brothers. I know God is our healer and this little one is in his hands. Sarah, you are extraordinarily gifted at taking photos that just reach out and touch people’s hearts.

    1. Thank you for praying for Madeline. That’s a sweet mental picture – Madeline home with her brothers. They haven’t been able to see her in person, touch, or hold her, but we have seen some precious photos and videos of their Facetimes with her. She’s doing very well in the NICU, growing and developing as she needs to in order to be able to come home.

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