Nonstick Fry Pan

One of our Scanpans

Several years ago, when Teflon was being brought up as a health concern, we were introduced to a non-stick technology that wasn’t Teflon and wasn’t supposed to have the health problems of Teflon with its tendency to flake off. We bought Scanpans that used the new technology.

Not only are Scanpans nonstick, but you can use metal utensils on them. They are expensive, but we decided our health was worth it so we invested in two big skillets and one small one. We are quite happy with them and use them all the time from frying eggs to browning meat to oil-free stir fry (post on that coming soon).

Over the years, it seems that some of the nonstick has worn off, and there is a little build up on the pan. But usually if we follow the directions to boil water in the skillet and use a metal scrubber on it, we can get most of it off.

Our Scanpans are the Classic models. Since we bought ours, they have developed some other lines of Scanpans. We don’t know how they compare, though. The links below are Titus2’s Amazon Affiliate. (See our privacy policy).

Scanpan 12″

Scanpan 8″

The lids are sold separately.

“For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father” (Romans 8:15).

6 thoughts on “Nonstick Fry Pan”

  1. As always, I value your advise on different items. Thank you for taking time to share and giving an honest evaluation of the pans. Take care!

  2. So, I am so glad you like these pans. I have a part-time job at Sur la Table, and these pans are our number one sellers for non-stick pans. The key to using them is not to overheat the pan (medium high is more than enough) as they come to temp really quickly. Also, you do not want to use any sort of spray on them or pour any kind of oil in them after the pan is already hot as both will ruin the pan. You do not need oil of any kind unless you want some for taste. They go into the oven up to 500 degrees and into the dishwasher too. Scanpan also provides a lifetime warranty. The newer lines are more of a professional grade pan (and for induction), but the base line is just as good for home cooks. Teri, shoot me an email if you want more information on them or have questions.

    1. That’s great information on the Scanpans, Lori. Thank you. It is good to know we have been using them correctly, too! They have done so well with Steve and my meals when we make oil-free stir fry. And for everything else we make in them.

  3. The Scanpan is an essential item in my kitchen; the children and I use it all the time, sometimes a few times a day. Super easy to clean, with consistent heat. We liked it so much we also got one for our daughter at 13 yrs old.

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