Random Life from Winter to Spring and Back to “winter”

Random life is just that: random pictures to give you a glimpse into the Maxwell family. This spring is beautiful and full, and we praise God for giving us opportunities to share with others.

While the United States is in turmoil, it seems for us as Christians, persecution is coming closer. We’ve known nothing of what most Christians in other countries live under, and yet so many of them REJOICE.

“But and if ye suffer for righteousness’ sake, happy are ye: and be not afraid of their terror, neither be troubled” (1 Peter 3:14).

I’d love to hear something the Lord is teaching you.

PS: I hope to post a health update soon!

Elliot and Ellie
A Benji birthday evening, so we played a game with him.
Everything looks some brown, although you can see a hint of green. Amazing what some time does to green things up.
Reading time with Grandma
Dad cleaned up the garage after all the grit from the snowy roads
A Sunday lunch cleanup chat going on here.
A late birthday gift for Kyle
Little Debi with cat buddies
Enjoying spring break
The Springfield animal drive-through safari
Arnold likes Mom
A new tortilla helper
Sunday lunch
A hot game of JENGA
A morning walk with a friend of Ellie’s 🙂
Installing a gate we received at no cost, and it’s perfect for the deck. Ellie likes to spend time out in the sun.
Dad and Joshua on a project, more on that later
Easter baking (Mom, Mary, and Jesse’s Anna)
Our friend from church wanted to surprise Anna one day with coffee, and she stayed for lunch.
An outdoor vet tune-up for Ellie with our favorite vet
A visit with Elissa and crew

This morning, we woke up to probably the most snow we had all season!
Spring can’t be hidden, and it will burst forth in even more beauty soon.

“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to
give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope
that is in you with meekness and fear” (1 Peter 3:15).

24 thoughts on “Random Life from Winter to Spring and Back to “winter””

  1. Love pictures lately Jesus been teaching me slow down in life and enjoy his beauty and his life and my family and spend more time in his word

  2. Sarah – you take wonderful pictures, but I need to say: you should BE in more of them!! =)

  3. Well done with the Jenga photo timing 🙂 ! I am reading Job and God is teaching me that we do not know what God is doing in our lives…but clinging to Him and looking to Him, rejoicing (yes!!!) is our precious, fruitful role in the process. The allegory of the potter placing His hands to press the inside as well as the outside of the vessel in order to form the perfect desired shape for purpose and beauty reminds me of us being at times pressured from the inside and from outside…but to a perfect and wonderful end 🙂

    Lovely to see Anna Marie’s sister in the Sunday lunch photo! What glorious snow and special seeing the hope of spring.

    “Watch and pray always that you would be counted worthy to escape all these things, and to stand before the Son of Man”

    Much love

  4. Wonderful pics, as always! It’s so fun to get a glimpse of everyday life with the Maxwell family! Our weather down south has flipped flopped a bit as well, but nothing like a big snow. I have been learning a lot about patience lately and the Lord has been so faithful in this. I really hope that your recovery is going well, and look foward to a dedicated post on your health!

    1. Spring came back by lunch yesterday! 🙂 Quite incredible. It was like “insta-melt” with the snow, lol. Patience. Wow, yes, in all seasons of life, that’s a great lesson!

  5. Love all the pics!!!! Thanks for sharing:). The lord is teaching me to slow down with the businesses of life and rest in his love. Can’t believe y’all got snow!!! That’s crazy.

      1. Wow-your so sweet to ask!! Can’t believe you remembered :). It’s gotten much better, praise the lord. I still wear a brace when I run for long periods of time, just to hold it in place. 🙂 hugs and love your way!!

  6. Thank you for the fun pictures! You look like a lovely family.

    I live in Germany, and have many friends and relatives who grew up in communism. They say, all the Corona rules that we have here in Germany remind them very much of their communist past.

    For instance: it is legally allowed for churches to meet, but with very strict restrictions. Almost no church is open out of fear. Our church is open. But we recive a lot criticism for it. Outsiders take pictures of our church and put it on social media. The news reported about us. The police comes almost every Sunday to see if we hold all the rules. We have to wear medical masks all the time, and we are not allowed to sing.
    Last summer we had a baptism. Someone took pictures and showed them to the police. The 20 people who got baptized had to pay 250€ each for not wearing a mask *while* being baptized. We have a judge in our congregation and several lawyers. We really try our best to submit to the authorities as much as possible with their help, but still submit to God’s word, too. All Germans are also only allowed to meet with one additional person in private. Which feels like families are torn apart. You can’t invite anyone as a family anymore without being illegal.

    May the Lord keep you strong in this time

      1. Thank you very much for your prayers. This is so thoughtful of you. May the LORD bless you for that!

  7. I love all of these photos, Sarah, but the one of Ellie and her friend especially touched my heart today! Thank you for sharing it. And I look forward to your health update—I’ve been thinking of you a lot and hope you’re feeling better. (I also have a gift I’ve been planning to send you for ages! I’m so behind with those things and am resolving to do so this week!)

    1. Ellie LOVES to see “friends” on her walks. She seriously knows that word if I tell her we’ll look for one. 🙂 Thanks. I just need to take some time to write the post. Lots happening! You’re sweet on the gift. NO WORRIES at all.

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