HSLDA is a Blessing Giveaway

In March, we had the post Don’t Homeschool Without It and invited those who aren’t current Home School Legal Defense of Association (HSLDA) members to join HSLDA. HSLDA graciously gave a resource to everyone who joined after reading that blog post.

To our surprise, HSLDA gifted us with the same resource after the post, which is the Constitutional Literacy DVD. Since that original offer was only available to new members, we thought we would give our resource to someone who is currently a member.

To join our HSLDA is a Blessing Giveaway, simply comment on this post with two things. Tell us how long you have been an HSLDA member and why you like being part of HSLDA.

We will then have a random drawing on April 15th to give away the copy HSLDA gave us. (The giveaway is for U.S. addresses only.)

BTW, there is still a few days left (April 15th) to join if you are not yet an HSLDA member and receive a copy of the Constitutional Literacy resource from them.

“Well done, thou good and faithful servant…” Matthew 25:21

25 thoughts on “HSLDA is a Blessing Giveaway”

  1. We joined HSLDA since our first year of homeschooling which was 2005. Even though we have never had to use their services (thankfully) we loved that our membership help give others the legal representation they would need. We did purchase our graduation diplomas from them and we’ve lived in different states or be praying about a potential job change and was always grateful to search out the homeschool laws for a different state. Even though MO is a homeschool friendly state, I have always encouraged families to join HSLDA. My youngest will be a junior in HS next year and this would be a great resource to add to his curriculum.

  2. I’m not sure how long we have been members but I think it’s been 9 years. We like knowing that if we ever run into problems or questions from transcripts to legal concerns, they are just a click or call away. They offer so many resources.

  3. We have been members for probably 20 years. I am thankful that they are willing to represent homeschoolers in court. Hopefully we will never need them but it is good to know that they will fight for us if we ever have a problem.

  4. We are lifetime members, who have been members for a little over 16 years. We believe that we live in a homeschool friendly state but feel the need to help support financially those who may not. The other main benefit of being a member is the updates we get on the currently legislation across the country. Thank you for your post acknowledging HSLDA. Many homeschool families do not know about this valuable resource and the more support they get the more valuable they will be for those who need them.

  5. We joined many years ago when we first started homeschooling – so over 10 years ago. We have moved a good bit and have always felt HSLDA would be there for us if a new neighbor or community took issue with our children being out during the day. Praise God we have never had to call them for that reason! I also appreciate their fighting for homeschool freedoms in every state as the need arises as you never know where your children will end up.

  6. We have been members on and off for the past, I think it’s 20 years. We started homeschooling 2001, had a couple years off between our bio children graduating and our adopted children starting. We still have 12 years to go.
    I like having someone there that knows the answers to the legal questions that I have. A regular lawyer doesn’t necessarily know anything about homeschool laws, but HSLDA knows exactly what I can and cannot do and how to handle any situation within the laws. We have never needed representation in a court situation but as a family who did foster care, we felt protected by our membership.

  7. We’ve been HSLDA members for going on 4 or 5 yrs. I like being in the know about homeschooling on a national level. We also have an incredible regional representative that has helped our state organization, the IAHE, deal with issues that have come up and are ongoing in our state legislature. HSLDA is going to be a wonderful resource as I work with getting standardized accommodations for my 15 yr old ADHD son. They also will answer calls about curriculum in general. They’ve been here throughout the journey of homeschooling laws from illegal to legal. It’s awesome to know that we have protection if we need it. Don’t homeschool without it!

  8. We joined HSLDA in October of 2020 and just last month switched to the lifetime membership.
    We have used their services, when our school board requested more information, and it was such a blessing to know I had someone to call to help me provide the right information and would help if our school board overstepped.
    So, I guess what I like most is the peace of mind it brings that should any issues arise, I have help!

  9. We have been a member since the beginning our homeschool journey in 2004. It brings peace of mind to know we have legal support “at the ready” should we ever happen to need it. Being a military family for over 20 years, it was helpful to research the homeschool laws ahead of time as we were considering choices for our next duty station. And the free resources for homeschooling in high school (especially how to do a transcript) have been so helpful!

  10. We joined HSLDA two years ago after attending our first homeschool conference. We love their heart for homeschooling, their desire to serve beyond legal matters, to truly help parents succeed in God’s calling.

  11. We have probably been members for about 20 years. We stated homeschooling when our oldest was 4 in 1998. We have been part of HSLDA since sometime in our beginning. First, it was just a blessing to know that we had an attorney if we needed one. We did on a couple of occasions — once to clarify the notification letter that we were sent from our new school district. Once to help our son’s college accept his homeschool diploma. I have also contacted specialists online with questions and help. My oldest son took part in Generation Joshua. They have been a blessing to us in many ways. Part of the reason we love being members now, is we know that our membership helps keep HSLDA in operation, which in turn helps all homeschoolers as they advocate and watch over new laws being proposed. I wholeheartedly agree — don’t homeshool without it.

  12. (We already have the excellent Constitutional Literacy resource, but just wanted to share why we have been long time HSLDA members!) We joined HSLDA in 1996 when our oldest was six. Now, 25 years and 7 children later, we are still members. We are a (now retired) military family and have used HSLDA over and over, as we moved to 6 different states during that time. They were always one of my first phone calls as we received our transfer orders. They have been such a blessing to us as they patiently explained our new state laws and our unique responsibilities to homeschool in that state. We have also used their special needs department/resources many times. They are always courteous and more than helpful! We have always appreciated the various email articles and alerts, which keep us updated about various legal cases and changing laws. We also have had such peace of mind knowing we could call them if an unexpected situation arose (praise the Lord, it hasn’t yet!) We are so grateful for HSLDA and the blessing they have been (and continue to be) to our family.

  13. We have been members of HSLDA for about 10 years. It is a wonderful resource and provides peace of mind that should we need legal assistance it is there.

  14. Our family has been a member of HSLDA since we started homeschooling in 2008. We appreciate being members because we support the mission of HSLDA and we know that they will support us with their valuable legal experience if we ever need it.

  15. Our oldest is 9, but we’ve been lifetime members of HSLDA since she was a preschooler. I want to say we took our tax return money and bought a lifetime membership… we definitely knew we would want to be a part of the HSLDA family for the duration of our homeschooling years, just like our parents on both sides. We’ve never needed their legal services, but we are glad they are there to defend parents’ rights to educate their own children.

  16. We have been a member of HSLDA starting in 2020. We love it because of all the help filing out our states paperwork. It also gives us a source of comfort knowing we have someone backing us up if anyone came knocking.

  17. We have been members for about 10 years.
    We enjoy reading the magazine that HSLDA sends out periodically.
    I appreciate the work that HSLDA does in keeping up any new legislature that comes up.

  18. We have been members of HSLDA for 11 years! We enjoy their resources – I recently called about putting together a high school transcript and the woman spent a half hour on the phone with me! As well as sent me resources. I also enjoy the news articles they send out regularly detailing how they are helping home schoolers across the states fight for their rights to home school when they are in question.

  19. Our family is not new to homeschooling. However, we have only been a member of HSDLA for 2 years(or more I can’t remember now). I hesitated at first because we have had minimal issues with our school district. However, we will continue to support HSDLA in future years. It is well worth the investment in security and it has given us the opportunity for discounts at various places too. I like having the peace of mind that we are supported if anything should arise and also to help support the legacy in homeschooling.

  20. Hello Maxwell Family!

    Thank you for this opportunity! We have been members of HSLDA since 1999, 22 years or so! We like being a part of HSLDA because it gives us assurance to know we have Christian lawyers and support if we should ever need it due to home educating our children. Praise the Lord, we have never needed the lawyers, but HSLDA has helped us stay informed regarding the home school laws in our state, what requirements we have to fulfill in order to home school, and with good overall information about home schooling. The Lord bless thee!

  21. We have been members of HSLDA since we first started homeschooling our eldest child in 1998, all the way through to our youngest child, who is currently a 4th grader. In those 23 years, our two favorite things about HSLDA are (1) the time in 2005 when they helped us after the IRS audited us for not believing our then-6-children were actual dependents, and wanted proof through “school records” but then wouldn’t accept our homeschool records as proof; and (2) when my son’s accredited college degree was being challenged by a potential employer because he had a homeschool high school diploma. HSLDA has always given us immediate assistance and kept us informed regarding current laws. I highly recommend membership.

    1. It seems odd that a potential employer would ask for high school credentials if someone had an advanced degree from an accredited university. It’s been a long time since I’ve applied for jobs, but my daughter who recently began working at her first post-college job was not asked about her high school experience. To me it seems unnecessary to request a high school transcript.

  22. Hi! We’ve been members for nearly 5 years (since we began homeschooling). I’ve utilized HSLDA several times and have been so grateful for the reassurance our membership offers us. Of course God is our ultimate assurance, but HSLDA has proven useful in a variety of ways. From foster care legal questions to homeschool state laws, it’s a great resource! And they’re so affordable!

  23. We’ve been members for over 20 years. It brings great peace of mind to know HSLDA is available if we ever need them.

  24. We’ve been a member of HSLDA for about 15 years, since our oldest daughter reached the required age to be enrolled in school. We love being a part of HSLDA because we know that we’re supporting an organization that provides much-needed legal support to homeschooling families. Fortunately, our State is homeschool friendly; however, we love the idea that we’re helping support other families in States that aren’t as friendly to homeschool families. We also appreciate how HSLDA closely watches all of the State legislatures and monitors legislation that would affect homeschool families.

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