How I Started in Bookkeeping, Part 1

Gaining income-producing skills has been something my parents encouraged since I was a teen. I did odd jobs such as picking up mail and papers for neighbors while they were away on vacation, yard work for my grandpa, and contract work that involved proofreading and collating binders. Then, along came a small bookkeeping job for a local dentist.

I was 16, and two years from graduating, when Christopher, who already had QuickBooks experience, asked if I wanted this work. I said yes! I was to transfer a hand-written checkbook ledger into QuickBooks, along with reconciling the account and printing out reports for the dentist. This was real-life experience, and something I began under Christopher’s direction before I became independent. I’m sure I studied a book on QuickBooks, although it’s been so many years, I don’t remember the name. I worked for the dentist for almost 3 years. During this time, Titus2 began, and we needed a financial solution to track everything from sales receipts to business expenses. Although I had some experience in QuickBooks, new doors opened as I learned to set up and run a company with inventory! All of this happened before I turned 18.

We’ll continue with Part 2 in this series.

Learning a skill has never been easier than today with all our technology. I just did a Google search “how to learn QuickBooks” and countless options came up.


“And we have sent with them our brother, whom we have
oftentimes proved diligent in many things, but now much
more diligent, upon the great confidence which I have in you”
(2 Corinthians 8:22).

21 thoughts on “How I Started in Bookkeeping, Part 1”

  1. Thank you so much for this post! It is my hope that my children will be able to learn a skill and earn an income without a college degree. They are still very young but I am praying that God will prepare them and opportunities for them that don’t require college.

    1. Kacie,

      Yes, they can truly learn valuable income-producing skills without a degree. It’s exciting to see how the Lord will use each person’s skillset!

  2. This is a great post!!! I look forward to part 2 :). My parents have always encouraged jobs while we are in high school…etc. I still work 4 days a week and doing online college classes. It keeps me plenty busy, as I have time for nothing else. It is definitely hard to juggle work, school, exercise, and daily house life/chores. Again, loved this post!! God bless you!

  3. What a timely post! My husband has recently become convicted about diligence in our business. He has entrusted me to take over the bookkeeping, filing, and other tasks that I can do at home. I am slowly learning Excel. I am looking forward to your next post!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing! It is a great practical encouragement for us parents to think “outside the box” to help our children gain monetizable skills early in a safe environment. Thank you for all you all pour into the titus2 ministry!

  5. This is exciting and helpful information that you are sharing! Thank you so much, Sarah! I look forward to hearing part 2, as well.

  6. Thank you so much for this post. It is neat to see how God works in individual’s lives. Our oldest two boys were offered jobs (at a large farm) at age 16 and it was such a blessing for them to have jobs that were close to home and in a Christian environment. I will be honest in admitting, that my faith has been lacking as I wonder how the Lord will provide for the rest of our children, namely my upcoming 16 year old daughter. The Lord encourages me and reminds me of how he took care of our sons; I know He will continue to do so for the rest of our children. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  7. QuickBooks is such a great skill for anyone to learn in my opinion šŸ™‚ My husband and I are both independent contractors and use it for work. Even though we have an accountant do our taxes, it makes keeping track of everything super-easy and definitely saves us a lot of stress (and money Iā€™m sure as well). A friend of ours who works in accounting recommended it, but I first learned of it via your blog A few years ago and I only knew to ask because of that I think. (So thank you for that!)

    1. Katie,

      I love this comment! Yes, QuickBooks makes things very easy for giving reports to the CPA for taxes. I’ve never used Excel to do a company’s finances, and QBs is the route I recommend.

  8. Thank you for sharing, Sarah. I have read your father’s book, “Preparing Sons to Provide for a Single-Income Family” but it is always interesting to hear about how the daughters in your family (and other homeschooling families) are learning how to do different jobs and finding work opportunities.

  9. With all the COVID stuff you should take some online accounting classes. Everything is online these days & community colleges offer some great classes.

    Accounting is an amazing profession for women. It is totally mom friendly, and actually more interesting than one would think. So many small companies need someone to reconcile the books at the end of the month which can easily be done from home. It can easily be done at home around the kids schedules. (Ie through in a load of laundry when when the kids are napping & open your laptop to begin.). Accounting pays well ($35-$100 per hour) which allows a Mom to contribute substantial to the household income.

    All it takes is being extremely organized, good math skills & flexibility. How do I know? It has been my chosen career. I just love all that it provides my family and me.

    Go Sarah! I hope you get as much fulfillment as I have from world of accounting and finance!

    1. Hello Cathie,

      Yes, I enjoy financials and numbers, most of the time. When I’m deep in a challenging situation, it makes one’s brain hurt! šŸ™‚

  10. “Gaining income-producing skills has been something my parents encouraged” So thankful for parents who have encouraged us in this area! Such a huge blessing.

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