Don’t Homeschool Without it

Happy Monday, everyone! This is a really important post, and I encourage you to share it with your friends. –Sarah

Do you have medical insurance/assistance? Almost everyone does because it is a very wise choice. Similarly, we strongly encourage each of our homeschooling readers to consider the wisdom of being a member of Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). Our family was a member for our homeschooling years. 

We are thankful we never had a situation where we needed HSLDA’s legal help. Hopefully, you will never need their legal help either, but if you encounter a difficult situation, you will be glad to be a member. Lawyers are incredibly expensive, and if you have to pay for one out of pocket, it might be just as devastating as a medical emergency. 

If you aren’t an HSLDA member, please critically evaluate why not? Maybe you feel comfortable in not joining, but friends, times are changing. Even if you don’t need their legal services, they have lots of homeschool resources for all stages.

We asked HSLDA if they had some small gift should you join as a result of this blog post. If you join within the next thirty days as a result of our encouragement, you will receive their Constitutional Literacy resource free. 

In this Constitutional Literacy series, you will “join Michael Farris as he delves into the nation’s most important document and provides the training to turn America back to a proper understanding of liberty.” 

We find it amazingly generous that they would offer this, and we hope you will join. Also, we receive nothing from promoting them; it is simply our heart’s desire to help you in your homeschooling journey. 

Once you enroll, forward Matt ([email protected]) a copy of your membership receipt, let him know you heard about this offer on Titus2, and he will see you get the resource. Please allow thirty days to receive the resource. 

Trusting in Jesus,
Steve and Teri

“A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself:
but the simple pass on, and are punished.” Proverbs 22:3

13 thoughts on “Don’t Homeschool Without it”

  1. HSLDA helped us when our daughter’s university of choice in the U.K. did not want to recognize her homeschool diploma and transcript. They quickly drafted a respectful letter and built a bridge in communication resulting in our daughters full acceptance into a prestigious arts academy. We were so grateful for their commitment to make sure our homeschooling efforts were recognized by those who were unfamiliar with home education.

  2. I wanted to comment and heartily agree here. I was homeschooled as a child, and my parents did have need of HSLDA legal services. They were a huge blessing to our family and the long time security of our homeschool. Thank the Lord we had them. The first thing I did when I began homeschooling our first was to join HSLDA and after a few years I joined as a lifetime member. I too wouldn’t homeschool without it!

    1. Thank you for a first-hand experience of the blessing of HSLDA. We never needed them, but were grateful to be part of them, know they would help if we did need them, and to support what they were doing for homeschooling freedoms and other homeschool families.

      1. This is a great offer. I will pass this information on to our local homeschool coverings. Thank you.

  3. We joined HSLDA at the beginning of the 2020/2021 school year, shortly after we joined we needed their help when the local school board called asking for some more information, HSLDA was super helpful and sent the information we needed so we knew exactly what to provide!
    We actually recently switched our membership over to a lifetime membership and are grateful for the added protection for our family!

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