A Moody Family Series Book Makes a Surprising Difference

It is such a joy to receive emails and letters about how the Moody Family Series and Hill Top Adventures are impacting lives. We want to share part of one such email about a Moody book. Read what Julie says:

“I just want to tell you the difference your books (and we’ve only read the first one so far) have made to my daughter and now our homeschool. My daughter has autism so she has a short concentration span and gets overwhelmed easily. I really do enjoy preparing her school work but her struggles and lack of enjoyment were discouraging me greatly. 

“Last week after I’d discovered your book I started to read it to her and the more I read the more she was clearly enjoying it. She is a good reader but reluctant to read aloud. You can imagine my delight and amazement when out of the blue one day she asked me, ‘Can I read some now?’ She read aloud fluently and when she got tired handed it back to me. In a couple of minutes, she was ready for reading again.

“She has been baking and asking for chores to do as Mollie Moody is influencing her in many positive ways! Yesterday I decided to spend some time incorporating the story and characters into her school work and prepared worksheets on each of her subjects using the book. For example, for math I gave her problem questions based on Mollie’s baking business working out how many cookies Mollie needed for her orders, etc. 

“Honestly, her concentration stunned me and her enjoyment as she worked through these worksheets. Afterward, she told me it was so much fun it didn’t feel like schoolwork. 

“God is good and I’ve been praising Him so much for this wonderful breakthrough. I feel so encouraged and like a burden has been lifted to finally have found a book she loves and that’s motivating her own learning. I’m so looking forward to reading Book 2 with her as their homeschool will hopefully help influence us in so many positive ways.” — Julie

Julie shared some pictures of her daughter below, and you’ll notice they now have Book 2. These kinds of testimonies bless us so much!


“Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an
example of the believers, in word, in conversation,
in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity”
(1 Timothy 4:12).

10 thoughts on “A Moody Family Series Book Makes a Surprising Difference”

  1. This testimony was so precious.
    My daughter and I have also enjoyed the books. We need to purchase number 4 next. I love reading to my daughter about a family so much like us. I want her to have books where the girls where skirts and the children enjoy laboring together, and the family reads Scripture. It is hard to find these types of stories. But I don’t want my daughter’s favorite stories to be about people I do not want her emulating.
    Thank you for these beautiful books. They encourage me, too! I always am pricked in my heart to recognize areas of our own home life in which we need to be more Christlike.
    But I have to tell you a silly secret – between reading blog posts and recalling Moody stories, I sometimes can’t remember if something happened in the Moody family or the Maxwell family! 🙂

  2. It is so wonderful to read how Sarah’s books have blessed another family. They are definitely a blessing to ours! God has used Sarah to bless and touch the lives of many children AND parents! Sarah, God is using you and your time and talents to greatly impact people for His glory and for eternity. You have chosen to follow Him and His direction for your life and there are ripple effects! I am so thankful for you 🙂 Your price….far above Rubies!

    1. Thank you, Kacie. The Lord must have prompted you with this comment, as it was exactly what I needed encouragement-wise. I’ve had some setbacks with my recovery, and re-learning the lesson of resting and waiting on the Lord! Thank you!

  3. This testimony makes me so happy! The Moody Family Series was literally my childhood, and it always makes me so happy to see other children enjoying it like I did. God is using your work in wonderful ways. 🙂

  4. As an author, I think the most rewarding thing is to receive feedback from readers about how my work affected them in a positive way. I love that you experience the same joy. It really makes all of the effort worth it.

  5. this is truly a beautiful story. I can imagine this beautiful child with special needs reading all your books and expanding the world around her by following the examples within. You should feel very thankful for the change you have brought to one young family!

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