Random Life, Starting out the New Year

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m overdue with Random Life (last one was end of November!), so I’m starting fresh: January 1st until now for Random Life.

The year started in full swing, with church, ministry, family times (including birthdays), and work.

In these changing times, we know our citizenship isn’t here on earth. May we use every opportunity to share Christ!


You just never know what crew we might have for Sunday lunches.
Love to see Anna Marie smiling!
Cozy reading time
Anna watched Nathan and Melanie’s kiddos so they could have time away.
Dad and Mom finished out the babysitting as Anna had some things she needed to do.
Candlelight and prayer as we remembered the Roe vs. Wade ruling
Burrito time
My birthday cheesecake!
Coffee and time out on my birthday
Birthday dinner with Gigi
Mom with Axton and Elliot for their Monday afternoon playtime. The boys love it!
Ellie (barely) tolerating Arnold sniffing her. I think he liked the smell of Ellie’s ear drops she gets at bathtimes.
Although we’ve had a lot of cold weather lately, we did have some sweatshirt-worthy weather in January.
Love this little girl!
Making an anniversary sign for their parents
Dad, Mom, and I went to Joseph and Elissa’s to celebrate Caleb turning 1.
Flag time with Gigi (she was in the garage due to the snow)
Axton turned 2!
Opening a wedding gift from a blog reader!
Axton felt pretty big to have a Bible like Grandpa
We had Christopher and Anna Marie’s kiddos over one night.
Ruthie’s birthday evening (well, not her real birthday but her gift of coming over to our house)
This foursome went on a Sunday afternoon walk in VERY cold temps.
Another birthday girl, Elizabeth!
New chicks!
Christopher with some of the kiddos
Nathan’s crew going out for ice cream on one of the coldest days of the year!
The newlyweds got coffee and went on a walk on probably the coldest day of the year. Sweet memories!
Like I said at the beginning, you never know what crew you’ll find on a Sunday. This was a sweet lady from our church.
Arnold overseeing (literally) the new microwave installation

“For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that
not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works,
lest any man should boast”
(Ephesians 2:8-9).

36 thoughts on “Random Life, Starting out the New Year”

  1. Thank you Sarah for sharing these random life posts in your busy family, they are always one of my favourites!
    Love to you all and God bless,

  2. Didnโ€™t Joseph and Elissa move away? Iโ€™m guessing your were taking pictures in their new house. If so, it looks very pretty!! Of course the children are absolutely adorable!!! How are they liking their new town? How are things going for them? Thanks for the pictures! All the families are beautiful! You can see so much love in the pictures- love for each other. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think Arnold and Ellie are fan favorites too! Canโ€™t believe Arnold was able to get up in that cabinet!! But cats are unique creatures! We have 3 and they are doing crazy stuff all the time! Very entertaining! Rascals, too!! But I love the look in Ellieโ€™s eyes with Arnold near her ear!!! Too funny!!!

    1. Yes, Joseph and Elissa moved to the Kansas City area. They love the area! Actually, I think Dad helped Arnold get to their post. Arnold was super curious about the whole project.

  3. Love seeing the all the pictures. Thank you Sarah for making posts so that we can see a little bit of your big family!

  4. My family has been reading The Moody series. We are right to the chapter about the kids making the anniversary meal. Fun to see this in ur blog post now!!
    Love seeing Anna Marie.. hope she can do another post soon.

  5. What is the game that you are playing in the picture of Sarah’s birthday coffee outing? It looks interesting!

  6. Please tell Anna Marie she is in my continued prayers. I love her short hair! It’s a beautiful crown! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Thank you for sharing these glimpses into your lives together! I know this is a funny question, but would you happen to know the shade of green your kitchen is painted? It’s lovely! ๐Ÿ™‚ May the Lord bless you!

  8. Thank you for sharing all these great pics! The children are growing so fast! It was good to see a radiant smile from Anna Marie, and her hair is just precious! I know she will probably want to let it grow back out long but itโ€™s sure cute this way!

    1. It isn’t a crockpot but a 22 qt Oster roaster oven. Nathan and Melanie gave it to us, and it was our first time to use it for making burrito beans. It worked great.

  9. I havenโ€™t read your blog in a long time. The ABC girls are getting so old itโ€™s crazy. Sarah your bday cheesecake looked good, yum! You look so beautiful too, as always! I love seeing how much joy you bring to everyone around you and how much you give to others. God really blessed your parents when He gave them a wonderful daughter like you!! I know itโ€™s late but happy birthday!!

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