Scripture Memorization for Children

Recently I received a note from a mom who began using an audio Bible for her young children for their Bible time. She and I had communicated about that, and I told her about one of my grandsons pretty much memorizing the book of Jonah by listening to it daily when he was 6 years old. Here is what this mom tried and the results:

“I took your advice using an audio Bible to help kids memorize the Bible more. I started with them listening to the book of Jonah this summer. I put on Jonah just as we started lunch. Without even telling them to memorize it, after two months my 5.5 year old one day started reciting it quite perfectly. She was so surprised. So was I, although that was my plan all along. After three months, we switched out Jonah for Ephesians 5-6. Two months later she knows those chapters quite well.

“I am really glad because this is really something that does not demand anything from a busy mom of littles. Just decide on the Scripture and press play. 

“I am using our breakfast time also for continual Scripture listening. Since June we`ve listened to Psalms, the Gospels and now Acts. Because of the baby, I wasn’t sure about uninterrupted time that I could read to them in the morning, so I used the audio Bible to help me in this way also. 

“I am hoping to help my children have a quiet time after the new year. I am planning to give my 5 year old daughter a Bible reading plan and a worksheet to complete alone. And I am hoping my 3.5 year old will be able enough to read (he’s learning quite well), so that I can sit with him to read a verse and talk about it and pray together. I am so excited to be pouring God’s Word in our children day by day. There is nothing more important in their education, because all wisdom starts with God’s Word.” Anete

I was impressed, motivated, and excited by that testimony of using an audio Bible with children. I hope you feel the same and perhaps you will be inspired to work audio Bible time into your schedule by itself or alongside another activity.

Trusting in Jesus,

Reading to the grandkids. This crew does really well with Scripture memory!

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart,
that I might not sin against thee” (Psalm 119:11).

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    1. I personally use Faith Comes by Hearing. We purchased the CD’s years ago, I downloaded them to my computer, and then can play them through iTunes on my phone.

      1. Do you think that would be good for kids too? I was going to ask if you had a recommendation for an audio Bible for kids. I have one that’s a dramatization which is great for learning the stories – but for memorization I would want them to listen to the actual verses like the mom in your post.

        1. Anna Marie said she uses Faith Comes by Hearing for her children. They have dramatized and non-dramatized I believe. Both are the exact words of Scripture. Dramatized uses different voices reading the Scripture and some sound effects, I believe.

  1. I wonder if any of you have used It is wonderful because songs tend to stick in most people’s minds better than words. I would encourage you all to try it! God bless you for your efforts to hide His Word in your hearts.

  2. My husband and I decided this year we would all focus more on scripture memory. Our boys are young and they can memorize so quickly. It’s been such a blessing to hear our boys recite verses! And my husband and I have memorized several chapters in Psalms together. We’ve been using the Scripture Memory Fellowship app (VerseLocker) and one feature allows you to listen to the verses and our boys love listening to their verses. Anna Marie had posted about the app when she did her series. I’ve actually gone back to that series several times for inspiration.

  3. My husband does a lot of tree pruning and he loves to take one of his sons (3,5 and 7 years) with him for the whole day. He has ear protection which is a headset at the same time. Our sons love to listen to “the Bibleman” (the Bible) during these days. When we have conversations suddenly the big one will jump in and say: “This is like in Proverbs where it says…..!”

  4. We did this for years! At one time I had 5 children 4 and under. We would often listen to the Bible on audio during nap time and as the children went to sleep at night. When they were a little older, but not yet all readers we would listen to the Bible in the morning while everyone started their morning routines. I was able to stay consistent in the word and the children loved hearing the dramatized Bible. (Dramatized not because anything was added to the Bible, just different people reading different voices. For example a woman would read a woman’s voice.)

  5. Try The Bible Memory App for adults and Bible Memory Kids App for the littles.

    The Bible Memory App has been downloaded over 1.2 million times!
    I’m pretty proud bc my sweet nephew is the creator!

  6. Wow, that testimony is amazing! I am reading through the comments and feeling very motivated to keep working on memorization with the kiddos. I have not been prioritizing it as much with life so full right now, but there’s probably never been a time we need His Word more!! So being reminded of these simple ways to incorporate listening are timely reminders. Thank you all!

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