Surprises, When Was the Last Time You Pulled One Off?

Surprises. Aren’t they great? At least good surprises are great. I will add the disclaimer that not everyone likes surprises. But most folks do love to feel loved. Could it be what makes a good surprise great is the love and care shown into pulling off a surprise?

One such surprise happened for us right before Christmas. We sat in our living room, having just begun family Bible time. I heard a strange noise, almost as if someone had entered the house. Since we have many relatives living around, you might think that’s normal, but one thing we’ve done through the years is we’ll call out, “Hello, it’s Sarah,” (or insert the name) if we’re dropping in. With this instance, no noise followed that initial door creak. I half wanted to get up and check it out, but that seemed silly because of course, no one was visiting us at this moment.

So back to Bible we went, and suddenly, I gasped as I saw Jesse standing nearby with Anna close behind. They had come to spend two nights with us before Christmas Eve. There was laughter, happiness, and exclaiming over what a wonderful surprise it was! Come to find out, Dad and Mom planned the surprise, knowing we girls would be excited with the extra time with Jesse and Anna.

What surprise could you plan for someone in your life to show them extra love this month?


These four did our traditional 12 Days of Christmas WOD, such a small group, but they had a blast!
Christmas baking + cooking together

“My little children, let us not love in word, neither
in tongue; but in deed and in truth” (1 John 3:18).

17 thoughts on “Surprises, When Was the Last Time You Pulled One Off?”

  1. Oh, what a wonderful surprise!!!

    Thanks for sharing and encouraging us to use surprises as a way to show love!

    God Bless you all!!!

  2. What a sweet surprise! How nice to spend extra time with family! And having extra workout partners to do a Christmas themed WOD sounds like so much fun! Thanks for sharing these awesome pics.

  3. What a wonderful surprise! We surprised my Gramma for Christmas Eve this year too. Due to COVID restrictions and wanting to keep her healthy, we hadn’t seen each other since September, even though we live in the same town. It was a wonderful time. I’m sure the girls enjoyed their extra time with Jesse and Anna.

  4. Looks like a wonderful time!!!! So glad y’all could get extra time with Jesse and Anna. Family time is precious!!

  5. What a great way to look at surprises!Also would love to hear about more of your healthy recipes you use in the Fuhrman lifestyle plan.Thanks for all your encouragement.

    1. I was just thinking tonight that we hadn’t posted one of our Fuhrman-diet-type recipes for a while and need to do that. That hardest part of that for me is remembering to take or get Sarah to take photos of the various steps of the recipe. It just never seems convenient! I will work toward getting some more of our recipes up.

  6. I love this reminder! I’ve also found that considering someone’s love language is helpful when planning surprises (like, for example, if it’s receiving gifts, to get them a little gift they’d like out of the blue, or if they appreciate acts of service to quietly do a chore for them or relieve some other burden from their day).

    And I love that you all did the 12-days of Christmas WOD again. My husband and I did one this year too and it’s so fun!

  7. Thanks, Michelle!

    The announcements have varied. We’ve had someone wear a t-shirt in (covered by another sweater) and then we see it :). We’ve had a Scripture put in while we’re praying at a meal so that it hangs from the memory board we recite. Little kids have announced it! I hope you find a fun way to announce.


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