The Maxwell Family Christmas Program

Happy Friday, y’all! We’ll be doing a post on our family Christmas Eve day, soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to share about our annual Christmas Program. This normally happens Christmas Eve, but this year, after some discussion with each of the families, we moved it to the 26th, so most of us could attend candlelight Christmas Eve services.

The Christmas program is a combination of Scripture reading, singing, and the little kids placing pieces to the nativity. It’s a special time of reflecting on what Jesus did for us!

This year, we loved having Jesse’s Anna with us, and of course, Elliot was a new addition. Joseph’s crew couldn’t join us, and Christopher and Anna Marie participated remotely.

We’re very grateful for family!


Mom prepared a delicious ham and bean soup and invited everyone over before the program.

“Thy word is very pure:
therefore thy servant loveth it” (Psalm 119:140).

7 thoughts on “The Maxwell Family Christmas Program”

  1. Some days, our home with four little ones is so overwhelming. It is encouraging to observe a family at different stages of life, but all of whom are finding victory for life’s battles. It help me keep focus on one of my primary goals – to raise children in the Word and in Christ’s love. I’m sure you all have struggles with sin that you don’t broadcast, but it is easy to see the Lord at work in your family.

    1. Bless you, Crystal. Raising kiddos is hard, hard work! We are absolutely in the flesh, and we desire to encourage and share our lives here on the blog as the Lord leads.


  2. Super family pictures of you all.
    Glad you had a happy family time.
    We send you are love in the precious name of Jesus and Happy New Year to you all

  3. It’s been so fun to watch your family grow over the years. From new wives to new babies, it’s a joy to get to share some of life with y’all!

  4. So lovely that you guys continue diligently not only with the love and care of all ages but also the sharing of it all with us!!
    The verses you have been choosing lately have particularly blessed my heart Sarah!

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