THE BEST Mailman

We believe he is the best. He represents the ultimate in good attitude and customer service, and we seek to learn from him. Frankly, we don’t remember seeing him grumpy or heard him complain. He is a bright spot in our day, whenever we get a chance to see him.

He is the first step in the journey to receiving your order. We continue to ship out daily (except Sunday!), and we’ve reduced Priority Mail shipping to only $7.99 for a few days. Although not guaranteed, it is very likely you will receive your order in time by choosing Priority Mail for the next two days.

We think there are going to be so many happy children receiving Moody Family Series books and Hill Top Adventures. This has been an intense season of shipping, and we’re grateful to be able to work with him!

And folks aren’t just ordering kids’ books, we love seeing the combination of product picks: from My Delight to Sweet Journey to Making Great Conversationalists, and other books dads are interested in.

“A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance…” (Proverbs 15:13).

13 thoughts on “THE BEST Mailman”

  1. Whenever I see our mail people, I’m sure to thank them and sometimes leave a note or gift card. One guy said (after I apologized for all the online ordering), that by ordering, he gets to keep his job. People like to complain about mail people or the post office in general but we need to remember they are human too. We love our mail people!

    1. Aw! So nice of you to highlight the work of your mail carrier. They work so hard (especially this time of year), and the postal service is such an important service. I’m sure he appreciates your friendliness as well.

  2. I guess there is something special about mailmen. We also have a very friendly one who also loves to interact with the children. He even knows my husband from when he was as little as my boys are now.
    I’m also so thankful that I can hang out a sign “please ring the bell” when we have mail to be sent away – and he will do it – even though it is not a regular service. I try to watch for him (dogs in the neighbourgood will bark, too), but sometimes of course I am busy.
    Yes, it’s so nice to have a positive, smiling mailman!

  3. Both of my parents retired as mailmen!! Rural routes. I LOVE that your mailman decorated his mail truck!! My mom was willing to deliver packages on Christmas day if they allowed her to dress up. It never worked out though. Working as a mailman can be very stressful and they have a lot of pressure on them, especially from upper management. So glad your mailman is happy and seems to enjoy his job! He is making lots of people happy with his good attitude!

    1. That’s amazing that both of your parents were mail delivers for their livelihood. The stress mailmen have makes the cheerful, helpful ones even more special, doesn’t it?

  4. We use to have a ups man that was very kind and generous but we moved
    so we no longer see him but we are very grateful for him

  5. A couple years ago, I took my kids on a field trip with a homeschool group to one of the larger post offices in our area. Seeing the behind the scenes of all that the post office does and what the mail carriers have to do to get the mail all organized and ready to deliver each day before they ever even get in their truck to deliver was eye opening. It made me have a much greater appreciation for their job. We have a wonderful mail lady. I always try to leave her a little gift card in the mailbox each Christmas and she always leaves a very nice thank you note each year.

  6. We used to have a wonderful mail lady. We could leave coins for postage and she would take care of it for us. She left a year ago, and I certainly miss her. We have not had a regular carrier since; sometimes mail comes at 11 am, other times 7 pm. Our route has been a disaster since. It makes me grateful for all those like our previous carrier!

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