Thanksgiving Recap

Happy Monday, everyone!

We had a blessed Thanksgiving! It’s always our quieter holiday, as some of the brothers and their families travel, but it’s blessed none-the-less. This year, with all that has happened with Anna Marie’s health, we were happy to have them join us. They’ve very careful of colds and things, but we were all healthy, and they came over along with Gigi.

The girls decorated the house for Christmas Thanksgiving morning
Mom organizing too!
What a great meal prep team!
Our Thanksgiving crew
We had some little Pilgrims and Indians attend
Cleaning up
FaceTime with Calia and Kyle
Anna, Mary, and I playing a game in the afternoon
Pie that evening
Singing while Ruthanne plays

“That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving,
and tell of all thy wondrous works (Psalm 26:7)”.

29 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Recap”

    1. And you are always so encouraging, Claire. Wasn’t it sweet to see Anna Marie with her family and her growing-back hair peeking out of her head covering?

  1. It looks like you had a wonderful day and I’m glad Christopher & Anna Marie could join you. The kids were cute in their costumes. I think I remember you decorating for Christmas on past Thanksgivings and that’s a really nice tradition. Blessings to all of your family!

  2. I so enjoy a peek into your family’s life. Encouraging as always!! So glad you had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving together and especially with Anna Marie and family!!

  3. So happy for ALL of you. Christopher’s Family remains in my prayers for restoration of full health. To have four generations all together is a gigantic grace and a wonderful witness of a family that values God and each other.

  4. Maxwells!
    My heart with joy is melting into tears to see not only Christopher and Anna Marie’s Family all over there for Thanksgiving, but ALSO to see that Anna Marie’s hair is growing back!!! “The blessing of the LORD, it maketh RICH.” The Lord’s loving-kindness is such a balm to the weary heart!!! What darling Pilgrims and Indians who came to “town” to celebrate!!!!! So sweet to see Gigi too!!!
    Where did you buy that beautiful text hanging that is located to the right of the staircase?
    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this post!!!
    With love in Christ,
    A believer from Buffalo, NY

    1. Your comment made me smile, Colleen.
      Through the years since we moved into this house, Joseph has designed, had printed, and gifted us with two of three of those banners to decorate that hallway.

  5. Thanks for sharing the photos! I love seeing Anna Marie and family together with you all! It must be hard for them to have been so isolated these past few months… I think of her often and pray for her. And I love that last picture with you all having Bible time together!

    1. Our family Bible time when the grandchildren are here is so special – those sweet little beginning reader voices or pre-reader ones repeating after an adult and speaking out God’s Word!

      1. It is so good to see Anna Marie looking strong and healthy! And her hair is growing back, too! I remember when my hair came back after going through Stage 3 cancer a few years ago. I remember it feeling like spring time after a dark winter. I hope it brings Anna Marie joy as well. It may just be hair, but for a cancer patient it’s a sweet return to some normalcy after a challenging time. Wishing you all the best and a Merry Christmas!

  6. Now what game are the girls playing in these photos? We bought Go Nuts for Donuts after seeing it on your blog a couple posts ago and loved it so much we got it for several people for Christmas.

  7. My favorite picture is the one right above the piano playing picture. Love seeing Anna Maries hair coming back. 🙂

    1. In that photo, Danny and Elizabeth are practicing the verses they were going to say when their family went neighborhood caroling. They sing a carol, and the children also quote Scripture. They do that separately from when our big family gets together for caroling.

  8. I love this!!! Looks like y’all had a wonderful thanksgiving time together. 🙂 how fun that y’all decorate Christmas on thanksgiving day!!! Thanks again for the pictures. It’s great to see y’all!!
    -Jesse B
    Ps. My family says “hi!!!”

  9. So glad you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And so nice to see Anna Marie (and her ever-present smile) and Christopher and family there too!! I feel like I’m “just” a reader from Canada but I want you to know I sure do appreciate your blog and the breath of fresh air it is… I often share with my husband and children about what I read/see here and they enjoy it as well. So thank you!

    1. Sarah is the backbone of keeping the blog on the forefront, remembering take photos, and investing the most time on putting together blogs. Even if Steve or I write a blog post, she usually will take the photos or at least get them from us and put them in the blog post. So glad it is something you appreciate. Thank you for encouraging us (and especially Sarah).

  10. It is wonderful to see your family together for Thanksgiving-So joyful and uplifting! We always play board games on holidays, and enjoy the game Alhambra, too. Have you tried Dos the card game? We like it even better than Uno.

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