Random Life from Family Times to Book Launch

Y’all, happy Monday! We’re only 26 days away from Christmas. These past 7 weeks have been full of blessings and opportunities to lean on the Lord Jesus. We are grateful for His guidance in our lives.

There was a lot that went into Learning Lessons going to press and then the steps it takes to launch. I love seeing the books ship out and already hearing feedback from happy readers!

We are grateful for all the Lord has given us: work, church, serving opportunities, and time with family.

I hope our U.S. readers had a blessed Thanksgiving!


Dad and Mom working on Scheduling Kits together
Calia enjoying Ellie snuggles
Final book things
Christopher’s family worked on their garden before bad weather rolled in.
Sunday lunch with family and friends
We had snow the end of October, and Dad took Christopher and Anna Marie’s kids on rides. They really enjoyed their time! What a great grandpa!

Celebration after voting day–the kids’ helped campaign for a local guy.
Dad and Mom working on a project together
Sunday times
Anna’s birthday dessert.
Mom with Anna enjoying time together
Watching Nathan and Melanie’s kids so they could have dinner out. Love having a full table!
Andrew is a bookworm!
Gigi often eats with us on Saturday nights, and Jesse and Anna joined us that night.
Quite a game going on here, even Grandma joined in.

More work projects together!
Signing books!
Dad and Mom shipping!
Special sister time

“Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing
give thanks: for this is the will of God in
Christ Jesus concerning you” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).

15 thoughts on “Random Life from Family Times to Book Launch”

  1. I love the family projects and time together!
    We too, enjoy tractor pulling in the snow. My husband or oldest son drives for the younger ones
    Have a blessed Christmas season.

  2. Sarah, can you tell me what the card game is the kids are playing? Looks like they are really enjoying it!

  3. I love how your parents are always working on things together! My parents had a good marriage, but their interests were separate. When I first got married, it never occurred to me to go along when my husband had errands to run. He did all the outside work, I cleaned/organized inside. The past couple years I’ve made more of an effort to work alongside him whenever I can, and guess what? It turns out quality time is his love language! Even if we aren’t talking, he just loves having me next to him. Right now I homeschool our 6 kids and he is off at work 11 hours a day providing for us! But I hope someday we get to be like your parents, working together all day. I am very thankful for their example. Congrats on your book too!

  4. Loved seeing the pictures of what you all have been up to. So much busyness and happy times.

    Are your earrings new? You look lovely!

  5. Oh the snow looks so wonderful! Ready for some Winter here in Texas!
    What will your next project be Sarah, or will you take a break fir a while?


    1. Hello,

      After the book, I enjoyed some time at a more relaxed pace, but now I have a lot going. 🙂 I plan after the first of the year to work on my third Hill Top Adventure.


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