Window Cleaning for Gigi

Spring means we like to clean Gigi’s windows. Generally that happens the same day, or near it, that the family pitches in to do spring mulching and yard work at her house. However, as the mulching work was done in the spring of 2019, it was evident that Gigi needed her deteriorated back patio removed, a new roof, and gutters. She didn’t want her windows washed knowing how all that work would mess up her clean windows. The projects weren’t completed until fall, and by then we decided to wait for window cleaning until spring.

With Spring 2020 came Covid restrictions and concerns, so the windows weren’t done then either. However this fall as Sarah neared her book completion, she volunteered to help me wash Gigi’s windows, not wanting to let another whole year pass for Gigi without clean windows.

So on a beautiful Tuesday morning, we collected our supplies and headed over for our project. The job took Sarah and me an hour and 15 minutes. Gigi was delighted to have clean windows after 2.5 years!

Ellie was out back with some of the little kids, and she wished she could be in with Sarah.
Happy little kids

“For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light” (Psalms 36:9).

6 thoughts on “Window Cleaning for Gigi”

  1. Gigi’s house is lovely. I’m sure she’s happy with her sparkly windows! I know I love it when mine are clean.

    And Ellie…I just love her!!!

  2. You ladies are amazing! What a good example you’re setting for the grandchildren, and such a blessing all of you are to one another. It always touches my heart to see how you always pitch in and tackle the big tasks together.

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