New Book Release: Tuesday, November 17th

We’re excited to share the release of my new book will be Tuesday, November 17th, at 9am, Central. We’ll announce it here on the blog and also on Titus2’s main page. We expect to begin shipping that week. I can’t wait to share the release!

“This book was so interesting that I just wanted to keep reading it!” Jedidiah, 9

“The message of choosing to forgive through devastating circumstances was so powerful and real… and was portrayed beautifully in this book.” Olivia, mom

“Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid” (Matthew 5:14).

18 thoughts on “New Book Release: Tuesday, November 17th”

  1. Can’t Wait!!!
    Thank you Sarah for doing this. I love that I can find Christian quality books somewhere.

  2. How exciting!! My children in NZ can hardly wait!
    What a great choice of verse about being light in the world, to go with your post.

  3. We will await with excitement for next Tuesday! We thank God for your desire to share your giftedness with all of us! We are in the midst of re-reading Finding Change to prepare us for the sequel. You are in our prayers dear Sarah! To God be the Glory and love to you this day!

  4. Excited to read it! I really enjoyed Finding Change, and I’ll wish for the Sequel for Christmas.

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